Thursday, July 21, 2011

Finally ~ Reconnecting with 'The World'

We had rainbows to guide the way... 
We've travelled up the coast and we are finally here...

Mands on a Mission is back online ~ with a temperament and attitude as warm and sunny as the climate we now reside! Oh Queensland ~ you are divine *grins*

Honestly, I never thought I'd get back on-line to natter ~ Hellstra gave a little grief in setting up our phone line. Which leads me to ask why, when every other amenity we transferred from the house owners' names into our own could do it as we talked and confirmed details, when changing the name on the phone account and leaving all other information the same does Hellstra need to disconnect, reconnect and allow a 48hr no connectivity window?

But all seems to be up and running, lets send out the vibes for it to remain so...
Day 1 ~ Brunswick to Beechworth ~ to Stevie B's

The Month Just Gone

Was a rather expensive one for us but ~ having bought a campervan, repaired a car, secured tenants for our home, registered a car (twice), finalised accounts, paid for the results of storm damaged property AND moved across the country for under $10,000 ~ we incurred little extra debt and that we borrowed from Husband's mother was budgeted to come from our tax return. This has just been finalised and repaid in full.

In many ways, we are starting from scratch with debts now at $38,290.07 (excluding the mortgage). While it seems to be going up, the amount of bills and accounts attributing to the debt has reduced. Our next 'victim' on the debt trail is the credit card. With beaches for our playground and sunshine instead of snow, we should have lots of free adventures that will ensure low electricity bills and reduce other expenses we would have in a usual winter. Sitting on a beach is free, exploring along an esplanade is free, discovering the joys of Sunday markets and new places is free - all possible as its not bitterly icy cold!

There is definitely a satisfaction which occurs when each bill is removed from the equation of your own debt. Having no outstanding electricity, gas, telephone or internet - no arrears in the mortgage, minimum payments on the current remaining debt - its a much easier position to be placed.

Compared to last September, there are now only three remaining debts. The Line of Credit is currently being covered by the rent being received on our place in Ballarat. MrCentrelink advises this is still our primary residence and will be for the next two years so long as we do not purchase property or land elsewhere. On $602 per week, this is highly unlikely to occur. *chuckles* 

VISA: $6,982.55
Personal Loan: $9,414.00
Line of Credit: $21,839.52

The short term focus is re-establishing our budget. Using my "Bill's Budget" sheets, this will be set for the end of the month and run through August and September. Already we have menu planned for the next ten days and shopped under budget. Considering the cupboards were bare ~ this is truly satisfying and a mighty feat! We even got ice-cream for desserts this week! Baked some buns, made pizza and will be enjoying a roast on Sunday! Gee it feels great to say that!!

Tonight's dinner - Char-sui beef stir fry - under $2.50ea
So a big fat pooh-pooh to those who said we shouldn't risk moving, those who said we might be running into trouble with our accommodation plans and those who questioned the choice of Bundaberg. The Karma-Fairies have given us a wonderful gift and blessed us with the opportunity to help others while giving us the chance to get back on track with our plans and dreams. Knowing Husband, SmallBoy and I agreed together to make the move, to embrace the chance and enjoy the change makes the whole journey so much easier and the adventure more enjoyable. 

Here's to fulfilling your dreams ~ stay with us on the Mission to being debt free, budget savvy and if you feel the need to help along, the Spare Change Jar at the top of the blog is a great place to gift those 5c and 10c coins you find in the gutter ~ it all adds up for us. 

Don't forget to share ~ if you've got unwanted 'stuff', look up your nearest Freecycle group because someone else might need what you are ready to throw out! We've already sourced a plethora of plants, heaps of herbs, bagged a bookcase and given toys, clothes and utensils since arriving in Bundaberg using Freecycle. Its even on FaceBook - like all the good stuff (such as Mands On A Mission) *grins*

Chat tomorrow friends and followers ~ I've another giveaway to share this weekend, a perfect winter winner! So enjoy your Friday :D


  1. Welcome back to the world Mands! So glad you made it happily to your new location - now you've found the secret that us Queenslanders know, you'll never go back!!!

  2. Really, really pleased to see that you have arrived safely in my home State.

    Onwards and upwards eh!