Monday, February 14, 2011

Quick note...

Snuggled under and sleeping in...
Who said you need to be rich to have everything??

Nothing to learn this post ~ nothing to recommend ~ just wanted to share some of the beautiful things we have seen and done this weekend. Didn't spend a cent and we have feasted like kings!
Fridge fun
Sun peeks through

Our special chook
Sitting, chatting
Roses too heavy for the stem
Tanning in the sun
As the weekend ends
It's roast for dinner
And a wee wine to end

Three years ago, Husband bought a case of red wine for $54 ~ it was ok, but not the most brilliant bottle of red ever drunk. Fast forward and this is now a beautiful, rich cab sav. With the moroccan lamb shank on a bed of cous cous, it was a perfect end to a superb weekend. And, as previously mentioned, not a cent was spent the entire weekend...

So what's instore for the week ahead?  What does the ol' horoscope indicate?  SCORPIO (14 February NZ/Australia)
Listen to your intuition and those things that push your buttons, with the Moon doing more than sharpen your instincts before leaving your financial sector today. This is the Moon’s last visit to your financial sector before the South Node arrives in 2 ½ weeks time, beginning the process of moving on from the things that are no longer working, have outlived their time or are holding you back. The Moon is creating an opportunity to get a jumpstart.

Onward and Upward

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