Daily Report

A place we can record the journey ~ the ways we made budget cuts; budget and frugal methods we find to help reduce spending amounts and share the outcomes; savings we added toward being down our debt; the interactions with others; and any other information relating to the Mission in any way, relevant or so pertaining to the journey we have commenced...  *gulp*
This page may update once a day - or several times if 'things' unfold.  Over time we think there will be a place to record meals, recipes, methods we used to grow food, make-do, those tales that make up the story on how we manage to succeed with the Mission. What we do today might make for the start of much change, preparing for a Mission before it 'comes out from no-where'

Tuesday 7 December 2010 ~ SmallBoy's Birthday
So sorry for the spasmodic updates this last week ~ just 'stuff' got in the way. We have had the hardship application on the loan approved.  This means we have no requirement to pay into the line of credit or mortgage but will be to ensure this has the LOC arrears fixed up.

We've had 7-8 pieces of Tupperware on eBay ~ all bar one has sold, is set to sell and some are even paid already. Thanks to those sales, $74.40 is going on the VISA this week. Plus the week's shop has only required SmallBoy's birthday dinner ($4.75) and the budget is set for $150 this week - we've got the sleepover but most requirements are already here. Too easy.

Usual bills/repayments have gone on time to all as required this week. Will be showing how the new outgoings will look with the relief/break in the mortgage. Gee we wish banks wrote things that made 'easy' sense. Was all a bit confusing, but it is a good thing - roll on end of February 2011.

Wednesday 8 December 2010
No spending today. A simple day - wrapping up parcels for the eBay sales items to send off to new owners. Must make more space! This will help. Did a mystery shop which should pay $25. Took a good 45mins, so it was a bit of a task.

It always a good day if the wallet didn't open ~ *the Mission*
If it must open, perhaps you can add the change to our Jar ~ *the Plug*

Thursday 16 December 2010
Just going to keep going as if there wasn't a break - OK?! It's been a bit difficult with the flooding, mud and chaos leading up to the end of another school year, the silliness of Christmas and the calming of the brain.
No spending ~ actually that is not true. $14 was spent on a radiator clean ~ but this has saved over $300 because we don't need a new radiator now.  Three quotes, three different opinions ~ until the bloke who said "I am so flat out and really, the radiator is fine - it just needs flushing, cleaning and flushing again using 'this' stuff. Go do it yourself mate..."  Thanks Dude at Wendouree Radiators ~ wont say who in case the boss cracks it *grins*