Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Fourth Wednesday of our Mission

Poor little Maggie fell from its nest ~ mum and dad came back and they walked home 
This has been quite an interesting week...

There's been the yummiest snacks and dinners made out of the crummiest cereal crumbs and limp leftover veggies ~ seriously delicious.  If you have a look back, the muesli slices/bites, pikelets and pies have been a hit! We've eaten more veggies that usual and SmallBoy has enjoyed these new home-made treats.

The best pro-active effort was negotiating an interest rate reduction on our credit card.  And it was *easy*.
One phone call and the interest rate on our VISA was slashed from 20.9% to 9.2%.
Now we challenge every single reader to find out what their interest rate is, call their provider and get 5% or more taken off the amount ~ let us know how you go.  If you've got a $5k credit card and bring your rate down from the "average" 21% to 15% ~ that's a saving of over $1000 in interest repayments each year.  That is ENORMOUS!!

We received some great donations into the Treasure Chest and hopefully we can update our ThankYou page especially thanks to a big clutter of Support (10c) to the amount of $20! WOW ~ thrilled and straight toward bills!!

Then we received a rebate from medical bills ($30) and the coins from the car, house came to $16.20. So all have been banked and will be moved onto the Line Of Credit once cleared.  Oooo ~ It's a real thrill.  AND of course you know we spoke to the drastic plastic credit card company with HUGE success!!  Did we mention we've also got no annual fee ($90) ever again??

There's more but it has been a day of walking around while the car was being serviced ~ and that was a bitter outcome with the mechanic saving us $170 (sort of) saying no point servicing this car, it needs a new engine... Damn. Double Damn.  We shall deal with that next week.  

Husband has picked up a day's work tomorrow which will probably need to go towards a new engine otherwise we are back to wondering how do we get SmallBoy to school and home again.  Oh it never stops...

Below is the week in rewind ~ remember, please get your friends, family, work mates on board and following and perhaps popping a few coins into the Treasure Chest as we make our debt a thing of the past!!

Wishing you all a great week!
~Mands, Husband, SmallBoy and Mudguts
and the chooks, the cats and Skippy the rooster *bok bok*

Wednesday 20 October 2010
The start of the third week and we have made a weeny dent into the debt. Not looking forward to our contributions next Wednesday. *gulp*
Used all the left over crumblings from various packets of cereal and muesli and made the most delicious muesli bites and slices. The recipe and makings will be up to share tomorrow.
We have a few more items up on eBay - there is Tupperware & Avon. Ideally we will have 2-3 items up each day. That's going to be fun.

A day without spending - *our Mission*
The small gift from others - *the Plug*

Thursday 21 October 2010
Gosh it is a lovely day. We cleared out clutter and rearranged the spare room and SmallBoy's room.  SmallBoy has a big box of toys to sort through.  The recipe for the muesli bites has been posted. We are extremely grateful to have received a wonderful 'hand-full' of 10c coins in the Treasure Chest ~ and we are thinking our gifter would have had fun imaging the clatter as we have.  It would have sounded awesome in real like to hear 200 10c silver coins dropping into a wooden chest. *cheers*
There are two people playing the auction on eBay for the new Tupperware Illusions jug - this is rather exciting because we've never seen that before. The water filter is being collected tomorrow too.

Another day without spending - *our Mission*
A clutter of 10c coins falling into the Treasure Chest - *the Plug*

Friday 22 October 2010
Nothing spent today. Happy about that. Got paid our family payment of $203 this week. Woo Hoo - its gone on the mortgage. Nothing else paid, no money to pay any thing else. But there's food in the fridge, pantry and the chooks lay their googies.
Might sell the eggs and get an extra $10 per week for them. That will put petrol in the car.

No spending - *our Mission*
Needing a little to stay afloat - *the Plug*

Saturday 23 October 2010
Nothing spent today. It is such a relief SmallBoy does not see how 'tight' the purse is. He had a mate over for dinner last night (spag bog from the freezer), played happily outside or on board games. We've got his birthday in a few months - but not sure what we might be looking at gift wise and he has been hoping to have a few mates over to go to LazerForce. This might be off the cards now.

Not spending anything - *the Mission*
Wishing for a little help - *the Plug*

Sunday 24 October 2010
Milk and water ~ $8.50.  OK - the milk is understandable but, in case you've not read previously, we buy our drinking water because the water in our regional town is quite disgusting. Ran SmallBoy a bath tonight and phew-wee - stinks like chlorine when you run the water. Hence buying water because from the tap, we can't drink it.  Even the ice-blocks are tainted by the taste of something grungy.  Need to get meds, actually put it off because we didn't have the finances to pay for the meds but money transferred in on Saturday so it will be a wait to been seen appointment on Monday. Yeah-haw (not)

Only the basics are needed as the debt drops - *the Mission*
It would be nice to have a few extra dollars freed up - *the Plug*

Monday 25 October 2010
Medication ~ $8.90.  It's one of many prescriptions that come up each fortnight. At least they usually stagger so as not to be a huge burden. Nothing sold on eBay but we've not got any extra items up so it seems fair. *grins* Only three eggs from the gerls so they are laying somewhere in the grass which is almost knee high ~ but hiring the mower is out of the question at the moment. Hopefully we can borrow one . . . any offers?? *chuckles* Heading to Freecycle to see what is available.

Keeping the main bills paid - *the Mission*
Hoping readers will put spare change into the Treasure Chest  - *the Plug*

Tuesday 26 October 2010
Nothing spent ~ but we did book the car in for a service. Plus we had the unexpected 'bonus' of a cheque for $35.18 from our old power company. Considering we've not been their customer for over two years - we have no idea what it is for but its $35 to go onto the credit card. We have an appointment with the accountant tomorrow to get our tax fixed and up to date ~ nothing like the last minute to get things done! Using left over veggies, making buttermilk (milk & lemon juice) and self raising wholemeal flour (plain with baking powder), we made vegetable pikelets and they were as delicious as they were filling. Last day on the eBay Tupperware ~ and its looking good.

Staying ahead of the collectors - *the Mission*
Tell your friends about our Mission - *the Plug*

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