Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monday Mayhem

Summer ~ where for art thou?
Believe it or not, it's summer. I keep hearing some parts of NSW have 35 degrees, parts of QLD are sweltering in mid 30 humid temperatures and WA is boiling under hot sun. It's topped at 14 here and the fire had to be started this morning. The house was like an ice-block!

We've avoided turning on the heating ~ much as some savers have avoided turning on the air conditioning ~ and had jumpers, layers of clothing, thick Explorer socks on. I've even had my beanie on to avoid losing body heat - just like a baby! Apparently the weekend is supposed to be warmer and I am really hoping so because Saturday is our Yard Sale. Oh ~ and we sold a dozen eggs. $4 is in our Spare Change Jar for banking! Woo Hoo!!

Starving the Supermarket
It's been another day of no spending. Since having next to nothing for a grocery budget, I have had to be a little creative at times - substituting items I'd regularly use or looking for a lower cost option. The last few days I've looked at what we use and what we could be making from scratch for less. Some things are easy to spot but as we run out of items (like dishwasher tablets - bought several sample boxes last year while 36 for $3 introduction price) what can we do instead?

Breadcrumbs - yesterday I mentioned saving the crusts from bread and crumbing them in the blender. If there isn't enough crusts - adding crushed weetbix or cornflakes helps make the breadcrumbs go further.
Custard powder - eggs, milk, cornflour, sugar, vanilla - when you've got it all why use a packet?
Mint sauce - mint, vinegar, sugar - too easy
Muesli bars - Muesli bites n bars recipe
Paper towel - we use napkins, serviettes or facewashers for hands; old cotton t-shirts or shirts cut to various sizes for drying off things; newspaper for absorption.
Tissues - we use hankies
Cling wrap - lunch-boxes, containers with lids. I have a caterers pack of cling wrap which is 8years old in June every so often it is used on the kids paints.
Dish Tablet - back to the sink wash
Laundry powder - natural alternative like bi-carb and vinegar
Garbage liners - plastic bags (found several dozen during the de-clutter!!)
'Jar' Sauces - no chicken-tonight here
Cleaners - been using our home mix

Now the goal is to see what else we can change. The biscuits, cakes and muffins are already in process ~ although sometimes you cant beat a bought Arnotts Mint Slice biscuit. But its been months since that's been in the house so I might try to make them. Got the recipe, got the ingredients, gotta try it out.

Not much else happening really. There is some Tupperware up on eBay for sale - as always, more coming. Husband has taken some cool pics of some Country Road items which will be up for sale in the next few days - just trying to find the cable to fit the laptop. And all systems are go for the Yard Sale ~ with the advertisement ready to go in! Not sure how much the ad is yet - hopefully its under $20 but somehow I doubt it.

Heading to Melbourne to see Motherhood the Musical tomorrow ~ free tickets and off-peak travel make for some very inexpensive 'me' time. My first outing in I dont know how long! Of course it ties in with a physical check and other timely medical stuff but hey, I am going to the theatre for the first time in years! I can't wait.

So off to bed I go ~
Here's hoping your tomorrow will be as good as mine *cheers*

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