Sunday, January 8, 2012

Thus it must go

Something we can cope with... 

Every week, money comes in and money goes out. For the most part it works out about even in our favour ~ every so often there is something unaccounted and the money juggling skills are required. Must admit ~ we are very good at skimming the 'fat' and prioritising to ensure things balance through.

As mentioned yesterday, we receive income fortnightly which works out to being $676 per week. That regular amount can be used immediately or put aside and accounted for against the budgeted set debits. Bills, expenses and repayments aren't usually as clear cut ~ being required weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly and occasionally annually. 

We have a 'round-off' budget which incorporates all the expenditures anticipated over a month period, plus a little on the left over for a lee-way expense of $20-$30 per week. Of course if we spend less on (say) the weekly groceries, there's another $50 which can be spent or added to one of the 'evil three' debts we have. 

There are plenty of activities which need little or no spending to come about. Some times a few dollars of petrol gets us all out of the house and on to the beach to swim, fly kites or other such fun. Maybe even taking the football or kites over to the park is a lower cost option ~ bring along some chops, sausages, bread and sauce to turn it into lunch or dinner out. And don't forget water or cordial because its always the drinks which end up costing when thirsty and hot!

The current budget looks a little like this each week:

Mortgage - $100 *$70 to LOC; $30 to Mort*
Electricity, water - $40
Food - $75
Phones/Internet - $65
Personal Loan - $100
Petrol - $50
School - $20 *$10 fees, $10 excursions, books, expenses*
VISA - $140
Insurances - $60

The mortgage/line of credit is also receives $300 a week through the real estate ~ less all their expenses ~ while tenants are in. This is paying just under the amount required so we have built a buffer paying in $5 three times a week directly against the mortgage and now plan to make that $10 three times per week. 

Phones and internet needs to be addressed in a big way ~ however we are required to keep the QLD home owners' phone line paid plus SmallBoy now has his first mobile in my old phone which has only had its first month of use. Seeing the amount as being slightly under that for food is a little nauseating, knowing it could be half that if we had a single mobile and 's/he' with the greatest needs has it the most.

Sunday's Feast ~:~ Chicken & Vegetable pie

Left over Christmas roast chicken, frozen
Left over cous cous from last night
Zucchini, carrot, broc, cauli, garlic ~ from ours & others gardens
Potato, onion - 50c
Frozen peas, corn - 50c
2 sheets frozen pastry - 50c
Butter, flour, seasonings - 50c

All the makings of "Pie" ~ took a few minutes to prepare

The filling made and cooling as the pastry waits

How to make left over chicken, cous cous & vegetables amazing

An amazingly large portion of pie for less than $1

Other cheap-eats dinner, totally full and extremely satisfied, for the grand total of perhaps $2 all up ~ under $1 per person tonight! 

We have succeeded with the 'No Spend Challenge' but not having spent when making do will suffice. All the ingredients for tomorrow's pasta meal are here so no need to buy any extra 'things'. I might want to ~ but its unnecessary.


  1. That pie looks amazing! Shame about your internet costs, Club Telco give me 10gb a month for $30. But I do understand your situation regarding the home owners.

  2. Just dropping by to see how you are since no longer on facebook. The pie looks lovely (even if I am vegan). I'm considering ditching my mobile phone - not because I can't afford it but because I never use it