Sunday, September 11, 2011

Getting on track

Sure aint bloody easy... 

I think the holiday is over and its time to knuckle down, design and stick to routine, save and grow.

we've been here in Bundaberg for a full school term *loving it*  We have sort of worked out where to buy, the veg is growing and we can now eat from the garden *so quick* Got an egg source, some friends, acquaintances increasing & building but now its the reigning in, getting a routine in that works, stuff... *sighs* Getting there and its momentum along with motivation that need a poke here.

Plus we are still keen to meet people, find & explore places, are leisurely in our patterns - however it is time for hubby to look for work, part time at least.

You know those nights where you make plans, have places you want to visit, go to sleep and then morning comes... 

Today was so full of red wine inspired plans and promises. Sunday dawned a little later than planned and not as co-ordinated as hoped. Things got done - more seeds were planted, this time it was chillis, capsicum, basil in the big planters. There was weeding and watering ~ but a fair bit of doddling. 

A camp-fire oven cooked dinner of Moroccan coated chicken, salad followed by dessert of pancakes kept the cost around the $2 per head mark again. The lettuce came from our garden and was so sweet and full of flavour, I feel for those who have only ever enjoyed 'supermarket' lettuce. The difference is so noticeable.

We are just a little out of practice on the side of routine ~ because there is nothing outside of school start and finish we need to align to fit in schedules. Yes, I have therapy and some appointments - but a lot of the exercises are done at home; still waiting for the medical records to come from Ballarat to Bundaberg - and that is holding up the continuity of the current care plan. 

By the end of the week, I really hope all the clothes, plastics, personal items and shoes can have permanent homes and regularly return to their location. I desire all empty suitcases, bags, unrequired linen and household items to be boxed then stored appropriately in the garage. I plan to have all clutter gone and will whip the fingers of offending non-compliers until the actions are habitual.

Tomorrow is linen washing ~ so that is the first thing to do once out of bed. Thus the day will have begun. Still ~ this one is about to end. Hope you had a great weekend and here's to a new week *grins*

Walking along the pathway in the street of no return
You wonder if you'll get there, of the secrets you will learn
In the distance 
You see a lady with ladder
For a most disconcerting manner
That you wish you could have stopped your steps and turned

Don't worry about that
Its gonna be all right
Bring yourself along
For a real good night
Getting back on track
And taking simple steps
Knowing all at once the simple steps are the ones that will get you through

In the screaming silence, hear the words as they distort
It's like listening for thunder while an F-1 tasks its torque
For a moment
You can see a pretty picture
Then as the canvas starts to blister
There's a eerie sound without a noise just as the fire begins to roar

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