Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Achievement: Welcome to the dumper bin to take the stuff away...

Would never have thought something like this could make me soooo excited *cheers*

Had problems with the Blogger yesterday - so this is the one that didn't post:
Today we welcome the (extremely much more bigger than we thought) dumper bin with the walk in door thing so we don't need to throw over a 'side' ~ oi vie this is definitely a huge 'gift' and the same price as the one we chose so - that's a bonus. All it needed was a big bow on the side and I would have cried with glee!!

The purpose is more than just to clear up for putting all our stuff in storage ~ this whole purge has been coming over the past ten years and interrupted by surgery. Nay ~ delayed by focussing on health for a few years over monetary rewards. 

Ultimately by sacrificing the need for the "materialistic" reward, Husband and I have grown closer together, more united and stronger for each other, the boys, ourselves. More value to be able to accept, deal with and iform stronger connections to continue this journey together than have the 'best job', with the best fa├žade, weakest outcome.

The Frugalista's 23rd Psalm
The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not shop.
For yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of goodies
I shall spend no money,
For surely I have enough STUFF to last me all the days of my life!

At long last, those final few little Bonds romper-suits up to 21 years of age are going. May they help another and hold as they have for my two boys. Almost every item with a hole, a tear is going. The fire will help destroy some of the more personal papers but all the papers from the past two decades is going. I found a letter advising me I'd not successfully got a job from way back in the 90s. Took a pic - tossed it out. Lots of documents relating to templates, admin business practices, superseded legislation all to go. 

Over the past week - I've had some amazing horoscope predictions ~ each one finding a way to result in something better or more appropriate than the previous. My favourites were:
SCORPIO (29 April NZ/Australia) ~ As much as the Moon may want you to focus on your personal life today Jupiter and Mars, the planets of luck and of passion, drive and ambition have other ideas. Jupiter and Mars begin their first alignment in your work sector since 1975 and it comes just when with one last push you're going to achieve the breakthrough that you have been so close to since this time last month. This time, with one last push you'll be on your way, with nothing holding you back.
SCORPIO (07 May NZ/Australia) ~ When it comes to your financial situation or your money game keep your ear to the ground, listening to your instincts and your intuitive responses, especially when it comes to a better understanding of the past. It’s the Moon’s alignment with the South Node in your financial sector, just 2 weeks before the Sun is due to arrive, that will be giving you a chance to clear the air and get things up to speed before moving on.

But I do like todays offering ~ I read it as still showing we are taking the better option offering a better gain in the future, it's been rather interesting: 
SCORPIO (09 May NZ/Australia) ~ With Mars leaving your work sector in 2 days time and Venus and Mercury in a week from today, there is a new sense of urgency kicking in, especially now any roadblocks are behind you or you at least know what you're dealing with. Continue to work within your capabilities, without playing the superhero, working smarter rather than harder. Look for ways you can accomplish what you need to, with your available resources.

Can you see it follows the softly, slowly My Cheeky Monkey approach we've used over the recovery only this time it has a defined deadline or action date of 30 June/1 July.

And you if you need to take a moment and enjoy a full on belly laugh ~ have a look at the link below. Its a YouTube link but the best animal maaster interaction with the dog's 'voice' exactly as you could imagine a dog talking - laughing still and I've watched it a dozen times :D


  1. What a dumper bin!!! Wow-ee!!! That is soooo good - I just feel so excited for you!

  2. Wowee- what a bin! I am just so excited for you!!!!