Sunday, May 8, 2011

Best Gift A Mother Can Get...

Happy Mothers' Day to all the Mothers ~
Those who are Mothers, Had Mothers, Have Been Mothers ... May there have been sunshine in your day if you do that kind of thing...

We've just got back from a weekend in Melbourne's inner and bayside areas ~ the majority of time was spent with family from both sides - catch up for Mothers Day with the mums. There were token gifts given to the 'Nannas'. It was more about 'family' ~ we stayed with Husband's Mum Friday night, and enjoyed a delicious dinner around the dinner table. Saturday was two nephews first birthdays which gets all my 'side' together - yea hah?! It was a great kid party, awesome to see near all my family together and it was very happy, chatty kinda get-together. Good fun.

Dinner with a girlfriend of ours (SlateyChickie) and her cool hubby and gorgeous (sweetie, darling) girls. Stayed at my Mums - had pikelets for brekkie and home again, home again ~ no jiggity, but let chooks out, collected eggs - half a dozen! good gerls. We've been nice to cats, given them some extra cuddles and food and now all the Sunday afternoon blah blah you need to catch up on. 

Its Mothers Day ~ hope you're having a good one. 

As with most of the commercial holidays we seem to 'enjoy' ~ "Mothers' Day" type days are used to set a date to be met to celebrate being able to purchase something needed . . . like coordinating the delivery of (say) chickens - best "mothers day" present 4-5 years ago. Or the water tank arriving just/before after dads day and put a picture of it beside his morning cuppa with delivery due 'on Wednesday'.

This mothers day I am getting a commitment from my boys to undertake ruthless culling of non necessities - and a 15m dumper-bin to put it all in. The bin has been paid for already with one additional week of 'service'. This is being delivered on Monday morning (tomorrow) for all the junk, rubbish to be 'gathered'. Its a real ruthless cull of 'sort, sell, store or scrap' 

Yeah Sita ~ "Stuff Is Taken Away"!! Perfect 'timing' ~ and what mum wouldn't love a mothers day gift which goes for two weeks and ends in every last piece of cr£p be gone, taken away, not just moved to another place to be dealt with another day?!? And at about only *exactly* $426.62 is what it costs to give, including *free* labour and (in)assurance of a job well done. I know I can count on SITA hauling the skip away, and count on SmallBoy with his broken leg to clear out his room 'clutter' and Husband to work through the garage so I can pack down the house into boxes for storage in there.
Best ever 'Mothers Day' present - after the chickens...

3/4 size initial compromise
We're up to $1100 on the car repair to have the engine changed over, a few minor works to ensure running - still under budget, but we dont yet know what is required for road worthy & rego, hoping only $1000-$1500 more and allow us a little more for the pop top van budget (please!!) as the middle way point of portable accommodation on wheel compromise.  
More in budget ~ but older type range
None of the options are what you would really call caravans in that type we all remember from our child-hoods. It will be lower on the petrol, ideally we will be staying with friends along the way up with inside spare rooms each night and only need trailer space and at the moment it is all about the budget. We are looking forward to this helping reduce ours and aid health, 

But at the moment it looks like we have a camper trailer type budget to work with at best. It's a case of the 3/4 size caravan vs a pop-top (attaching a rack to enable taking our queen mattress) now down to one we put our mattress in/on, the top rises to a small upright tent with annex room structure needing a few pegs to secure and store items to come to QLD under the mattress base, giving us the rear of the station wagon and level 'queen-size' trailer of space as what we can take. 
A truly 'ideal' ~ if really lucky...
I had the chance to look back to the start of this blog ~ that Front Page type of first post you write when you start writing about your aims, the plans or 'Mission' you are setting out on, what you hope to achieve... Truly we have come far from that October last year when it all felt a bit cold, stark and overwhelming on a negative. Nothing has been mind-blowingly amazing like saving $10k and halving the debt ~ more lots of little chips and changes, extra payments on debts and little adds to the savings, negotiation and compromises, smart decision and purchases.

But it is a long way from the first blog post when you remember where we started our Mission and compare it to where we are now about to make that move to Queensland - and into the region we had originally chosen for ourselves to introduce ourselves into state. It might be 3-4 years behind schedule but I can read that entry and see the history leading to the moment - to the here and now and where we are going with so much more confidence, opportunity and experiences to gain. Brilliant!!

Got a lot to do before we get to Qld and only 8 weeks to do it in! 

Looking for Whiskers cat food under $1 this week - have a $10 mystery shop coming up so we have an 'extra $10' in the budget this week. With a $21 or less 'limit' while we eat down the pantry, etc ~ I get the 'looking for sorbent' on special this week/next week type of shopping - we were having a chat on Simple Savings about keeping things 'less' or 'low'. Fingers crossed someone has it at 79c again soon and at the supermarket of my 'shop'.

Time for me to go ~ back in the next day or two.
Oi vie it does begin :D


  1. Happy Mothers Day gorgeous!

    If a mini skip floats ya boat then I am all for it hehehehe ;]



  2. you are so inspirational mandy... love ya work, love ya never say die commitment to life... but damn if i won't miss ya!! Kim H xx

  3. The special girls ~

    To the QLD one ~ took a bloody big skip to float this little sailor!!

    To the 'Rat one ~ gonna really miss you love ~ it was all just starting to get fun. You've seen me through a lot - more than I can actually remember from some of those 'medicated' years of recovery. Feeling like I am getting to know you like a good friend starts to know another. *cheers*