Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Tissue, A Tissue...

And we all fall down...

About the only thing staying on track at the moment is the budget ~ although its barely scraping through. Seriously the cost of one tomato was almost $1 and I've heard lettuce being up around the $4 mark. I am truly grateful to have a freezer full of meat, a pantry full of fruits, veg, flour, rice (and other things nice) and a refrigerator with enough to make dinner for this week and into the next.

The yard sale was the flop of the century but I've got over that (now) and we are going to try again to get this up, delaying it a little because I've been in such a negative slothy self defeating kinda mode and needed to chill out, will advertise in the local paper for the last weekend in February and get everything out of the house. Husband is really helping get this going because my mojo walked out and left over the weekend, in protest no doubt. I hope it comes back...

But the only way is up

It's been hard not having cash for frivolities ~ we would usually have gone away for at least a week or two to the Mornington Peninsula during summer holiday time, but its really not been a consideration at all this year. I'm not talking luxury resort escapes - just staying at the old family beach house, it's usually one hundred dollars or so a week (family rate!!) plus food and entertainment but not even possible this year.

So we escaped and aimed for the beach ~ off down to Torquay for a day, to wash away the glumps and soak up some joy. We packed ham and cheese sandwiches, a big bottle of water and another of cordial, a packet of supermarket brand corn chips ($1.79, a bigger bag than the labels and I'm tipping its from the Dorito line!) and set off for a drive. Sat in the sun, splashed in the water and rambled over the rocks!
Point Danger ~ sat and ate here ~ it was beautiful
Of course the car decided over-heating was in order. Grrr ~ all that mechanical work and it is still not running well. Might have to see if anyone on FreeCycle has a car to give away (ha!) ~ unsurprisingly, I won't hold my breath...


Give us a big cheer because we have repaid the NIVA balance and can drop that down to $1000. This adds $2000 back into the LOC ~ woo hoo!! The mortgage payment is due mid week, we've got more than half ready but with the rates also due, it's going to be a juggling act ~ hopefully nothing 'falls' down.

The other expense has been with SmallBoy needing new school shoes ~ usually we'd just buy something from BigW or the local cheap-o store however it has been come obvious he needs orthodontics which are $300 a pair. As this is not in the budget we've taken a less expensive route with some good leather school shoes and a set of inserts which may be enough to help. This will hopefully allow us to pay for SmallBoy's NetBook ~ $155 so he can use an item supplied by the school as a must. He must have this and unless we pay he can't use it. Yeah for the computers in schools programme (not).

Knowing between now and pension day we will have the rates $1108, the NetBook $155, the power payment $50, the mortgage payment $592, the personal loan payment $336, Home Insurance $63, the mobile phones $100 all due before the 18th and $1836 to draw on ~ there's no shopping for groceries for a week or two and it's all about making do. So we've reviewed the pantry, fridge and freezer contents to come up with the following menu plan for the fortnight.

Sunday - roast beef and veggies; Monday - pie with leftovers; Tuesday - Omelettes; Wednesday - Roast Potatoes with Chilli Beef; Thursday - Pasta; Friday - Veggie Burgers; Saturday - Veal; Sunday - Roasted Lamb Shanks; Monday - Pasta; Tuesday - Leftover Pie; Wednesday - Chicken Curry; Thursday - Vegetable Pasties; Friday - Egg and chips; Saturday - Turkey and Barley casserole; Sunday - Fish Curry.

School lunches are relatively fine - I'll need to go to the Salvos for some bread, maybe some vegetables if they have any available. There's 3litres of milk and I will make up powdered milk for cooking. There's a packet of Anzac biscuits in the pantry and SmallBoy can take tinned fruit once the fresh stuff has run out. I've got enough stuff to make muesli bars, brownies, fruit pastries and other yummy snacks or desserts as needed and wanted even!

The only item which may need to be delayed is SmallBoy's NetBook - but hopefully only for a fortnight if school is unwilling to provide some leeway on the rules being put into place for the first time. Failing that, it will only be the fortnight, he'll have it before the month is out.

Ending with some more self indulgence ~ yes its a poem, but this could be a song. I wonder if it is worth investigating how one submits pieces for musicians or bands to review. Wouldn't that be awesome to have words added to music and become lyrics for a hit song?!  Ahhh ~ always dreaming...

~ A Lovers' Tale ~ by Mands!

Always the one to see the sun
When the rain is falling down
Never so glum or bereft is the one
That can smile instead of frown

Nothing's as harsh as the whip of the bark
And a person who says they're a friend
Really it shows when the loneliness grows
Everything comes out true in the end

Listen my dear for the words are quite clear
Little voices are telling the truth
Everyone knew except me and you
And the angels were giving you proof

Never to late to accept your fate
Doesn't matter if you can't forget
Just another sublime in the midst of a rhyme
And not acting will cause you regret

So look back on the past with a message that lasts
Over time all wounds are healed
Never expect that your friends had left
True friendships and love have been sealed

For the message within only now can begin
You know you can only change you
It is time to move on with a whistle and song
Lovers quarrels can bring love anew

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