Tuesday, May 31, 2011

24 More Sleeps ~


And I do apologise for the intermittent posts...

It takes a lot to hold a garage sale but I am pleased to say THE Garage Sale Of The Century has reaped $470. There's our petrol money!! Feeling quite euphoric about taking all the coins to the bank and cashing them in for notes. People are still coming past and buying the more 'expensive' items like the washing machine, the lounge, the beds, fridges...

We are now in the packing down stages of the move ~ and it seems to be going remarkably smooth at this time. The garage sale has been the point of 'end' - from here we are going through the stuff and prioritising. 

By Thursday we will have the linen, laundry and bathroom packed - only 'required' items will be left for use over the next few weeks. By Wednesday, SmallBoy has to have only 5 toys in his room and, because Wednesday is a student free day, he and I will pack for storage, pack for taking and pack for the Salvos or trash.

By Friday we will identify all the repairs required and my Dad is coming up with his tradies truck and will help with plastering, painting, doors and the roof.

The weekend will see another of SmallBoy's mates over to play while Husband & I will focus on the spare room declutter. Dreading the office - that will be next week - with the lounge, dining and alcove area being clears as per 'required items only'

How expensive?

For the past two weeks the ONLY shopping has been milk, cat food, toilet paper, drinking water, petrol, bills - most paid out or in credit, too weird! Taking everything from the pantry & freezer - because the mini freezer is going to be sold, one of the fridges too. We'll only keep one in storage. And the shopping has been either as a mystery shop or using a voucher redeemed from surveys. Fingers crossed the two $100 vouchers arrive before we leave because that's petrol or setting up the pantry money!

Already we have planned our route to QLD to match up a few mystery shops at supermarkets so it covers our expenses on the road and allows us to have lunches and snacks covered in the budget. I feel better than frugal and will blog our successes.

Getting through the contents of the pantry & freezer - an oxtail casserole for dinner tonight - a $5 meal from the freezer because everything was bought on mark-down and frozen. Eating down the contents of the cupboards is requiring some creativity now - have no idea what to do with some of the tinned fruits. Trying a 'kind of' pudding with cherries - should be interesting...

Hubby was gob-smacked the other day seeing three lamb shanks on 'sale' for $15 - thats $5 each! We pay $1 for ours from the Halal butcher, but we've heard the prices have doubled of late. Still $2 vs $5 is still a big difference when you want 4 shanks for each meal.

Have a great evening ~ we are going to rest well tonight ~ hope you do too :D

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