Mess to Impress

The progress, with pictures, following the journey of this Mission.

  • The admissions
  • The embarrassment
  • The achievements
  • The Smarter Changes
  • The success

You will witness it here, see the change as it occurs, cheer along with the progress and laugh at the funny moments.

That's the idea ~ a bit more random updates

Let's start with the admission and embarrassment with some pictures of the crap and clutter we didn't need to prepare earlier...

Wednesday 6 October

OK- this mess is really just crap and clutter not in the right place because it was never given one.  Time to sort, shift and store as appropriate.  Laundry hallway was much worse, still cant find a misplaced camera lead...
All this under the breakfast bar needs to go, find a home. The hall could have some hooks - but that wall might just go - the meals area is on the other side of the wall and would be helpful reducing places for 'things' to wait...

Friday 8 October

Then there is the catastrophe most might call the 'Spare Room'. In our defence, it has been the sorting room leading up to items to keep, things to pass on, pieces to return, treasures to sell, eBay selections, arts n crafts, rag bag or gone...


There is some sort of order in there - and there is a bed in the area beside the bookcase and clothes rail where the pictures are being taken. Plus it does pack up quickly for removal and returns a little more sorted every time *grins*  Softly slowly - my cheeky monkey...

Sunday 10 October

Kitchen area is looking better. *grins*  This is a combined effort between Husband and myself - he managed the bending, lifting and lugging but things appearing up on the bench top, dishes are cleaning in the washer, a few pots and trays require a hand scrub. Quite impressed - found money - mentioned elsewhere and everywhere so left the amount out here. If you don't know, you'll have to go find out...

Decided to show one of the before-embarrassing looks - and how it scrubbed up over the weekend. There are potatoes for dinner there, eggs from the weekend and the other information is possibly on FaceBook:

End of October:

Just a little of the progress being made

Sorting through the pantry:


More finding, sorting, moving and stocktaking the stuff in the pantry.  Taking everything out and into boxes so we can write up each single item and know exactly what we have and how we can use it in our meal preparation.



The Start of November:

And the walls, came crumbling down ~ well, the walls were removed and the pantry was opened up to become accessible from the front and no longer will we need to stretch, strain or lose items to the dark back corners!  The plan is to put in some type of bi-fold / tri-fold door but we will just use lovely sarongs across the front for the time being.  We still need to source the doors and this will be an adventure through FreeCycle or at one of the Trash n Treasure scavenges...




Saturday 6 November ~ Garden antics

The tangled maze of weeds & debris 

Chives, strawberries and chooks on the hunt

 Can you spot the scissors?

Things through December

And the garden starts to grow...

 As the rubbish starts to go...