Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Laughing at Motherhood

I have seen the most hysterical musical...
Well it has been a great few days of no-spending, but I had a wee splurge and for the cost of a train ticket to Melbourne, I was fortunate to see a 'spit the dummy' preview of Motherhood the Musical. A 'spit the dummy' session is very much like a cry-baby session at the movies where babies, toddlers and tears are more than welcome. From the mob who brought Menopause the Musical to the stage, this is a cack of a show so many can enjoy. Whether you're a mother, a grandmother or have a mother ~ there are classic lines we've all heard come out of our mothers' mouths - if not our own!!

It was 90 minutes of laughing over swelling ankles, leaking lady bits (and the way lovely, luscious ladies can't laugh, cough, sneeze or dance without a little wee coming out if those pelvic floor exercises aren't maintained - for life) and the joyous moment when the children are finally asleep! Even if it does mean stepping on deadly pieces of Lego or horny dinosaurs in the dark - although with the invention of luminous dinosaurs this is a lessening occurrence!!

The audience had a smattering of babies and toddlers ~ some were almost 'trained' to cry at the most appropriate moments! Word of warning ~ if you do have a wee one adverse to loud noises, it may pay to have earmuffs at hand because there is some mighty fine re-enactments of the noise of labour, the dulcet tone of the average mother screaming organising the kids into the car. Thank goodness I'm good with those aforementioned pelvic floor exercises ~ otherwise I think there would have been a little puddle left on my chair!! 

I must say a big BIG thank you to Dannie who had the free tickets to Motherhood the Musical ~ and also a HUGE thank you for my first store bought cafe latte in almost six months! Oh my - if getting out for a social outing wasn't thrill enough ~ that glorious sip of a freshly brewed glass of roasted bean bliss made the morning just so so special!! Such a simple pleasure some think nothing about enjoying many times during the day. It might sound silly to some but that $4 cuppa was the creamy froth on top!! Who needs cherries?!

One Clever Save
It's easy to understand the benefits of checking what food supplies are at hand, menu planning around those supplies and shop accordingly. By sticking to a shopping list consisting only of required items is a sure way to keep costs down. Doing the same can apply to the way you use the car. Too often appointments are scheduled at different times on different days or in a way which ends up using the car unnecessarily many times a day. 

We've started making appointments to fit around the run to school or can flow into the school pick up. It's helped save on petrol and maintenance ~ as well as saving time, stress and the environment by planning our trips carefully. Combining appointments or working out a route which allows for several things to be done along the way makes for petrol saves. We share the school runs with another family a few times a week ~ we pick up their boys in the morning or drop them home and their folks do the same. Both of us have benefited with savings. Instead of needing to fill the car twice a week, we've been managing on one tank a week to get to and from school each day (about 20km per day), several therapy sessions each week, helping MudGuts with appointments and volunteering. Sometimes it lasts longer than a week which is fantastic!

Carpooling not only saves on the petrol, wear and tear ~ it also helps saves sanity with the increased social interactions. One of the greatest benefits I've gained is the ability to renew friendships of old, left on the sidelines while recovering and the new friendships being built. Not just my friendships but those of SmallBoy and for Husband who has spent most of our regional life working and interacting with workmates in Melbourne. It's been a major strain on his social life not having met many blokes unless it has involved the pub or dinners with other couples.

Another few items sold on eBay has taken $18 off the VISA debt this week ~ very pleased to see that chestnut reducing. Plus it makes a little more space and less clutter with every item sold.

Lunching with love
SmallBoy has been craving a lunch order from the canteen. While $5 for a pie, donut and chocolate milk isn't a great deal ~ its not in the budget. However, in order to become a little more creative than the same old sandwich day after day, I've sent him to school with pikelets, date scones and an extremely popular addition - celery with peanut butter down the centre groove. Tonight I've made the savoury impossible pie (or cheats quiche) and SmallBoy is taking a slice for lunch. Fingers crossed it goes down the same way as the zucchini slice.

Impossible Quiche 
1 cup grated tasty cheese
1 chopped onion
1/2 cup SR flour
4 eggs
3-4 chopped bacon rashers
1 1/2 cups milk
Salt, pepper and herbs to season 
powdered parmesan cheese (optional)

Mix all together well and pour into grease tin
Top with a sprinkling of powdered parmesan and bake 35min at 180c 

Other fillings to add
1 Tuna, chives, parsley
2 Ham, peas, corn
3 Leftover veg, broccoli, cauliflower
4 Bacon, tomato, garlic
5 Asparagus, ham


  1. Thankyou sweetie:-) I bloody had a ball best day i have had in ages really!!!

    You are so down to earth and see we got on so well i cant wait to do this again (oops!) shit my turn to come and see you right lol... my bad :-P xxxxxxx

  2. I want to see that musical .I was going to go with my friend but we got delayed in Sydney.
    You are great to stick to your mission but a little special treat for you is nice too.