Friday, April 15, 2011

Turn Left at the next Corner...

Ever get stuck in a rut?

We are a little stuck in a hole. And finding it a little hard to call out for help ~ only because Husband and I are the only ones who can help us. You know how it goes - don't you?

I hate hate HATE clutter - the mess - the disorganisation which continues to hang through this house and, rather than wait for Husband to help, I am just going to deal with it by myself. It's not Mands Mission for nothing. Yes, feeling a bit bull headed tonight...

Don't get me wrong ~ my dear Husband is a wonderful man. He is caring, helpful and able to bring a smile to my face. He worries about our wellbeing, how I am feeling, what he can do to ~ but he procrastinates, doddles and fluffs about before getting to the job at hand. Mind you ~ in the work place he is nothing like this. Focussed, meticulous and almost anal in his need to make the finished product/event as perfect as possible regardless of what it takes ~ why cant that happen at home?

So that's it. I can't rely on him stepping up to the plate without incentive, chocolate, yelling and tears. And I just can't do that any more. Actually while I have MWP**, I can get those tears up over burnt pancakes ~ funny story that ~ another time... I will go over board but right now - I don't care...

Can you tell its all getting a bit too hard?? 

This garage sale just isn't happening, the weather is crappy and motivation is just not around in any amount. I've decided to help clear a lot of this clothes clutter, I am going to have a $1 sale. Although there might be a few things for more than $1, the bulk of anything already sorted for the garage sale which still hasn't occurred will be $1. Heck if someone wants 100 pieces and says $100 - and there are some 'excellent' peices in the mix, pffft - I don't think I care.

*sighs* Sometimes I wish no spend/low spend was a choice not a necessity. Feeling a little low & deprived today ~ I am tired and ultimately finding it a struggle to even get up out of bed. Yes - I know - its that stupid time of the month when I become the Mad Woman Possessed** ~ should be normal by tomorrow...

Don't get me wrong ~ there have been some great goals kicked. We can add to the list of debts gone ~ the Council Home Help account has been wiped clean, giving an extra $5 to the fortnightly budget. Unfortunately, the Gas and Electricity company has hiked up our minimum payments by $10 a fortnight ~ so little extravagance will come from that gain! *sob*

Pears are stewed and bottled, chicken pie is made and I've made some zucchini, ham and cheese muffins for lunch tomorrow ~ although I might make some fruity ones in the morning because there is half a bottle of pears which might not 'keep' because it was not filled to the top.   I am so going to bed ~ 

Night y'all ~ will chat tomorrow ~ when I am in a more amiable and uplifting mood...


  1. sounds like a major case of the 'blahs', this too shall end. did the tightrope budget for 4 years, so understand where you are coming from, you just need to stop, assess how far you have come and find a new focus. Try and find something 'fun n' frugal to reinspire your mission, excuse typos, feeding baby!! much hugs mandy, love your blog, you inspire me! Kim h

  2. Ahhhh... MWP Mands. I hope you're back to normal today???

    I think your idea of a $1 sale is a good one. Why can't you do that - the only one stopping yourself is YOU.

    You know - once you have started acutally getting RID of stuff, rather than just moving it around waiting, waiting, waiting for the never to happen garage sale, you will feel a huge burden being lifted off your shoulders.

    Good luck with it my friend!