Friday, November 12, 2010

End of the week on a Thursday

Regional Shows ~ who needs a horse race when you can race pigs! 

Because it is regional semi-public holiday Friday!  Show Day ~ school's out!!

Weather has been absolutely gorgeous and subsequently we've not done the number crunching as promised.  We've been in the garden, in the nursery, in the chook shed and in the kitchen getting things done while the sun shines and the warmth envelopes us. *sighs* Gosh it seems SO long since we've had warm, sun-shiny days! Boy my body hates me for the bending and stretching needed to hang washing - at least I can sit, kneel or be on all-fours for the weeding.  Just need to watch that Skippy the rooster doesn't decide to attack while I'm on the ground. No doubt he will get me one day!

No milk for anyone other than SmallBoy this morning.  I used up the not so pretty fruit and veg and made a green smoothie and, seriously, this is so good to be doing. They taste so yummy, so fresh and summery and because its all mooshed up, you don't see the skungy bits on the fruits or vegs - especially those bruises under the skin.  Don't see it - don't care about it!  Used up sad looking celery, browned bananas and crushed cantaloupe ~ tasted awesome! Smoothies are so much more filling than juices.

Some raw food / green smoothie websites encourage you to buy their whiz-bang, super strong blenders but our pseudo Magic Bullet works a treat.  Today's smoothie had celery, kiwi fruit, pear - well you can see the picture - and starting with the softest items, it all gets blended. I still take off the kiwi skin and a really handy tip is to peel your bananas BEFORE freezing them (coz they are a bugger to peel frozen). Husband had one of the marked down yoghurts ~ only out of date by two days and still 'peachy'. Fruit salad to precise! One day I will make our own, just need to get used to the idea you can make it yourself not get nice and chilled and smooth from the supermarket *grins*

Baked beans on toast for lunch - BBQ sauce flavoured which were hiding in the back of the pantry forever, lost in the darkness - and then we had another "Freezer Surprise Pie", this time using some left over roast chicken from who-knows-when and the sauce from a curried apricot chicken we had last month.  Love using left overs.  EVERYTHING goes better in a pie!

You can see I write notes on the left overs now so it is not so much of an adventure when making a meal ~ but if you got kids and you call it a 'surprise pie' even the much hated beans will be eaten with pleasure. Gotta love that!! 

We did get a few groceries today ~ having no car is great for the budget!  Husband and SmallBoy rode to the shop this afternoon and got everything we will need for the next week and it came to $20.01.  With rounding, we save 1c - woo hoo!  And we got chocolate so we can join in the Junior MasterChef cook-along show tomorrow night. We needed milk, cream, oranges, butter and a few other things anyway ~ the chocolate was $4, so we'll forgive ourselves for that 'splurge'.  And on Saturday we are going to sit outside the show grounds for the fireworks. Who said life was boring..?

Stuffed, tired and exhausted so heading to bed very soon.  Blast - just saw the time. So hoping for a sleep in tomorrow - it is a school/public holiday after all - then a mechanic who calls at about 10am to say the car is ready, sunshine to get the last of the washing out, dry & in again and then head off to the show for Family Day when the ticket prices are less. SmallBoy hasn't been to the show since the year he was born - oddly enough (!!) he doesn't remember and it will be a bit of a reward in return for the past few months of no pocket money. We're going to take a picnic, bake a cake and call it a day out for my birthday! When you get 'old', going to the Show makes you feel like a kid again ~ that's the theory and we're sticking to it *grins*

Until tomorrow ~ may our Mission inspire you!

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