Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday is for foodies...

We need to eat 
And it is always better if we can eat well. It's expensive living in a world of packaged pre-shredded pizza blend cheese, it's so fast and furious in this world sometimes we all take short cuts ~ short cuts can end up being expensive too. I know it's 'only' $2.99, $3 with rounding up, for those scrumptious Aldi biscuit pastry twists with Gruyere cheese *drools* but to buy two packets to share with visitors this weekend is moving to $5, which is milk and fruit.

So rather than going over what I hope would be an under $30 weekend smorgasbord, making our own twists to add to the Gruyere twists *drools* is a better option. We'll probably get double the amount and its a cheats version, using pastry sheets because I am also making little brownie muffins. Why should our Mission be overly difficult and deprive us of all niceties? There are some simple pleasures, or pricey ones you can do yourself for a heck of a lot less. The cheesy twists are easy. All you need is to:

Heat the oven to 200c, line two oven trays with a baking sheet or paper.

2 Sheets ready-rolled puff pastry, thawed
1 egg, beaten lightly
1 cup grated cheese (tasty, pizza, parmesan, cheddar)
1/2 cup powdered parmesan cheese
Sea salt (ground)
Garlic salt
other seasonings (eg Sumac, Italian Herbs, Moroccan spices, poppy seeds)

  • Brush one pastry sheet using egg; grind over sea salt, sprinkle garlic salt, herbs of choice, grated cheese
  • Place the second sheet on top pastry sheet; pressing firmly
  • Brush the top with egg yolk. Sprinkle with powdered parmesan cheese
  • Cut pastry stack in half width way; then length ways about 1-2cm wide to get 30-40 pieces
  • Separate and twist each strip, pinching ends to seal and place on the lined trays
  • Bake, uncovered, about 10 minutes or until browned lightly
  • Cool and store (or eat - or hide to be eaten later)

These should be appreciated by all - they are very yummy, be assured. I ate one *grins*
Along with salads, turkish bread, dips, cheeses - those last two were in marked down - and something chocolate for dessert, we should be well covered. Oh I am getting excited.  Dinner for 8 out for under $20. *thinks* Well, um, not if you count the concert tickets - then its under $100 per head for dinner and a show! Actually, that falls under an expensive night - but it has been saved, paid and woo hoo we are going!!

All food and drinks have been planned for the weekend. What do you think about this for a weekend's menu?  We get together late afternoon - with dips, twists, biscuits and drinks.  Dinner will be some type of debacle in the gardens at Powderfinger but we are taking BBQ chicken (or home made KFC pieces, not sure yet); a salad of cos lettuce, 'real' baby roma tomatoes, capsicum, carrot, salad onion and cucumber; another salad of butter lettuce, basil leaves, coriander, feta, semi-dried roma tomatoes, chives; rolls and Turkish bread; a creamy dressing and a vinegar/oil dressing. Back home for some cheeses, fruit, Ferrero Rochers using the recipe we found on 365 Tupperware Recipes. We'll use my silicone 'nipples' and almonds for these. Oh, and champagne, Baileys - alas no vodka slammers like the days of old... *naughty*

Because our girlfriend and her hubby are staying at Wyndham Ballarat, its their 10th anniversary so we found somewhere nice, those here that rise before 10am can check out the pantry or manage on coffee, tea or milo. Otherwise, we are having a pancake brunch with toppings such as lemon and sugar, maple syrup, vanilla sugar, jams or strawberries and cream.  Mmmm - and costs bugger all. My sister needs to shoot off, as you do when child-free for a weekend, and head back the other side of the state while we hope the Slatey Chick and her hubby can loiter through a lunch of left over dinner in sandwiches. If there are no left overs, we have enough for a pull-together lunch of salad, meats, breads.  All up this will cost $24.50 from the grocery shopping yesterday - that's including flour for the pancakes you know.

The de-cluttering has dropped back, right at a point I would really like several items removed, however Husband did level 2 First Aid course these past two days, one spot left until February next year with a week's notice so he took it without thinking about the shortness of time. Excitement of the opportunity of availability? In reality the 'rush' probably was not required, however now it is done and he has his level 2 renewed and current. These courses are available through a carers programme and help save lives as well as dollars!

Lastly, our first eBay item has been sold, paid for and sent off in the mail!  It was a mighty fine feeling too. I'm putting a few kids clothes up this weekend and hope to start putting up Tupperware, Salt&Pepper, Disney items before next weekend. Nothing in the Treasure Chest just yet ~ hopefully once others see what we are managing on our Mission, a coffee memory or support will be warranted. *grins* That was the Plug.

No knocks on the door this week from anyone burly or scary, or just plain mean and looking for payments. We certainly are not expecting any at this moment, but sometimes that's just enough to put on the mockers and make it happen. We really don't think anything is at the point at this moment tho'. *phew*

The Daily Update
Today is payment day.  Payment comes in, payments go out.  We've listed everything now paid and those which will be over the week using this weeks payment. We come out with about 86c, give or take *grins* There is a little fine tuning, but we hope you see how we are going in our Mission to get the debt down.


  1. "What do you think about this for a weekend's menu?"

    What do heartpoet and I think? We wish that we could be there also, that's what we think ;]

    Cheers to a fun night out my lovelies!

    Kimmie and Heartpoet

  2. Thanks lovie ~ we will have fun! Snowed here last night - at least when it is cold it is pretty.

    Got your note Kimmie - thanks for letting me know. I think that is fixed now. *grins*

    Off doing that last minute tidy up...


    If you have any left over pastry Mands ;]

  4. Mmmmm ~ I have a feeling those might be delicious nice and warm and all gooey. Yup - these will be made - thanks Kimmie