Monday, January 17, 2011

Mystical Vinegar Fairies ~ and their magical vinegar spells...

Sunshine and blue skies ~ bliss... 
Does it get any more beautiful than this?

Cleaning has been cathartic ~ and used a lot of natural cleaning products. I don't mean the expensive stuff either ~ just good ol' vinegar, bi-carb, tea tree and eucalyptus oil and a few other pantry favourites. Best of all, I doubled my vinegar for free.

I'd like to let the uninitiated in on a little secret ~ cleaning vinegar is not worth the extra money, no-name vinegar is exactly the same as luxury brand vinegar and you can use vinegar to wash, clean, freshen and sprinkle on your chips! And one bottle really can last a year...
Most of my cleaning basics ~ all you need
See I know how you can turn turn two litres of vinegar into four ~ just takes a bit of ingenuity and a little help from some special fairies! If you use vinegar for cleaning, or as a hair rinse, or as a fabric softener, or any other of a plethora of things aside from flavouring the chips ~ you want a really big bottle that magically refills itself so it will last as long as possible. Ta Da ~ you can!!!

To make a two litre bottle of vinegar become four litres, pour half the bottle of vinegar into another two litre bottle.  Then fill both bottles with cooled, boiled water and put their lids back on.  Pop them in the pantry or the laundry cupboard and leave them to sit for a week. Over the next seven days mystical vinegar fairies will visit at night to chant magic vinegar spells and when the week is up you will have four litres of vinegar for all your cleaning chores! You can do this again with one bottle while using the other full bottle of magic vinegar.  

Now if you wondered if clothes conditioned in the machine come out smelling like vinegar, the answer is no. Same as if you use a little to rinse your hair after washing - you won't be attacked by seagulls mistaking you for a hot potato chip.  You can still use this vinegar for cooking, how excellent is that.

Chicken weeders 
Well the house hasn't come away as unscathed as hoped ~ the roof lifted and that's a pretty penny to have repaired.  SmallBoy spent yesterday hammering down any raised tin while Hubby pulled off the ripped and ruined shade cloth over the 'fernery'.  On the positive ~ both jobs needed to be done anyway and thankfully the solar panels have not yet been installed. THAT would have been disaster!

Slogging away, putting 'things' in to places they can call home (labels and all) ~ setting plans, goals and expectations into motion ~ lightening and brightening up the house, the head and the heart (ahhh - all mooshy and nice). Gee we have been productive.  I've been getting weeds up from the garden with a little wild and enthusiastic help ~ 20mins action then 30-45mins resting (or blogging, taking pics, laying back and reading)
Digging in a scratch! 
Actually, tomorrow's horrorscope is a little close for comfort ~ it says all which I aspire to achieve, including a goal set and in action to be reached by the end of the month - along with the one hinderence or 'bump' being identified. Lets see if you can guess what it is : 
SCORPIO (17 January NZ/Australia) ~ At the same time the Moon is drawing your attention to financial matters, sharpening your financial instincts but also bringing things to a head, Mars is drawing your attention to matters on the home front, as he spends his first full day in your home and family sector. At a time when you're fighting to hold onto some playful vibes before your working year begins in earnest, this is likely to have your head spinning as you call for time out to hear yourself think.

I am thinking already some of this can be solved with a good chat, a clear like-minded goal and a well written plan. This load needs to be shared - but shared properly, evenly and using more of that special ingenuity so as not to add any extra costs to the budget. We're already looking at a few thousand for the roof, possibly more for the disposal of ruined items and the solar panels will be arriving before we know it. Six months has flown by ~ those panels will be on the roof and rolling back the power meter. Some how I think we are in for a few sunny months and a hotter than expected Autumn. 

Now - who has left over Christmas pudding and cake ~ I know we do and tomorrow I am going to use one of the cakes to get ready for back to school and some low cost desserts which can all be stored in the freezer to grab when the time is right.  Hmmm - might have to keep the Husband out of the kitchen...

Here's a positive affirmation I have written for myself ~ more to release myself from some poisonous and toxic negative influences and thoughts once and for all ~ please feel free to use it if you think it will help you too:

I know ॐ I cannot truly love another until I can love myself ॐ I should be able to believe in others but I MUST believe in myself ॐ It doesn't matter what others believe of me if I am honest to myself ॐ Until I am asked for details it's not my problem what others say of me ॐ I can forgive others and forgive myself ॐ I don't need permission to be myself ॐ  
Until tomorrow - you know where we keep our Spare Jar  ( *hint* its at the top left of the blog ) - please feel free to put a few coins in to assist us getting the debt under control - we could really do with a little help.

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