Saturday, October 23, 2010

Simply the rest

No spending again today.
Friday's were notoriously our take-away night - along with McD Thursdays for after swimming - and the odd pop in to Bakers Delight for scones, whoever made a decent coffee could get a visit, or two, each day *blushes* We've really been good and only eating what we've made at home.  It's Spaghetti Bog for tea, from the big batch made up at the start of the month.

Since we started our Mission a month ago - actually less than a month ago - we have had one bought coffee, and it was agreed to be the last.  SmallBoy has been quite agreeable to the no canteen/no lunch order ruling because he is enjoying the home made delights. Plus if we make up some little pies, the canteen will heat them and send them into the classroom with the other orders. Bonus.

So a day of mundane ~ and it's now raining so tomorrow will be all about decluttering, rearranging and might even conquer that stock-take we've been meaning to get stuck into.

We know we are nowhere near destitute, homeless or wondering how we are going to pay for our next meal, bills, heating. Well, actually we have no idea how we are going to pay for firewood AND get the car serviced. Hopefully this warm weather will return and we won't need any more firewood this year and we can get the car serviced.

Mostly likely need milk before the weekend is over, perhaps petrol and there is a doctors appointment in the morning which will require prescriptions. - all going well, that will be our only expense because we've really not got the money for anything else. The credit card is frozen in the freezer so we cant use it, only pay it down. Maybe it is that 'security' to know it is there because it would be better to just cut it up.

Alright - that's about it.
Nothing spent
Nothing sold
Nothing but friendships and conversations ~ at least we are rich with those *grins*

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