Tuesday, January 4, 2011

HELLSTRA Strikes Again

Dinosaur Trees ~ can you see the T-Rex and the Stegosaurus??
Oh crap...

Feeling way too ripped off and so over having a telephone company which makes it almost impossible to have a good service to post!!  Hellstra (because the word Telstra makes me sick) has done it again. $409.84 ~ I don't think so. And I've worked out exactly what this represents ~ the installation of a 'new' ADSL2 line because Hellstra incorrectly disconnected the one we had and our internet and voip provider's system 'interpreted' this as a breach of contract!

Not going into it all again - you can read about the schmozzle and stuff up here. Tomorrow is going to be very interesting.

So to the tune of Cold Chisels' Cheap Wine...
(sing along with the music here)

Had a post, then my good mood died
It's thanks to ol' Hellstra 
They stuffed us up last year, you know
I thought they'd fixed the line

Instead Hellstra, they charged a bomb
But not to us, no they passed it on
And charged it to our Internet
Which sent it on with fines

No way

Hellstra's done, too bloody oath
Hellstra's done, they have got my goat

Thirteen calls and almost 20 days
You'd think they'd get it right 
Hellstra never called me back
I rang 'em every time

I never shouted, I never cried
Even though I boiled inside
Each time I had to speak to them
Or rated poor feed back

And now

Hellstra's done, too bloody oath
Hellstra's done, finally got my goat

Hang on

Going through the bills, drinking UDLs, alls fine
Saw another cost, 400 bucks, oh my
I thought we'd got this fixed from the time before
Got a little credit but they charged much more
Never got it right and they made it worse with every call
With every call, yeah...

So if they think they're gonna mess with me
You know that I'm gonna call
Hellstra I don't feel the love
But with the Ombudsman you'll jump

You'll see

Hellstra's done, too bloody oath
Hellstra's done, who's the scape goat
You make them fix this up

Oh that was SO satisfying!!
Mind you ~ Internode was able to explain perfectly what the charges were, why we were charged a fee for cancelling our contract (which we didn't but with Hellstra disconnecting our line, the computers read it as a cancellation, then a reconnection fee at a rather high rate as it then needed a new 'port' or link or whatever the technical bizzo to be installed and activated as the one we had was taken by another customer/supplier) and Internode did that in 10mins over ONE call. Why can't Hellstra do that?

Why can't the staff at Hellstra have the same story? Do they not learn the same rules ~ or is it a plot to confuse and frustrate?  If so - they've been taught well!!  Why does no one from Hellstra ever call you back ~ even when they promise?? And if supervisor permission is required ~ why is there no supervisor on the shift?? If I get an answer to any or all of those questions (ha!!) I'll let you know ~ but please do not hold your breath! You'll probably pass out before anyone finds out...

Come on Hellstra ~ get with it!!  I want my money back, and the letter that says it was not through a fault made by us ~ you don't have to say all your staff made and compounded the problem, but you must say we didn't!! Stoopid people, but we need to have the landline. Grrrr

Rant over ~ having dinner and going to watch the House of Food Obsessives on SBS at 830pm!

Catch up tomorrow when in a much more communicable mood *laughs*

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  1. Light bulb moment - are you the Mandy on this SBS show? - interesting show


  2. *blushes* T'is I, Sue. And the cartwheel killed me for a week!! *laughs* Best thing I ever talked my way into ~ and I did hit 54kg over Christmas. Sitting at 52kg currently. Our debt has made us a lot more creative with what we have on hand and subsequently, planned meals means eaten meals means more energy means more happening. It was very eye opening, personally a life saver!!

  3. It was an intersting show - a good balance, that not just overweight people have food issues. I'm a food lover and found Damien interesting


  4. Heartpoet and I were cheering for you tonight Mands, all the way from Brissy! It was lovely to get to know you even better via the show.

    Love n hugs


  5. Another good episode Mandy. Glad you are getting more energy back.

    Hope you sort that Hellstra out, they are shocking aren't they? Good luck, you're gonna need it! We have had issues in the past with them, but at the moment the deal we get suits us fine, and cost us less than we were paying.


  6. Thanks heaps ~ you have no idea how much the programme changed my outlook ~ especially as there were some crazy things going on with 'best friends'. It all behind me ~ the future is truly open to anything! Thank you so much for being along for the ride *grins* There is so much more that happened, sadly only 10% or less made it to screen.

    @Tania ~ oh I am sure Hellstra will be sorted - - hopefully with no further issue. Hence the letter request in the Ombudsman report. If we could piff them we would, at the moment we can't. It will be resolved - 9 days to go...