Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November's 1st Week

Look what we found behind the pantry wall ~ space!! 

Another week and another $100 onto the debt.  For those who ask 'so if you've got $528 a week and half is the mortgage, a quarter is food and the rest is petrol and current bills, where is the extra money coming from?' it comes from a combination of places.

If we spend less than the shopping budget, it goes on the debt.  If any reimbursements are issued, it goes on the debt.  If there is any discount or price cut for a budgeted item, the difference goes to the debt.  That is how we get 'extra' money.

Sadly, for the addition of $100 to place on the debt, we had a 'swipe' of money from the non-existent balance of the Line of Credit applied to the unused NIVA card to the amount of $2,854.19. Terrified that  this will only compound, many calls to the bank have been made and are yet to know what the decision is going to be - hold the interest, or hold the transfers. Both would be exceptionally perfect, but highly unlikely. A hold on interest rates would be great too.

Here's the week in rewind ~ enjoy the catch up and hope you can throw a few PayPal coins into the Spare Change Jar.  We could do with the help...

Wednesday 27 October 2010
All the finances 'managed' or ignored (until next week) as required ~ although it is pretty impressive to have had $$ to pay the mortgage, get milk and of course we shall never run out of eggs!  If we could get the guts up to . . . actually poor choice of words there. If we could get the courage to chop off the head of a rooster or three we'd have some meat in the freezer for roasting. *grins*
Good news - Husband has picked up a day's work tomorrow.  Only for the day and we'll see how it effects 'everything'. At least it goes straight into the LOC.

Banking the coins to bring down the debt ~ *our Mission*
Happy to accept your spare change ~ *the Plug*

Thursday 28 October 2010
Yippee ~ car is running on three cylinders so it was not serviced. The mechanic charged us $33 for the test that discovered our engine is 'buggered', effectively saving $170 odd for not doing the whole service. Considering a new engine costs ?how much? ~ don't really see the savings - more waiting for more debt *sighs*  Spent most of this afternoon at the doctors to see what is going on with apathetic Mands. Had lots of blood taken *sobs* and got a lovely big bruise to show that it really does hurt. *sobs again*
Needing to scrounge up an extra $5 for a school incursion next week which is going to cost $8.50.  If, by next Wednesday, we've not go that amount free we shall chat to school about adding it to the 'bill' so it can be paid with next years EMA payment. *juggling*
Leftover pies for dinner - was not sure which was what as they were retrieved from the freezer but all were very nice and filling.

Getting through without falling further behind ~ *our Mission*
Able to receive any amount in the 'Spare Change' tin on the main page ~ *the Plug*

Friday 29 October 2010
Damn prick yesterday totally bruised up my arm *sniffs*  Looking like my arm has been in a fight, but hopefully it will be worth it. Put another $200 on VISA yesterday and the deposits have cleared through to the LOC. Tipping tomorrow's interest sweep will put us further behind tho'. That's the never-ending part.  Husband has all his tax done, signed so we should see a rebate come in middle of November and that will go onto the LOC also, although there are mutterings about if it is enough, will we buy a new engine? *sighs* Never ends...
Nothing spent today ~ making home made pizza using left over bits in the freezer (ham, salami, bacon) and pineapple, eggs and herbs. Friday is supposed to be a lazy dinner day - this is our 'take-away'. MrCentrelink put our benefits in today - then the electricity, water and mobile providers took most of it out in bill repayments. We'll say it again - Never ends...

Staying on top without falling behind ~ *our Mission*
Hope you'll help us get out of this bind ~ *the Plug*

Saturday 30 October 2010
Been raining so much there lawn is starting to resemble a pool.  A grassy, muddy pool ~ but rather wet none-the-less.  We did have a frivolous spend of sorts ~ there was one chicken kiev in the freezer so Husband bought another for us to eat for dinner while SmallBoy is at a mate's house for a sleep-over.
Lots of de-cluttering and a good understanding of what is in the pantry. As soon as it is emptied, Husband will open up the wall so we can actually see and access the shelves and never lose track of what we have again.
Hopefully tomorrow there will be time to get into the garden so we can set up the beds to put the seedlings in over the next two weeks.  After Melbourne Cup is the time to start as the chill should be out of the soil and almost ready for planting into.

Getting organised and under control ~ *our Mission*
Accepting the support with much gratitude ~ *the Plug*

Sunday 31 October 2010
More rain ~ but no spending.  Nada, nothing
Made a huge mess in the kitchen pulling the door, shelves, boards and more off the wall of pantry.  We've not got the wall down yet ~ so much stuff in the pantry and not just food.  There is medicine, vitamins, serviettes, juicers, donut makers (wot?), bags and two tarot cards (so far).  Oh, and tiles - not sure from where or what, but tiles.
Sadly, really sore today so it was not a huge effort from me ~ brilliant work from Husband.  More to come.

Every day has something achieved ~ *our Mission*
Hearing the coins rattling in the jar ~ *the Plug*

Monday 1 November 2010
Pinch n a punch ~ first of the month
And with the first of the month, comes the spending. The most disappointing part is watching the LOC go up due to the 'transfer' of funds on to the NIVA card.  Only there was no actual money there to transfer ~ so the LOC went up from $21k to $24k without the balance of the 'transfer' being available through the NIVA card (to transfer it back on to the LOC).  Sure, there was no interest applied (about $190pcm) ~ just didn't think that would mean the a non-existent balance would transfer without being accessible. Big concern is if this occurs next month, is it another $3k transferring to nowhere other than upping the LOC?  Just a wee shock but fingers crossed a chat with the bank will give us some insight.
Oh ~ and two mystery shopping assignments at the supermarket has allowed a $20 spend without spending any $$.  Plus there is another one for tomorrow.  So extra fruit and veggies were bought, as well as some items to make up natural cleaners.  Love it!

Negotiating with the banks as an 'individual' ~ *our Mission*
Use our bank account if you don't have PayPal to help us ~ *the Plug*

(late) Tuesday 2 November 2010
Really quick wrap up ~ a terribly exhausting day! Up at sparrow's fart, before the cock crow. Mystery shopping and pulling walls out (easier and less painful than pulling teeth)
Fell asleep before updating, slept for over 12 hours ~ physically exhausted.
Hi Kim, Hi Kane, Hi Jason ~ ran into quite a few friendly family faces!
A great day ~

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  1. Just read your post about your chooks laying eggs - sell them!!! People will pay $5 for a dozen 'farm fresh eggs'. My day lives in a small town and sells his eggs, grows veges from seed and sells the punnets - just has a little stall out the front of his house. Sue