Friday, October 29, 2010

Rich week ~ for a moment

Just the cutest little billie-goat you ever did see! 

For just a brief moment ~ the bank account looked so healthy...

Then all the bills were withdrawn and we looked more 'normal' again *grins*  Being pro-active this week on the fees, charges and added costs from our financial 'institutions' and have saved ourselves quite a bit in the long run.

Our savings account has a $5 monthly charge ~ we asked if this could be waived as we only use online banking.  Not only was the fee removed - it was back-dated to the start of the financial year.  $15 was put back into the savings account. Brilliant!

Our VISA interest rate was up over 20% ~ we asked if this could be brought back under 10% and had the rate changed to 9.2% plus no annual fee for the life of the card ($90).  Awesome!

Our Line Of Credit has an interest rate of 7.9% ~ we asked if this could be held for a few months while we get ahead and were granted 3months no interest (providing we can put $500 in each of those months or it will revert back). It's a start!!

Then there's the freebies:
In two months it will be Christmas and it is not going to be the console, DVD, games orientated Christmas of 'norm'. SmallBoy will receive a new kit for school and, being his last year in primary, we will get his Year6 Bomber Jacket for a present, as well as his school NetBook.
Got a really awesome dog lead from Paws Club to give to one of the Mum's for their dog;
Got some Dr LeWinn men's facial care products for the brother(s-in-law);
Got two teen packs of Dr LeWinn's skin care/acne care products for MudGuts and the half-bro;

We will be making up pamper packs for most for Christmas ~ and we'll be making those in the last few weeks, tailored to each brother, sister, niece or nephew as appropriate.

Plus a few bonuses:
For those who have used Chrisco, HamperCo, Castle Hampers or any of those type of set ups to pay for Christmas in advance, while they can be 'convenient', have you ever thought just how (un)economical this option can really be??
In 2006, 2007 and 2008 each weekly/fortnightly shop we would by a $10 store voucher (or more if we were under the shopping budget) and kept them together for the  mid December shop.  With around $500 to spend, we'd have all the food, booze, decorations and more to carry through to Australia Day - almost two months without shopping for anything other than basics. It meant we could take drinks to every party, snacks to munch while on summer holiday AND save our shopping money for December and January ~ well, we'd put it in the mortgage!
Sadly this year we've not done this as effectively and those vouchers saved have been used to buy groceries over these lean months.  You do what you have to do!!

Hoping those last few eBay items are paid for soon ~ really need to get more items up ~ been a little tired and sore so it's a-plodding along...

Plus if anyone has a spare lawnmower or car ~ happy to take them off your hands *grins*
Two chances right??  Buckley's and none...

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  1. Hi Mands, I just went through Big W and they have all the Christmas stuff out and I'm seriously going to have to get organized - I really
    Love your ideas.
    Have a great week