Sunday, July 24, 2011

Money Saving Markets...

All it takes is sticking to the list ~ and adhering gaffer tape or some other sealant across the mouths of 11yo boys who want this, need that and plead for those as well... *sighs*

SmallBoy was reasonably good to be honest ~ but there were so many objects of desire he will be saving lots of pocket money to obtain some extravagant items . . . or blowing it every week at the Markets. As for the produce available ~ this little chickie babe was in fresh, organic food heaven! For the princely sum of $31.20, we purchased broccoli, cauliflower, pumpkin, sweet potato, parsnip, zucchini, radish, tomatoes, snow peas, beans, bok choy, coz & mixed lettuce, cucumber, pink lady apples, pineapple, grapefruit, strawberries and, the diamond of them all, bananas! 
This is only half of the booty from Shalom Markets
Bananas have not been on the shopping list for months due to the ridiculous charge of $15+ per kilo. Blow me over if we didn't find them for $6 per kilo. Our new neighbour Bob said not to buy anything until we'd done a lap of the market and, knock me over one more time, we found three stalls selling them for $5 per kilo. It was like winning the lottery only so much sweeter!

Can you see the strawberries in the photo? We bought two packs of those for $7 and let me tell you we have never eaten such big, juicy, sweet-smelling berries ever! Using a little over half the pack for dessert tonight (dusted with caster sugar and decorated with a big dollop of cream) and felt like we were on millionaire's row! How the little things can mean so much ~ especially when you've not had them for so long. Yes, it was a splurge - $1.50 each on dessert when our dinners work out to cost roughly the same!

This Week's Menu 

It's back to being a lot more accountable with our budget. Because we plan to purchase a few (dozen) acres of land in the next three-four years, the savings need to start as soon as possible. As food is a major part of our expenses, we have allowed a weekly budget of $100. Spending $30 at the market on fruit and veg means we will have about $70 for "everything else" ~ meat, cleaning items, cat needs and personal hygiene products. We don't have a well stocked pantry or freezer at this stage and will be buying as much marked down, close to use-by foods as possible. 

Tonight's meal of BBQ pork loin in plum and ginger marinade was a $19 piece marked down to $12. Not only did it provide a delicious dinner (with all the fresh veggies from the Market), about a third was saved to become a pie for tomorrow night's meal. Cooking up extra vegetables tonight means all the filling is pre-prepared and only the pastry needs to be made. Even the water used for steaming the veggies was kept as this is more flavoursome than water for the pie filling's roux. For under $21 ($12 pork, $6 veg, $2 pastry), we will have two main meals for three hearty eaters ~ at $3.50 per head it is a little more than the budgeted $2-$3 per head I aim for, but by week's end it should average out.

So this week's menu is set as follows:

Sunday: BBQ Pork and Roast Veg  ~ $3.50pp
Monday: Pork and Veg pie ~ $3.50pp
Tuesday: Sausages and salad ~ $2.00pp
Wednesday: Beef Stir Fry ~ $2.00pp
Thursday: Sticky Chicken Drumsticks and rice ~ $1.50pp
Friday: Nachos ~ $1.00pp
Saturday: Fish Patties and salad ~ $1.50pp
Sunday: Roast Lamb and veg ~ $2.50pp

Tomorrow I am off to my first chiropractic session in sunny Queensland. This first appointment is a little pricey ~ but the x-rays are bulk billed and I am keen to see how the ol' back is looking. I am confident my surgeon's forecast will be spot-on. He is, after all, the one medically trained and surgically experienced to provide such input and judgement - and I feel I might even be a little ahead of the schedule. The pain meds have been re-reduced now the trauma of the travel is easing and a little click'n'pop to compliment the acupuncture should iron out some of those remaining niggles.

Not 'perfect' yet ~ but I feel I am ahead of his five-year estimate on recovery. To quote Craig Ferguson from the Late Late Show: ~ "In Your Face!" *laughs* ~ I think I got a little touch of the sun today ~ hot, flushed and a little sandy. Now who would have dreamed I get to say that in winter!?!

Competition Reminder 

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I'm going to snuggle up with #EukyBearub when I have a cold ~ Thanks @MandsMission

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Let me know if you'd like any information, recipes or details on how we are reducing our debt you think might help you save a little more or rid a debt burden. We might not have the answers for everyone, but we can always suggest what we would do if it was us in the same position.

Until tomorrow...

Life really is a beach ~ especially where we live now


  1. I'm going to snuggle up with #EukyBearub when I have a cold ~ Thanks @MandsMission

    And oh god I wish I had it right now - it's 2 am and I have a cold and can't sleep... :(

  2. Oh you poor love ~ nothing worse than a cold to keep you awake :(

    Did you happen to catch the Tour de France? At least there was some excitement on the TV at that time of night.

    Get well soon xx