Friday, June 7, 2013

The Ability to Start Over…

Anyone who is still loitering past will notice some changes in the coming weeks.  A lot ~ and I mean a LOT ~ has happened since I last posted on The Mission back in January 2012. But, despite it all, we are leaping back in to make more of our dream become reality. *cheers*

So ~ we have made it to Queensland. We are in Bundaberg, looking after a house while its owners travel Australia. We arrived in July 2011 ~ its now June 2012. The weather has helped me regain strength, energy and weight in abundance. I’ve gained over 15kg and now weigh 56kg. *big grin* I’m no longer using a walking stick or on daily painkillers, other than the odd run on Panadol Osteo to break a building ache and a stronger pill for the occasional break-thru pain relief when I’ve soldiered on for way too long.
The past 18 months has been devoted to the discovery, treatment and recovery for Hubby ~ discovering a lump on his neck at the end of February last year which was/is cancer. That was a journey – lots of travel between Bundaberg and Brisbane for appointments, treatments and follow-ups. He is on the improve – doing the weight travel from 85kg to 45kg and now 57kg – mentally I have the man I know and love alongside. I was there to support him when he saw only darkness and despair – as he was for me.

Yes, we are still awaiting the all-clear from both Radiation Oncology and ENT Oncology, but the next stage is following up with something in the pancreas at the duodenum – so that is our new medical focus for him. As he gets stronger, he bemoans the fact he has no earning capacity – but his creative streak has returned, his passion for photography and a desire to create with wood is strong. I hope to see him do what inspires him for the time being – if it becomes something that can generate income, great.  Having him here is the important thing.
The surgeon is looking at additional surgery on my spine due to some weakening at the base, on top of where the fusion/laminectomy was performed. We need to assess whether the back cage is an option and the priority because to me it feels like my neck is the priority. It will be a slow process – through the public system in Brisbane. I do wish we could pay a particular local surgeon who now only operates privately – he was on the public list, alas no longer. 

SmallBoy is not so small. At 13, he now towers over me and has caught up with his father. He’s lanky and becoming a master of teenage attitude and sullenness. But he is still generous and helpful – both here and away from home – and he is involved in local hockey as well as things around school. By his request, we took he out of the local state high school and enrolled in a private school. 

Best thing for him both socially and academically. I will tell you the story behind the decision and the change. Sharing his Dad's cancer journey has been both a good and difficult thing for a youngster to deal with but we talk about what is happening, what he is thinking how he is feeling - he does tend to bottle his thoughts and emotions but once we get talking (usually following a sulk resulting as a consequence of getting caught out over something) we do sort things out and effect some change.

Obviously a lot has happened. A lot has changed. And there is a lot of ‘stuff’ still to come medically for both Hubby and I – all bound to effect the budget and income potential to secure our dreams. Regardless, we will preserver

I’m trying to find a way to archive what has been and start this new chapter afresh – without losing what we have recorded and achieved in our past. We have learnt much over the past years – more than envisaged and the flow on while we have dealt with Hubby’s disease and treatments has been phenomenal. I will explain in future posts.
Right up front – the debt has increased. Considering we’ve lost 18 months of our earning plan/potential and are looking at another year of the same, its not increased astronomically. Well, in some ways it has – but the mortgage is going well! That’s a start. Plus we have hopes to consolidate the Mortgage and Line of Credit. If possible, we’d like to add the credit card and personal loan debt. THAT would have us in such a good position and financially simplified. But we are not the ‘ideal’ applicant so we’ve got a bit of ‘make-up’ to fix up so we appeal to the financial providers that be.
In the meantime, please excuse any weird stuff that happens over these few weeks and I really hope to see when we reset, re-establish and revisit The Mission.  Fresher, more informative than ever. That’s the plan. Let’s see how we go - hoping it will be interesting and allow us to achieve on so many levels *grins*

Templates might change many times a day - information may disappear and reappear. Descriptions and pages will be amended to reflect what is current and we will share some experiences of the past two years. OK - stay with us - share the love - here's hoping we get to chat soon