Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Moving State on a Non-Existent Budget


Could be seen to be quite a silly notion by some...

I am very grateful to not have had the misfortune to not have had the pleasure of discussing our plans with the nay-sayers *grins* All our family, friends and dear loved ones certainly are on our side ~ understanding the why, why now, why not's we know this move will do for us ~ and our dear loved ones know they are going to be mightily missed physically only until the next time we or they visit.

SmallBoy has shown enormous acceptance, resilience and excitement about the adventure in the actualities of a move north ~ even the cull is something he sees as being an opportunity of a simple, clean start supported by strength of family and those very good, loving friends he has cheering him on. Most of the younger cheers come seeking either a place to stay in the warmth, near the sea, to play for a week or so in the holidays, or with that little tinge of 'wish we could do what you're doing'

MudGuts is still processing the information ~ more the fact we won't be around the corner to be ignored any more. We'll be further away and not around the corner should the need of help, care or comfort zone security blanket value be required. He is almost 21 ~ he doesn't realise we have a car waiting for him to be licensed and if he could have this by his 21st, bonus - otherwise it is there for Christmas and a flight for his 21st. 

More appointments with him over the next weeks to help him maintain the positive outcomes, deal with those perceived as negative, address the fears, provide information to him and update specialists, doctors, mental health professionals involved. And MrCentrelink for a heck of a lot of 'stuff' - that's a process hey!? Both Nana's see it as a good, growing move for their oldest grandson. We all go 'gulp' and get ready to hang on...

What are we doing??

And how many ways can you express that sentence to convey so many different messages!!??

'What are we doing' getting rid of absolutely everything? Its been talked about, planned, wished for so many times before so many moves over more than a decade the moment is NOW to actually do what has become a mammoth task. Once done - never need to again... 

The magazines, the jars, the newspapers - all cleaned for all the home made stuff 'gonna' be made before surgery stopped it all, kept because it would happen - out for freecycle, then dumper. If someone comes, takes it - bonus, its still gone. If it is too personal, contains 'numbers' or has memories no longer wanted or carried through to our future ~ we'll burn it.

Ruthless, fearless, release, be free of 'it' forever...

'What are we doing' going where we know no-one to a place we've never been to a house we've not been to owned by people we don't know who are leaving for an unknown guaranteed period of time??!! You know - even reading that I feel the adventure that should come with the "we won't die wondering why we didn't do it" decisions. Says it all really.

No more waiting for 'when we can' or thinking about 'if only'

'What are we doing' for a future? To those staying behind? About work opportunities? For income for all the 'stuff' in life? ~ gee there are a lot of questions but the biggest has been 'How are we doing this' with several messages defined by tone. It's not cheap but we think we've done it the most cost effective way possible.

'What are we doing' about the house? The chooks? The cats? School for SmallBoy? Care for MudGuts? Ideally with having someone we trust with our home - our primary residence and not just 'a house' - the mortgage side of our expenses are covered for at least two years. Not charging much more than our payments and we've managed on pension payments and savings over the years. IF the chickens 'come with the house' or not - we have avenues to give them new homes. The school is sorted and the care stuff is in process as we speak. 

The cats are coming ~ be it immediately or with a wee 'stop' at MILs and flown up if a better option. They are acclimatising to knowing the cupboard with some jumpers of ours as warmth to be their new 'outside bed' and do that whole 'pecking' order of which shelf for which jumper to which cat. This will change with the weather no doubt. It is my almost perfect to know the cats will be fully outside, not this in and out habit it seems to have become ~ in the 'zero' temperatures, its not fair they freeze like cattle...

Keeping a Tally

Only because I think I need to have a really good way to keep on track and accountable. It's not going to be cheap but we've only got about $5000 to do this and no caravan or car capable of towing one at this moment. If our solar panels can be transferred to another residence, even another name then we've got an additional $1000 deposit possibly refunded on thsoe - if not, investment to the solar industry...

The station-wagon has had a 'new / change-over' engine purchased ($650) and replaced, now running over for roadworthy ($550) ~ although there may be a new bits to replace/rectify for registration and the VicRoads inspection. Hopefully to be registered and the job can be done/finished this week and (even better) come in under $2000-$2500 - because we might also need to get some brake system if we get a pop-top or larger van to tow. Still only got a trailer/camper type budget - and there are some decent looking ones around the top end of our budget...

We will have whatever comes at tax time to start up in QLD as payment into the Line Of Credit for a buffer against mortgage payments while our 'tenants' get all their bizzo set up. I know she'll be right, but when someone close is involved you worry about that 'expectation of a little leniency' you know you have in transition over flow. Oh I just want a buffer of a month or two.

There is the option to get an 'advance' payment which is about $1500 all up but deducted incrementally for six months leaving us with about $400pw; but adds an extra month, so there can be that first month hiccup covered if required. And to appease my poor brain, settle my nervous financial nerves. Adding $200 a fortnight with the family payment will keep this ahead if all transacts smoothly. At mental ease having that out there ~ even if it makes no sense to anyone but me it makes sense. 

At this stage, sort of in my head I know the mortgage will have a buffer of a month and a half ($1500), the Line of Credit will be receiving our $200pf as well as $1000pm in. Using the reduced disability and carer income only, we will have about $450 per week from June. This is food, petrol, bills, whatever other fees, expenses of changeover required.

Still hoping a few services can simply transfer across states - like the internode internet/phone package. Hoping the "Helstra" saga of disconnection does not $c?#% this up or make it expensive and difficult. Stuff like finally getting rid of 'MS Games' subs and get back $10pm to the budget. I don't know - each as they come and once organised, on to the next is the way I am getting through it all. Semi prioritised in as best way possible ~ it will all get done as it does...

Solar Savings : $5200
Plus 'carport $1 sale': $170
Now Hello QLD Acct: $5370

-$60 : Towing to Recomm 
-$650 : Changeover engine
-$650 : Installation & work to RW
-$299 : Bloody big skip bin

Spend: $1660

Hello QLD Acct : $3700

Needing to keep another $200 on hand for the skip removal and weight charge. All up it is going to be $426.62 ~ so still got $127.60 at least to go. The car rego is up to $450 with appt fees ~ ideally this will give the car an ZYX end rego. We think a trailer or pop up van rego will be $120ish. Plus there is about $1000 *assigned* to getting it passed for rego to go through OK. Over the next few weeks that's $1700 'needed' from the account ~ $2000 for a camp trailer is more the budget at this stage.

We plan to have a garage sale over the weekend ~ this one where we get rid of a fridge (not for $1!!), motorbikes, tables, wardrobes and an unbelievable amount for coins. Not caring about the whole profit money making but ensuring items go on for use, stay out of the skip as rubbish weight and maybe we cover the cost of this Mothers' Day present. Or aim for the higher limit of the engine expenses!

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  1. So exciting! Are you really getting excited yet or are you still in "this is what has to be done" mode???