Thursday, November 11, 2010

Another week down ~

OK ~ big long full on day of appointments, bank forms, negotiating 'stuff' and using public transport and that takes a lot longer than you'd think when you're in a rural town. Had the awesome help of a girl friend getting me to appointments with doctors; the carpooling from school friends getting SmallBoy to and from school and then the news that the engine is not yet in the car and won't be until tomorrow.

Thankfully an appointment scheduled for tomorrow and Friday has been postponed because we have a regional Public Holiday on Friday which was not factored. Phew! Husband and I have each entered a competition to win a Harley ~ Husband says if we win, that bike MUST be ridden for the summer and then it can be sold. I'd like to think if we won we would sell it ASAP and perhaps get the Guzzi back on the road or maybe get a 'new' second hand bike ~ but we'll have to win it first to see what happens. We will keep you posted *grins*

Got all our MrCentrelink assessments back and reconciled for the past two years ~ and we have over estimated our earning and should expect to get a nice little sum in the bank by the end of the week - $1100! Woo Hoo ~ half to the VISA and half to the LOC. 

The computers are doing our heads in - Husband's has totally died (well, without being able to get it to a repairer, we assume this is the case) and mine carked it but pressing the buttons on the keyboard in random frustration does work - and here we are!! Never doubt the power of F3!! But don't try F4 - you just get a black screen. At least it was not the 'blue screen of death'. Still can't print, and this is delaying the bank forms ~ maybe tomorrow.

The Financial Report has not been updated to the page yet - there is a lot to calculate there and without the 'puters these last 24-48 hours, we don't actually know what we have other than the $700 we will be handing the mechanic when we get the car.  Had to go to the bank and get cash - novel really when most financial stuff has been actioned online. Boy we rely on this machine. We'll get that all up tomorrow - sorry for the delay.

Ebay items have sold, not sold and still need to post a few things out ~ but the weather is beautiful, the weeding and de-clutter is going well and feeling a lot more positive that we've felt over the last month.  Loving the support - sorry this entry is bit scatty - probably because it is a little late and bed is calling.

Here is the week in rewind:

Wednesday 3 November 2010
Well yesterday was a very active day and fair knocked me for six. Husband has done a brilliant job with the Stanley knife and cut the wall away from the pantry.  It's opened up access, made the 'hole' area bigger and brighter.  Now to get all the items back in!  And that much promised stock take...
AVON came calling today ~ but not to make us spend money.  No, I am back to being an AVON Lady.  Considering this was probably (likely, definitely) an impacting factor to the debt previously, we have agreed that we (ok, I) cannot buy any items unless the campaign sales have hit 25% and no more than 25% of those earnings can be used.
So ~ ding dong ~ anyone need, want or desire anything AVON?  I know this great Avon Lady... *grins*

Looking at ways to reduce the debt ~ *the Mission*
Offering ways to get additional contributions ~ *the Plug*

Thursday 4 November 2010
We spent today ~ without using any money.  When Husband finished working, one of the parting gifts was a Bunnings voucher. We've had problems with the gate - at the moment it is almost too hard for me to open, because I can't give it good hard kick or shove like everyone else - the hinge links keep spreading and has thrown it out of alignment.  With the voucher we were able to get replacement hinges to fix our gate. And we also bought a few items to make a cover for the pantry while we hunt for doors.  Plus a few curtain rings so the windows will have coverings.
Chooks gave us another 1/2 dozen eggs ~ thinking we might need to sell a few for a little extra cash for bills. We've got 8 dozen this past week and a bit ~ that could be an extra $30. Might be a plan...

Eggs are good for everyone, including the debt ~ *the Mission*
Who wants a dozen for $5 ~ *the Plug*

Friday 5 November 2010
MIL shouted fish n chips for dinner (she's up for the weekend) ~ gee it was delicious!  And with only paper as rubbish, cleaning up was a breeze.  Must say - I've got the best mother in law - she has also brought up little cup cakes and we are going to a bonsai expo in the gardens over the weekend so it is even going to be a 'going out' weekend. Oh ~ and we had champagne with the F&C - from France so I can say it was champagne not sparkling wine!! Good night in, watching Indiana Jones ~ love Indi!!
Many thanks to Sue for feedback on the eggs ~ we've decided to post a note in our local paper (free on Tuesdays) and hope to have a few regulars getting eggs.  If we've got that extra $30 each week going on the LOC it will definitely add up over time!  Thanks for the encouragement Sue *grins*

