Thursday, October 21, 2010

Avoiding the clutter...

It is the most glorious day.
So we are in the garden, weeding and getting the beds ready for the seeds to become seedlings and grow up big and strong to end up in our bellies *grins* Our Mission to become debt free will also allow us to become a little more self sufficient and self sustaining.

More items are up on eBay including Tupperware, AVON and clothes for children. We are adding more each day - mandsmission is the account name. The money from every item sold goes into our line of credit or our visa at the moment. All outstanding bills receive a payment every month - sometimes it might only be $1 but every account gets something.

Last night, we used up the crumbly left overs at the bottom of six boxes of cereal and muesli. We left the cornflakes because we'll use them to crumb a veal or chicken schnitzel - or home made KFC *mmmm*

These muesli slices and muesli bites are absolutely delicious. We find that SmallBoy and MudGuts prefer the slice, leaving more of the bites for the grown ups *cheers*  SmallBoy had to remind Husband this morning to put a few in his lunchbox (please)

Leftovers Muesli Bars and Bites

5-9 crushed weet bix
3 cup left over muesli, cereals, bran, oats
(All up, you want 5-7 cups of cereals)
1/2 cup dried fruit/nuts/chopped choc bits (optionals)
1 tin condensed milk

Mix all the cereals and fruits in a large bowl.
Add the condensed milk and stir until mixed through.
You can add additional weet-bix or cereals if the mixture is not firm.
Press into greased tin (or ungreased silicone form) and bake for 20-40min at 180 degrees.

For crunchier muesli bars, pull the tray out ½ way through and press the mixture firmly down again
If using silicone, let the slice mix cool slightly before turning out to cut.  If using a tin tray, slice into muesli bar size pieces while hot and allow to cool in the tin.

For the muesli bites, using the Tupperware Petiteform, or nipples, makes perfect bite-size pieces.  No need for extra greasing of the tray - these will pop out easily so cool in the silicone form.

This made 24 large squares and 30 bites. Because all the cereals are those bits at the bottom usually thrown away, it's really only the cost of the condensed milk so all that for $1.09. 


  1. Thanks for sharing this idea, will definitely give this a try sometime. Always tend to discard the leftover contents of cereal to the chook bucket.

    Wishing you every success with your mission. I will be following with interest.

    Have a great day,


  2. Thanks Tania - they are very yummy and the SmallBoy has discovered my secret stash with a gleeful 'oh look, there are more for when we run out'