Sunday, July 31, 2011

Oh Woe ~ No Get Up and Go...

A new day in Queensland dawns bright and warm... 
Too many 5am starts has made Mands a very tired chickie...

Actually, I am a little bit stressed. And I've got a cold. Moving across the continent (well up the continent) was always going to be an exercise and play havoc on my back, but we took it slow, stopped often and tacked a few extra days to keep the actual travelling hours around 4-5hrs each day with two full rest days en-route.

The issue is more the lack of continuity of medical care and therapy referrals. I honestly thought with xrays, doctors' reports and an ongoing 'Care Plan' it would be easy to get things going for some therapy - osteo and pain management at least. But no. The doctor here keeps asking me to find out from Medicare what service codes I've already used and I am getting confused as he says the numbers Medicare provides me with can't be right and check again. Might have to put my foot down, possibly get his nose out of joint and tell him he can do it much more effectively than I.

Teddy has settled in rather well 
And the chiropractor I saw to at least attempt a little relief first told me he could not touch me without current xrays. I thought 'Good, you should be wanting to see where things are at' but then he justified the request by saying it was so he could not be sued if he did something wrong. $90 ~ and being told it was not possible I had both a fusion and a laminectomy.  The second appointment was spent watching a training video on chiropractics and explaining my xrays to me (yes, I do have both a fusion and a laminectomy) but he's never seen a back and neck so bad he feels he can't give me relief or help without putting himself in standing to be sued if he stimulates an injury. Another $75 and no relief.  Is Australia really that far down the 'I am going to sue' trail?

So that was $165 we could not afford to spend with no pain relief or actual work done. I really didn't need a lesson in chiropractics - especially one that didn't result in a certificate or something. No ~ a tax invoice doesn't cut it... *sighs*

New Beginnings In Our New Backyard

While we house-sit here in sunny Queensland, we are able to set up a vegetable garden to help us keep costs down and allow the owners to return to their own veggie patch. Taking up a long term house sit does not suit many people because they want to travel and stay in a region for a short term while holidaying on the cheap.

For us it means our mortgage can be paid with extra payments being made daily, I won't cry through another Ballarat winter as the bones and fusion continue to knit, we can finally achieve our dream wish of living in Queensland (albeit 4yrs after the planned move) and actually save a little money while experiencing a better quality of life. For the home owners it has meant they have reliable people looking after their home, ensuring the insurance requirements are fulfilled and their pets and plants don't die.  For our tenants it means they get a bargain price rental on a half acre block with chickens and an established veggie area to boot. Win-Win-Win

One thing I must learn is the ins and outs of tropical plants. There are so many here I have little experience with and, aside from worrying about over/under watering, I don't really know if there are any particular habits I need to get into to ensure they all stay healthy and flourishing. So far I've met a few giant critters in the garden ~ honestly, the cockroaches don't worry me at all and they are not inside so no drama. The giant grass-hopper took me by surprise but I got some great pictures of it . . . before the bloody cat decided it would make a tasty, crunchy afternoon snack. I have been advised the cane beetles will be a sight to see in the summer.

Not seen a single cane toad, spider or snake as yet ~ so long as the spiders remain in hiding I can cope with the others. Must admit I am not missing the huntsmans or other black crunchies invading the Ballarat bush ~ but I do miss those dear friends left behind in the snow and cold. I try hard not to mention I am sunburnt...

The Week Ahead

I've got the menu planned, plus three mystery shops for the week ~ two involve food and one involves wine which will be a terrible strain! *not*  All things going well, my doctors' and surgeon's reports will come through and I can get some work done on my neck and back. Headaches will kick in very soon - I already feel the niggle. Knowing that could happen, I've done this week's menu and put it on the fridge so Husband can step in at any time without needing to think or get extra ingredients. Oh I am so efficient at the moment. May it last.


Sunday ~ Roast Lamb & Veg ($2 per head)
Monday ~ Roast Lamb & Veg pie ($2 per head)
Tuesday ~ Spaghetti bolognese & salad ($2 per head)
Wednesday ~ Fritatta ($1 per head)
Thursday ~ Camp Oven Chicken ($1.50 per head)
Friday ~ Tuna Mornay ($1 per head)
Saturday ~ Home made Pizza ($2 per head)
Sunday ~ Roast Chicken ($1.50 per head)

Today Husband & the SmallBoy have been running around, shooting nerf guns, giggling and squealing like two little girls ~ then I hear my husband laugh, deep & full, and remember this is what genuine times we have had enjoying simple things. Love it.

And with that memory I shall hit the doona and go to sleep. Fingers crossed I'll sleep until about 7am because, like I said at the start, these 5am starts are doing my head in!

As always ~ any contributions or offerings to Mands On A Mission are received with many thanks and put toward our debt and nothing else. If you've got something you think could help us achieve our goal please - check out the Spare Change Jar, the Treasure Chest or drop us a message via the blog. All those 10c found at the side of the road and spun our way help in more ways than you can possibly imagine.

Hubby aims - and shoots ~ we are loving the evenings


  1. Hi neighbor ;]

    So pleased that you are back blogging, I have missed you dearly.


  2. Glad to be back Kimmie ~ missed you to love. Im trying to revamp the blog a little but keen to keep it all about lowering the debt, savings, smart tips and such.