Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cars, Caravans and Chaos...

I think that says of it all...

Today has been a very action packed (and rather expensive) day leap-frogging the move mayhem into moving fast-forward. The 'good' car was dragged up onto a flat tray truck (thanks Cliff) and taken to Ballarat's Holden Commodore specialist - Recomm - to get the engine replaced and all the bits and bobs required to get it back on the road. If all goes how we hope, the car might have to named Jimmy in recognition of its 'saviour'. This bloke has been trying to help get the car back on the road for years, waiting for us to be in a position to afford repairs ~ thanks for your patience and dedication!  

Sounds like an ad, but you don't get that sort of dedication much now days - do you? So it needs to be said. Truly refreshing ot have great customer service and ~ if that carries through to the mechanical service ~ our car will seem brand new.  Cant wait to see if this ends in smiles when we head to VicRoads next week. Still ~ $650 on engine paid ~ and a few more repair and installation expenses to come.

Sadly (but not unexpectedly) we have had to buy a load of wood for the fire because it is so darn cold at the moment. Already we are hitting the 5C-6C's over night. It's 17C currently in our 'new' town ~ we're not even getting that warm during the day.  No wonder these poor bones hurt!!

Looking for a travelling abode still - going more for the wind up/stick out side canvas than the all up and enclosed traditional van. Better on the petrol expenditure that comes with a full caravan. Not sure if lower on the initial outgoings tho' yet. Ideally we can keep caravan costs under $3000 ~ which seems achievable.


Having problems with laptop - its slow and clunky. It's probably a good thing ~ otherwise I'd be rabbitting on at 100wpm about how exciting this is, how much I am looking forward to meeting our 'saviours' from this cold cold town and more mumbo jumbo blabberings.

Planning the route - at least we know Coffs Harbour is one likely stop ~ its a start!

Bed time ~ morning will be here before we know it and there is a lot to do :D

Chat tomorrow my friends


  1. I only just read your post :-( dont go lol... when ? come back and take me hehehe ... bugger i thinks you are gonna miss my big 40th bash next month darn it xxx

  2. hey mands... so moved by your courage, have made a small contribution to your move fund xx much hugs ya awesome woman, seeya monday for some reiki vibes!!
    kim H