Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday ~ sadness, strangers and savings

Today, many members of the website Simple Savings gave support to a member who lost her little girl by releasing pink balloons, lighting pink candles or finding pink flowers ~ Amelia Grace was born sleeping this week and the flow of love on the website for heaven's newest angel, her mummy and family has been unbelievable, sincere and so heartfelt. 

Yes, there is extreme sadness for so many at this time but to see an entire forum be redesigned for a few days as a tribute, to have 'strangers' sharing the sorrow they feel for a member most know only as 'Mrs Wez', supporting each other and expressing such kindness and love ~ it is wonderful to realise there is still some true beauty in people in this scary, crazy world.

The Simple Savings forum ~ changed to pink while we mourn

I am proud to have association with Simple Savings ~ its not always about the money (lack or better management of) ~ but it is always about the people who participate, contribute and support each other in many of life's struggles, trials and adventures. 

If you do want to become a member of Simple Savings, click the banner link below or HERE and remember to mention Mands sent you. It's worth it - for so many reasons...

Competition Reminder:  If you have a look at yesterday's post for details, you can win yourself a lovely plush koala and EukyBearub (valued at $40) ~ let your friends know, have them follow the blog or FaceBook to be eligible for a small "Thank You" draw. More details tomorrow.


  1. A beautiful tribute Mands for ~Amelia Grace~ I will keep her mother in my thoughts and prayers.
    I wrote a post yesterday on how we can help when a baby dies and what Simple savings did is incredible.

  2. Thanks Trish ~ I am going to try to get a screen print to show what SS did for Amelia's memory so others can see. It really is beautiful