Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Time flies when you don't know what you're doing...

Do I sound flustered?

I think I am starting to panic - but almost for the sake of panicking! Not because things are moving along ~ they are and as we still have two working weeks before we head off, all should be done by the end of next weekend.

This is the goal ~ allowing Monday for mopping and dusting, Tuesday to do those last touch-ups and wipe outs (including the oven) and for the fridge, freezer, washing machine and mattresses to be collected by their new owners, Wednesday for carpet steam cleaning, Wednesday night for going out to dinner, Thursday for everything that is left to be done and Friday for leaving.

And that's next week...

This week is all about packing the garage and locking it for storage, getting the suspension, bushes and front end of the car repaired (don't ask - stress), insurances and tenants (when you think you've got that under control be prepared for the last minute *slap* of let-downs)

Our big rubbish skip will be picked up tomorrow some time ~ its had everything from doors to flooring thrown in. Every broken toy accumulated over the past 10-15years is gone, all the baby gear is gone, heck even kids books are off to new homes.

Today was one of those amazing days you can't really believe. Oh my ~ those selling vibes worked a treat. I had a little mantra going last night, and today - and I've just sold the fridge/freezer, the second fridge/freezer, the little upright freezer, the washing machine, the good queen mattress, the 'ok' queen mattress and reaped the $600 needed for petrol! 

Holy guacamole!! Only the TV, the Nintendo (and games) and lounge to go! Tho' I think I'll give the lounge to the Salvos. Gave away the double mattress as well - its in top condition but better used by someone who needs it than paying $25 to the tip for destruction!
Heck I feel relieved.

Of course we've had our solar panel contract cancelled/withdrawn ~ and they are now advising they have the right to sue us for the whole amount. So please put those vibes that the 'panel' will not only agree our cancellation is extenuating circumstances, not a purposeful breach and (and this is the BIG and) they will refund our deposit.

Had a brickie come and fix up about 30 bricks which had spalling due to being second hand and from a chimney - not an uncommon outcome with second=hand bricks. He and his apprentice ground out the bricks, replaced them and cleaned up the job. 3 hours outside in icy Ballarat and he wanted $60. Gave him $75 to get a few beers. It was a terrific job and so worth more than $60.

Car is the only 'blow out' - but safety first so there wont be any more blow outs there . . . will there!?!!!

Oi vie - it has been a weird 48 hours...

My body is screaming, there is so much to be finished, but wow things are finally happening with 11 days to go.  Actually it's one of the first times in a long time I feel the restrictions of the back operation and the physical limitations. I hurt and ache like the blazes. It's one time I feel 'disabled' ~ I can't go what I would like to do and what I would feel like I could do. My arms, neck and back have been pushed a bit too far.

Packing the van (finally!) - that is a real step in the right direction.

Rambling now - so tired after a mighty effort this long weekend.

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  1. What a lot you've been through Mands. I do hope you got a good rest - and a good result.
    - Scather @