Eggs will help us get 'ova' our debt ~ *the Mission*
A little change in the Treasure Chest would be appreciated ~ *the Plug*

Saturday 6 November 2010
One month of blogging our Mission ~ not bad going either.  Today we did spend, but only a little and it was to use a slasher from Bylsma Hire and get the lawn down.  Actually, it was only a half day hire, and then we used scissors, pitchforks and brute strength for the rest. This little poppet is POOPED! Now I know why my doctor says 'slow and steady girl, this is your own race and not a marathon'.  Umm ~ ooops! *grins*
Chickens were not impressed being locked in for most of the day, but SmallBoy fed them treats in the form of larvae, pupae and worms.  Once 'released' they went bonkers in the turned over veggie bed. Another 7 eggs today from the gerls and we've put a note out for locals wanted eggs to get in touch. One dozen has been bought and hopefully we'll hear from another couple of interested people. Excellent!
MIL is definitely a legend ~ she's feeding us spareribs tonight. Lip smackin'ly delish!!

No unnecessary spending leaves more for the bills ~ *our Mission*
Please put your spare PayPal change in our Jar on the main page ~ *the Plug*

Sunday 7 November 2010
Ow... found muscles that have not been used for quite some time. Garden and lawn are looking better than usual. Plus more was done today. We did spend today ~ $4 ~ the admission price to the Bonsai Exhibition at the Ballarat Botanical Gardens. Gee it is a beautiful garden to visit and the bonsai were amazing. We were there for hours - watching demonstrations, looking over the plants - SmallBoy was totally taken in with the way a plant could be trained, trimmed and so so tiny! We think he has been inspired and will go to a few of the monthly meetings before we delve into buying anything.
A nice easy dinner of tuna mornay on rice ~ and it's one of those under $5 dinners for four so we will post the recipe for others trying to save a few dollars. Bit of a egg hunt will need to be undertaken - the gate to the chook run blew shut and the girls couldn't get in to lay in their boxes. Found three in one of the usual haunts, but there will probably be 3 or 4 more out in the garden somewhere.

Enjoying the simple, low cost things in life ~ *our Mission*
Hoping you can help cover the interest ~ *the Plug*

Monday 8 November 2010
Another 7 eggs today ~ hopefully we'll sell what has again become 6 dozen eggs. If you know anyone in the Ballarat area, let them know.  These eggs are HUGE readers ~ and delicious. Tell your friends - tell your family - tell your enemies - we need to sell them and pay our interest for this month!
Still waiting for communications from the 'old' job ~ thats $2k outstanding and oh how odd, no communications - again. Nothing is ever simple when it comes to saving, especially when you work and don't get paid because your pay is better invested in the business - yes, bit unhappy Jan.
Nothing spent today aside from energy. The really high grass has been cut, snipped and pulled out. SmallBoy carted wheelbarrow loads to the cows, sheep and two goats hovering at the back fence. None to the horse next door - too green and he'd bloat.
It was sausage surprise tonight - had three packs of 2 oddment snags in the freezer, so cooked them all up and had with mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli and carrots. Husband meant to use honey and garlic over the veggies, but put ginger in the honey by accident. Damn fine accident honey!!  Knowing the snags would have been from packs of 8 marked down to $3 or less, one carrot, one small broc head and 3 potatoes were used - I'm guessing we spent $1.50 per head on each meal.

Any ideas how we can get you to help us donate? ~ *the Mission*
Hoping you can spare 10c - and tell your mates ~ *the Plug*

Tuesday 9 November 2010
Eggs eggs eggs ~ we had omelettes for dinner and they were delicious.  Totally forgot how yummy and easy an omelette is to make. The car has gone in to get a new motor.  Having computer 'issues' but I've managed to get this up.
Big exciting happenings which resulted in freeing up over $600 of monthly outgoings (which aren't really savings because we were struggling to get these paid) and you can read how we did this on the main page :

Looking for more avenues to reduce the outgoings ~ *the Mission*
If you make a saving, can we have your change please? ~ *the Plug*

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