Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's not Sunday ~ silly...

Sometimes I wish I was a cat... 
Oh a public holiday mid-week just throws me out of whack...

Today I went grocery shopping ~ I had planned to spend only $50 from the usual budget but there were a few things that were just too good to pass by. Veal steaks (make wonderful schnitzels) marked down to $3.54 for four good size steaks ~ at 66% off that was my score!

There was a dodgy looking half a pineapple on the shelf - just a wee bruise down the side so I said the chap if he marked it to 50c I'd take it. Saved $2.49 (bloody expensive half a pineapple) and it is now chopped up, in the freezer and ready to throw into a fruit slushy concoction with banana and mango and kiwi fruit ~ only the kiwi is fresh and ripe, the rest are in the freezer. Considering we are expecting high 30 degrees over the next few days ~ its going to be perfect *yummo*

Anyway ~ spent $115 on groceries. Oh the price you pay for not making a 'proper' shopping list ~ it was ad-hoc with the SmallBoy and me deciding we needed milk, bread and salad stuff for dinner. Sure, there is no cereal in the house and you know I am so fussy when it comes to my morning menu. But 'my' muesli was on special - 2 for $9 which saved over $2 a box. Then there was the cat food ~ it's not been on special for a while but was again on one of the bulk buy specials - 4 tins for $5, which is less than the usual $1.59 - and we were down to the last 3 tins from the early December mega-on-special-spend when it was half price. Plus one tomato cost 98c - rip off - but none of ours are red yet so one it was. Lots of fruit and salad items, a few dairy delights (feta, ricotta, bacon)  Toilet paper ($8 for 18 rolls) and the Iron Supplement ($23) were the expensive additions - not being usual buys from the stoopidmarket these were a little higher but both were needed . . . hopefully that wasn't too much information *laughs* 

More than enough to last through until the end of next week, and nothing was bought last week because I just kept putting of the shop and we made do with what was here so can't complain when its taken as a big picture.

Yard sale stuff.
Alright ~ I am so embarrassed about the amount of clothing I have hoarded for so many decades. Yet it is killing me to put price tags on them of less than $5. Some things are missing a button, others are in need of a wash, an iron or a dry-clean and having received a reader comment to open some of the Country Road items on eBay I've made a decision. Tomorrows Yard Sale is not going to have many of the high end items available ~ these will be up on eBay. Husband has had an offer for 10hours work setting up Sessions for Tupperware so he is not home this weekend (sitting in air-conditioned comfort, lucky boy) and it's going to be a mammoth job for me to be setting up so those items which are ready (and there are quite a lot - let me tell you!) will be dragged out and up for grabs tomorrow during the day.

The shoes can go - school uniforms - shoes (oh Emelda!!) - three boxes of womens clothing - one box of mens - two boxes of small children and baby things, including the cutest little shoes, and we'll see how we go. *grins*  Seriously, even $100 will be a start and I am hopeful of getting at least three times that with the stuff only half going.
some ready 
That will be put aside in readiness for the rates which are due mid February and we've only got half the money ready. We'd have it all only that is the same week the mortgage payment is due and some how I think the bank will take that first. All back to normal - if I can do another shop in a fortnight for only fruit and veg and milk, then do the same again a fortnight later - we'll be right for all payments.

Well, I should be in bed asleep ~ so I can be up bright and early to drag these boxes out. Half are in the hall, ones at the front door and the rest are still in the spare room. There are just not enough hours in the day some times! It's going to be a stinker of a day ~ I'm only planning to be out from 8am to 3pm then collapse under a cold shower. Wish me well ~ SmallBoy is quite excited about having a Yard Sale - I don't think he knows what to expect. Then again, neither do I!!

~ A Jar of Time ~

Beams of sunlight through the trees
Filtered light, a cooling breeze
Often it is days like these
We feel most contentment

Living, loving, working hard
Calm time for self we disregard
If we could capture in a jar
Spare time for pure refreshment

Take a little time for you
It stops the heart from feeling blue
You've got me as your friend, its true
I give you that commitment

ॐ. ☂✶ ॐ.

oo .-.
..'~~~'..  time to take it slow...


  1. How did the garage sale go lovely?

  2. Well, it was a big fat fail. But we didn't advertise, it was stinking hot and Husband was in Melbourne so I couldn't get everything out. Writing a new post for tomorrow but I curled up and played 'dead' for a few days ~ I think I'm returning to the land of the living, just had to give in to the sad-sack. Upward and onward is the motto this evening!!