Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Yes ~ it has been a while...

I wish I had a magic wand.

One that let me take things back to a point in time and just tweak it a little by being able to remember the ramification of the oversight or hindsight but continue forward from this reversed point. Bit like the opportunity provided to Marty McFly in Back To a The Future with the Almanac - only for your life.

Not big things like illness or medical needs including those caused by accident or idiocy - hopefully something was learned. Having had my own injuries and surgeries to deal with over the past - wow!! - almost two decades has taught me so much about myself, people, values, hopes & dreams that in some perverse way I'm grateful for the outcome of that car accident in 1997.

And dealing with cancer and the ongoing impacts on hubby and us all a family, plus the flow on to extended family, friends and acquaintances goes well beyond the course of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Three years in to his "waltz with Jack Dancer" (dancer = cancer) and hubby now starts the process of an oral clearance, removing everything in the mouth excluding the tongue which had somehow remained cancer-free throughout.

Over the next 6-9 months, as his mouth heals, we expect he will beat the odds yet again by avoiding necrosis of the jaw or any facial bone removal, and begin the rebuilding of hubby's smile with the fitting of dentures.

So if we'd changed this part of  that side of our lives, so much living and learning experiences would have been lost.

I'm talking about small, insignificant things like thinking you should have connected the dots knowing it was a horse owned by a group of Bundaberg locals, a horse trained by Ballarat' Weir family, ridden by Ballarat female jockey, running with 100-1 odds holds 'spooky' connections personally and put at least $10 each way to win or place in the Melbourne Cup. Maybe $25 for an even $50 to lose in the annual betting frenzy. Few lazy thousand would make a significant dent the ol' SpasticPlastic' - credit card for the uninitiated.

Or continued with the solar system installation on our Ballarat house. That was paying .78c back then and was locked in for 10yrs while repaying the panels. Or made the effort to get to the hardware store holding our Batts while we waited for guys to come do our ceiling under that government scheme, instead of it ceasing the day they turned up to collect. Or looking at a business opportunity instead of procrastinating on it for two years, jump in.  Or actually buying a couple of bars of gold ~ would have been perfect in 12 months when we need to be purchasing a home in Queensland. See we are 4 years into a 5 year housesit - I'm sure the story is a few entries back - and while we're still laughing, smiling, talking and kicking, we have lost 3-4years of earning abilities and the plethora of out of pocket expenses incurred during spinal surgeries and cancer-butt kicking.

Gotta love hindsight! That or go mad on the coulda, shoulda, woulda brain fart overload. Sometimes I look back and say 'yes, I do have what I need ~ just did it in an arse about way to most!'

As always, Mands' Mission is active and keeping our heads above water but it's been a journey we didn't really want to share publicly like some choose to do. Yes ~ health and physical limitations do restrict employment options a little but hubby is job hunting. I am building my #YIAH business and aiming to achieve Leadership in Qualification this month, becoming a Bronze Leader by February 2016.

Guess it's time to remotivate and make make myself accountable again. Mands on a Mission achieved so much but awaiting, undergoing, recuperating and the rehabilitation post spinal surgery did give me time to document our achievements. Being in a much warmer part of this glorious country has made it easier to move, to exercise and now it's time to bring us all back together with beaut budget plans, scrummy meal plans and ways to generate any extra funds to remove all our debt once and for all get our piece of paradise!

Welcome back to the #Mission. I'm Mands ~ and I'll be your host guiding you through the ups n downs of an #Aussie family, living on government benefits & part time/casual employment undertaken around medical appointments and treatments. If nothing else ~ life never boring!! And not all pant wetting is from hysterical laughter any more *sighs*

Until next time...

I'll have accurate info in future blogs ~ mortgage not included as debt
Current debt:  around $10k
Current offset: around $6k
Pension/Benefits per month: $2500
Other income per month: $800
Outgoings per month: $2350
Medications & therapies: $350

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