Sunday, February 27, 2011

Summarising Stuff on Sunday

Oh yay ~ I ventured inside a supermarket!
And I got to spend some money ~ milk, meat, bakery and more! Shopping between the two major supermarkets I was able to walk away with four full bags of groceries to add some variety to the week's dinners and lunches.

Using a $20 voucher received from Coles as part of a gift pack from the Salvation Army at Christmas, I picked up 4litres of fruit juice $5, 3litres of milk $3, 700g of chicken thighs $5.39, 1kg of bananas (5) $5.70, 2 cantelope $2.50, 250g Lettuce mix $1.23, 6 cinnamon donuts .90c, 4 marinade sachets .40c and 200g crunchy sprouts .99c - total paid was $5.11

Popping past the other supermarket I scavenged around the meat section and found 8 peppered beef steaks (1.5kg) $8.05 and 8 turkish rolls $6 so picking up marked down produce and putting it straight into the freezer means we have several meat dinners to enjoy in the weeks ahead. We had some of the chicken for dinner in a mango/curry type sauce with salad and leftovers will be for lunch tomorrow in a roll. Yummy!!

The week ahead
The menu did change a little this week - the roast we were going to have tonight is now for tomorrow so the food plan is as follows:
Monday ~ roast beef and vegetables; leftover chicken in rolls for lunch
Tuesday ~ roast beef and vegetable pasties; salad and crackers for lunch
Wednesday ~ pasta with a tomato/herb sauce; should be enough pasties leftover, otherwise sandwiches
Thursday ~ egg and chips; sandwiches for lunch
Friday ~ savoury mince in turkish rolls with salad and chips; not sure about lunch
Saturday ~ dinner with Mum in Melbourne
Sunday ~ spaghetti bolognes 

There's a cinnamon donut each day for SmallBoy's lunchbox and his choice of cantelope, banana, apples or strawberries for fruit snacks. Plus I am making muesli bites with the crushed bits from the bottom of a few packets and making something out of one of the left over Christmas cakes. It's the first one coming up to its best before date, so waste not - want not!!

Only one medical appointment requiring payment this week ~ the myotherapy sessions are relieving and helping me move more freely so its $50 out of the budget but its valuable in my rehabilitation. Hydrotherapy sessions are still available on my 'exercise therapy' card so I don't need to pay for another month for those and walking each day will help build up strength in my legs again - especially the right side which is 'struggling' to regain some movement. At least I don't need to use the cane so much any more - just when its raining or if I am feeling tired or a little wobbly on my feet.

More eBay items coming, another giveaway coming this week and a special freebie for a few followers in the Ballarat area ~ if you know anyone in Ballarat, please ask them to follow along and maybe they will be one of six people to receive one of these freebies. Loving the feedback and looking forward to seeing more submissions for the Coles 'We Love Pets' pack being given away. The cats are certainly enjoying tasting the treats so I am sure other dogs and cats will love this too! Head over to FaceBook to leave your message or pop your pet's hints in the comment section below.

Things are looking less cluttered, more in order and a heck of a lot tidier so something is going right around the house for once! Keep your fingers crossed Husband gets one of the jobs he has applied for and any donations to the Treasure Chest or Spare Change Jar are appreciated greatly. It should be an interesting update tomorrow on the budget and debt payments ~ it actually feels like we are staying on track and not falling behind further for the first time in a long time. That alone is a huge relief and great stress reducer!! 

Until tomorrow...

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