Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tick Tock ~ its almost time...

Who says 13 has to be unlucky?

In 13 days we leave for our new, exciting life in Queensland and there will be come enormous changes being afforded to us :D

Already knowing we have sold many MANY items to help pay for our move, the final few things are getting ready to leave our possession as we bring our possessions to a minimum. The lounge suite, the refrigerators, the freezer, the television and beds are the last to go - hopefully providing us with about $700 for fuel and food on the road.

Today has been a day of packing into the garage and cleaning ~ we've replaced two doors we have being planning to for the past few years; repaired the hole in the hallway (courtesy of MudGuts) and removed the red crayon line drawings left by Miss Imogen but blamed on her big sister Ebony. Pity she forgot she'd signed her name in the same red crayon. Gotta love kids!

Tired, sore but seeing an end to packing ~ it's great to move to a minimalist lifestyle.
I am so glad there is no more stuff and baggage in our lives.
Who would have thought...

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