Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Third Wednesday of our Mission

Week Three of our 
Mission and we made several repayments into our debt by having some monies owed to us paid back – Hi, my name is Mands and I am hoping you can help get me and my family out of a bind with debt. Yes, we are asking total strangers for the gift of few dollars, even a few cents to help pay off our debt, stop the interest accruing, building and getting further out of control.

This debt did not come about due to lavish spending, over-indulging or financial mismanagement. Most was incurred due to medical expenses, assisted living charges, travel costs while I waited for and now rehabilitating from spinal surgery at the same time the single incoming wage under went restructure, reductions due to the financial crisis' impact on Husband's employer.

We are not asking for you to pay it for us ~ rather help contribute to pay it down with us.



Looking back over this week, there were some hefty outgoings but the main one, the antenna, had been saved for over the past six months. Receiving money for the Powderfinger tickets was a relief and that went straight onto the VISA card. Oh we want that one down. The Line of Credit is causing concern as funds going in are not going to remain on par with those coming out for the mortgage. If we were to move our income to come via the Line Of Credit, the mortgage would take it first.

Going back through the Simple Savings Vault for some savings tips on power, snack ideas and ways we can cut back outgoings. Sorry - not up to making our own pet food yet, chooks are getting all the current scraps. Have been ok with grabbing a lemon or three of neighbouring trees - ideally the ones on the ground. Plus as soon as the apples are on the trees, we'll head up out the back roads of Durham Lead and pick those from the roadside apple trees. They are so sweet - cant wait!

One big hint is to get on top of what is in our pantry - you can see there is a bit there. Stocktake, stocktake, stocktake. We are listing absolutely everything we have at the moment so we know what we have to use without the need to go to the supermarket or grocer. We've meats in the freezer, marinades in the cupboard and lots of fruit and veg canned, we cannot wait to share our list of hidden pantry delights and frosted freezer surprises

Meals this past week have included pie, fish patties, salads, snags and curries - meat padded out with veggies - and snacks made include muesli bites, cheese twists, savoury muffins and fruit smoothies.

The de-clutter is moving along, slower than hoped but we so much clutter and hoarded treasures that are needing perusal and review. We know there is going to be a need for a dumpster at some point - but not until we can pay for it upfront. 

Medication and therapy are the big cash killers this week - need a new HydroPool card and that's $50 we don't have so being a little 'naughty' and skipping Exercise Therapy to use the card for the pool. It's possible to exercise at home but we can't say the same for Hydro.

Well, that was the week that was. More items are up on eBay - mandsmission - please see if there is anything of interest. Your help, support and messages are truly appreciated and we are most grateful.

Many .10c in the Treasure Chest can help pay our debt down ~ *our Mission*
We'll always say thanks for your generous gift  ~ *the Plug*

Wednesday 13 October 2010
The beginning of a new week. And we undercut the budget by $80, MudGuts paid back $20 and we found coins on the spare room and kitchen floors. Bonus. Etra excited about the bids on each of the items currently on eBay.  Must pull our fingers out to get more photographed and posted. Time a ticking.
Nothing spent today - car drove well, MudGuts was picked up, a new enclosure for the ready for roast roosters was built and the garage was made a little more spacious. Husband is noticing items that are saleable - this is good.

A day without spending - *our Mission*
The small gift from others - *the Plug*

Thursday 14 October 2010
Well - it was a day with spending. All was budgeted spending - the shop came in at $81.80 and does have a few 'nice' items because we will have visitors. Items that don't usually get into the trolley like feta, Gruyere twists, rice crackers and fresh pineapple. It was a little annoying to find there was no top on the pineapple because we want to plant one to see if it will grow. It's not impossible if we can give it the right conditions. Oh and a packet of party sausage rolls because SmallBoy bargained us into it.

We will make additional parmeasan(?sp) twists using some pastry sheets - even cheaper if the pastry was made up from scratch - but there is something so terribly delicious about those particular pastry twists from Aldi that its a real treat to get occasionally - especially for special visitors. *grins* Besides, I will be making potato salad, a Caesar salad, sweet biscuits and muffins.

We might even have pancakes for brunch on Sunday - there's a thought. For eight people, one being vegetarian, I'd envisage flour, milk, butter, golden syrup & sugar would come to about $3. Eggs are from the cooks, lemons from the trees so no spending on those. Pancakes are inexpensive, crepes are even cheaper!

Clearly avoiding referring to the additional spend, but we have been saving for a few months to have the antenna tuned knowing a new one and the cables might be required. Still, $255 for a new antenna, tuned, new cable and a really jovial -early- technician when we had budgeted $300 was great. So if you need a referral to a great bloke, Shane from Jims is your man and, if you mention we sent you, he'll send us two movie tickets.

We think tomorrow we receive $980 something - rich week! This is the week money moves over to the mortgage, the line of credit, the VISA and utilities. With the last week shop being a little lower, and the money repaid by MudGuts, we're not going to put in any more than the minimum on the credit card and try to fix the two week arrears on the mortgage so the fortnights match a little better. 

