Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Looking for the Good Stuff

I love a good 'find'...

And I'd love to say I had a day with no spending but with the chiropractic session (or should that have been waste of an hour being spoken to like I have no idea how the spine works and the issues I am facing) at a cost of $90 ~ sadly not. What a waste of time and money - not even a little bit of relief provided yet is cost a bomb. If someone would like to reimburse me for that, we'll gratefully accept any contributions.

Especially as I have now the need to return to my doctor and get another referral for further 'work'. I might just get the x-rays for reference to show another therapist what is the current status of my back and work with issues and tensions as I know them to be. OK ~ maybe he is being over-efficient, over-cautious - but to charge a non-refundable on information being provided just seems a little rich for me...

So it is off to the 'Purple Door' to see an Osteopath about a Care Plan and a Reiki practitioner about some acupuncture. It's never easy to find the right person who 'fits' with your body, mind and soul quickly ~ but we will get there *smiles*

It's been another beautiful day ~ we 'Mexicans' (as we Victorians from 'south of the other border) get called are being very careful in the sun, making sure SmallBoy has sunscreen on each morning and a roll-on bottle which he as proved he is using because I've had to fill it up already. *cheers* Both Husband and I also put on our sunscreen ~ although I do try to get 10-15mins in the morning sun before covering up to keep up the Vitamin D and ensure my skin is not too fragile when the sun gets hotter over the spring/summer months.

SmallBoy loves pie ~ we love this one used the leftovers

Must scoot ~ writing tonight and I've got the mojo for poetry again.  Keep safe, eat well and enter our UukyBearub competition soon. Details are available on the previous posts. 

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