Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Here we go again

You know that feeling...?

Up down, Up down ~ well I really want UP not down. And you know it is getting rather cold here ~ this is hurting me more and more. Having those days here I am struggling to get up ~ much is the metal in the back and the withdrawal from pain medication but Jeez Louise another western Victoria winter is going to be a real drain. Especially having missed out on summer (thanks Mother Nature!)

So we are moving. North. In a few weeks!!  Holy Toledo Ballarat-Man! We've said we would ~ we've planned to go ~ and suddenly we are! On a shoe-string budget but it is all on. What's more - no rent required. Helping out the most lovely couple enjoy their retirement dreams and we are looking after a furnished home, maintaining the garden and taking care of the property while they travel the country! It means we get to save, have SmallBoy in a school for a long term - not just dragging him from place to place, school to school like others I know have - give us all somewhere stable and allow us to discover the area we would like to settle into in a few years. 

SmallBoy is keen, MudGuts is staying. That's going to be a scary notion ~ hopefully mental health services will finally pull its finger out and provide him the support we have been screaming for him for years.

Creepy crawlie little beetles...
We've decided to cancel the solar panels ~ my 'dirty little budget secret' is we have had $6000 waiting for the panels' installation due to be this month. This would have cleared a whack of debt, fixed the car or been spent had it not been locked away and being added to over the past six months - it was our $4000 tax return plus savings since July - little bits at a time to ensure we hit the $6k mark to allow a discount of $1000 on an $9000 system. 

We paid $1k up front and risk losing it - but ce la vie - especially as we can get this back IF we find someone to take up the contract. But we are unlikely to succeed this option unless MIL can have her new place located in a month. Or someone in the region says 'we'll take over your contract Mands' in a few weeks.

However, the cash is the reason we can get the station wagon repaired and 'invest' in a pop-up caravan. More economical on the petrol costs.  It was almost going to cost half the 'solar savings' to get an engine for the station wagon ~ the first quote was $3200. But, a few days of searching and haggling I've found a changeover engine for $650 and it should cost about the same to get it in the car, other work to be at road worthy and then whatever registration costs...

The next few weeks will be the packing, the throwing, the down-sizing. Already the wardrobes have been 'claimed', one of the tables has been sold, the couch is 'bags-ed' and we will be selling one fridge/freezer, 2000 items of clothes (actually only 1900 now - sold $170 worth on Sunday). Half the kitchen stuff will go and we are spending NOTHING on food for a fortnight to get everything down in the pantry. 

Sure, tinned carrots, peas, potatoes - all go great in a casserole! We've got turkey, mince, chicken, mince, beef, mince, lamb, mince, pork and, you guessed it, mince to get through. We'll use the garage for storage and ship that up when we get our own place. In a few years!

But its late - the excitement has been exhausting - the future is full of panic, fear, thrills and change but most importantly - warmth!! My doctors' say this is the best thing for recovery and should allow me back to work within 18-24 months ~ two years ahead of schedule ~ only part time but heck to be using my skills again!! Too cool for school!!

Time for bed people ~ let me fill you in on more over the next few days. Sunny North Queensland ~ hahaha and a big Yee-Haa!! Its somewhere along here ~ 15mins from the water, where the Great Barrier Reef begins ~ too darn cool.


  1. Wow - what an adventure you have ahead of you ! Looking forward to hearing more.

  2. Good luck with the move. Sounds very exciting.

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhh and only 4hrs to Brissy (where I reside) yipee!

    Whatcha doin with your house in Ballarat Mands renting it?

    Let me tell you I am sitting here with all windows open and front door open (screen door closed) in a summery dress, bare legs and sandals at 9am. Yesterday was 27 degrees and divine!

    Such exciting news eh what!



  4. Ahhh Kimmie ~ that's just what the doctor orders! Warm me bones. Actually we might pop in on the way through - if your up for visitors :D

    It is all very very excitement!! And chaotic!!