We will update the Financial Page on the Mands On A Mission blog tomorrow to show how our week's transact - this will help others struggling we hope.

Many .99c on eBay can help pay our debt down ~ *our Mission*
We'll always say thanks for $1 thrown in the Treasure Chest  ~ *the Plug*

Friday 15 October 2010
Money comes in - money goes out.
Today is 'rich' week of the fortnight with $1079 hitting the account. The fridge rental of $44pf comes straight out. As does $200 for this months electricity and gas. The water falls due end of the month so $50 went in to there and will be again next fortnight. The VISA received $200 and we paid $300 over to the mortgage so its $165,461. The mortgage balance isn't included in the 'debt total', its not in arrears, its actually well ahead.
That leaves us with $584.

But wait - some of that is already assigned. *darn* Next week, $100 is assigned to food shopping, $300 for fire wood and $50 for fuel. There will be $30 for meds and we should have $100 over at the end of next week. From that $60 is ear-marked to make up the difference for the mortgage and $40 or so for next week's shopping. We get $203 next Friday and that's all on the mortgage. Even though it is tight - I still think we can come in under buy it will be under $10.

Making parmi-twists tonight, might even post a pic - probably on Mands Meanderings.
Here's to a fun-filled, low cost weekend. Forecast is SNOW (yes, mid October in Australia) so we shall rug up for Powderfinger. Drinks at home, picnic there, lovely...? We shall see. Nothing expected to be spent - maybe parking.

Every little bit under pays down the debt ~ *our Mission*
Every little bit gifted is a blessing ~ *the Plug*

Saturday 16 October 2010
At Powderfinger concert ~ feeding friends and family. Bought a few drinks - should have cost $27, handed 2 $10 bills over and went to get the change from my change purse when the bartender was back with $3 change . . . maybe there were 3 $10 bills handed over ~ oh well, believe that to be a reward for waiting in a queue for most of JET to find one drink is $10 where if you bought it at the bottle-o it would have been a 4pk for $12... Bit rich!  Spent $10 on hot chocolate and coffee for SmallBoy and Husband.  Spent $27 at Powderfinger. No souvenirs ~ $20 for a programme was just unwarrantable after the outrageous $10 for a can of premix vodka. Received $100 for spare ticket. Received payment for friend's hubby's ticket and room - $250.  Straight to the VISA on Monday, as it 'paid' for the tickets.
What a great night - our ears are ringing a little. The show was recorded both with video and for CD release of a live concert. SmallBoy really enjoyed JET, and thought Powderfinger was just great with the songlist! Lots of oldies - which he probably knows better thanks to us! So long since the last concert ~ might not have got to the MotoGP at Phillip Island but we did get to wear our boots and leathers because the venue was a mud bath!! Outdoor concerts in the gardens after rain, sleet and snow ~ it was a blast!

A great time does not mean spending $100s on food and drink ~ *our Mission*
You can send your support via the Treasure Chest ~ *the Plug*

Sunday 17 October 2010
Spent nothing ~ actually did very little. Enjoyed everyone together for breakfast before heading back to Melbourne. Did load of washing - just the school stuff. Husband tired and in front of the newly tuned digital television to watch the MotoGP from Phillip Island.  SmallBoy pottered, read his new Terry Brooks novel. Did much the same myself, only mine's by Kathleen McGowan, couldn't walk another step.
Dinner was spaghetti bolognese ~ from a big pot made up a few weeks ago. Having meal size portions of the sauce frozen, its days like this when all we need to do is cook the pasta and reheat the sauce for a home cooked meal that only costs a few dollars. Plus with all the leftovers there is pie, a pasta sauce and sandwiches for lunches and dinners this week.

Powderfinger - for your listening and viewing pleasure

Monday 18 October 2010
Spent $15.40 - Whiskers cat food on special at Safeway. This saves almost $10 on the usual price for a months cat food. As we try to only buy on the 'usual' specials of 99c or 5 for $5 - this saved us $5 this month. Will record and consider more if there is some loose change at the end of the week.  Did nothing but recover, sleep and rest after the weekend. Husband cooked dinner. Egg and chips. Simple, filling, easy.  Sleep days and tidying up are great days to keep the wallet closed.

Tuesday 19 October 2010
Spent $20 on chicken grain. Spent $28.42 on a months cat food, dry cat food and bread.
Sold the water filter on eBay for $10 and a local pick up
Made Pie of Left Over Chicken Salad (POLOCS)
Recipe on the main page

And that was the week that was. Such a thrill to receive input from readers. Glad we are inspiring some, entertaining others. Love to see the 'likes' on our Mands On A Mission FaceBook page - don't be shy. Pop on by *grins*


  1. hey mands, saw that you are paying rental fro your fridge, have you tried the homewise program to see if they still offer replacement s on whitegoods if you are on a HCC? that is where we got our new fridge and washing machine about 18 months ago. Just check it out, they may have changed things. LOVE your blogs!! xx Kim H

  2. I've never heard of that ~ awesome advice Kim. Thanks so much