Monday, February 7, 2011

Holy Guacamole

Hubby could not believe the increase in 24hrs...
And Barney Banana...

The flow on effect * pardon the pun* of the QLD floods and tropical cyclones has already impacted the price of fruit and vegetables ~ and I don't think it is going to get any better. In the space of a day, bananas have gone from $1.99pkg to $5.95pkg! I heard that bananas were going to be limited, held back from the shelves but these were the same bananas which were on the shelf the day before, just a little less green. Should have bought more during the week like I usually do, especially if they are green. I was reading the Liberal's blog ~ no idea why but I was ~ and it said fruit will be rising by 14% and vegetables by 21% this year. If only!! I see the current rise as about 200% and would assume this is going to effect capsicums, eggplant, mangos, sugar and other produce as well. No brainer really...

No Shopping for a Fortnight
Down to the last of the cereal ~ SmallBoy has enough WeetBix to have tomorrow and then we will use porridge for breakfast. I love porridge! Nothing better in the morning than oats with a milk moat and some brown sugar sprinkled on top. We've got two bags of no-name oats to use so there is no need to worry about ducking to the shops to spend. I've got muesli, but the menfolk aren't that keen unless it can be put into yoghurt and eaten like a crunchy mix. No yoghurt so that's off the menu at the moment.

The roast was delicious. The gravy it made was scrumptious so tonight's pie is going to be a treat. I'll use the last of the fresh veggies (because they all look a little sad and wilted but you don't see that in a pie). It's going to be yum. No spending is going well ~ nothing has been bought since Thursday, and most of that was for the cats.

Left over lamb roast pie

Left over lamb roast
1 cup left over gravy
1 cup Broccoli and cauli
1/4 packet of frozen veg
2 sheets of frozen puff pastry
Wholemeal plain flour
25g butter
* Note that all amounts are approximate

Chop the fresh veg into teeny pieces, not floret size - smaller
Boil the kettle and put the fresh veg into a microwaveable container with about a cup of boiling water. Do not discard the water. Cook the veggies for about 2mins on high.
Remove container and add frozen veg into the container to defrost (and add flavour to the veggie water)
Cut the cooked lamb roast into little pieces, 1cm or smaller, and put into a pot on the stove.
Drain the water into a large cup and add veggies to the pot
Add butter to the pot and turn the heat on med-high to melt
Cover vegetables and meat with wholemeal flour, mix to combine
Put some hot vegetable water in with the left over gravy, mix through and add to the pot
Add the remaining vegetable water (half first) until the mix is thickened
Defrost the pastry and line a pie dish with one sheet
Fill with pie mix and cover with the second sheet of pastry
Cook in the oven, around 200C until pastry is golden

I try to use the minimal amount of dishes and utensils because I hate washing up. This uses a pot, a microwave container, a pie dish and a mug. Oh, and a knife and mixing spoon. You can grind the meat in a food processor if cutting it up is too fiddly. Cutting the veggies up really small means every slice will contain lots of everything - if you use large chunks be prepared to cut them when eating. The water used to par-cook the vegetables is full of flavour. You've got it - use it. A little mint sauce or seed mustard goes well in a lamb roast pie. There is no need to add salt and pepper if you use left over gravy which is seasoned enough - especially if you made it using the roast meat the night before. If you brush milk or water over the pastry before baking it makes it extra golden and crisp.

A few fresh strawberries from the garden for dessert will go down a treat ~ the bush is going nuts due to the rain and heat, so many rosy red berries and they are so sweet. With a scoop of Weiss berry ice-cream and that's a divine finish.

Dishes in the washer and that's it for the evening ~ SmallBoy is in bed, grumbling because its still light out ~ its time to sit with a Baileys and rustle up some chocolate. There must be something chocolate in the pantry ~ there is always some in there, somewhere...

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