Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A-way above the tree tops...

Hello Mother Nature 
You are as beautiful as you are unpredictable!  May the disaster in QLD/NSW come to an end, the rains in VIC slow and the raging fires in WA be quashed.

Taking advantage of the use of MILs car, we took a day trip to the Otways and traversed the SkyWalk before heading down to Triplet Falls to skim down a mountain and splash in the crisp, cold waters.  We took a roasted chicken and some fresh made rolls, salad, cheeses and chocolate muffins, a bottle of juice kept chilled by ice-bricks in the esky and had an absolutely wonderful day. We had hoped to go on the ZipLine tour but at $375+ for four, the $55 family walk was really our only option!
I climbed this ~ with much encouragement and support from strangers!
Lots of pictures were taken, so you'll get to see more of our Ranges Adventure, however I am pleased and proud to say I not only did the walk, I climbed to the top of the viewing tower ~ a slow, laborious climb with a walking stick and people passing, and heaps of cheers of encouragement! *pants* Boy it was a climb ~ but such a glorious view! All it needed was a dinosaur to trundle through - it looks almost prehistoric in there!! It's an hour or so walk, but we made it last three hours ~ value for money!! Well worth taking your time - so don't rush and miss some spectacular views. I'd saved $120 for the Summer Holiday spending/entertainment and still came home with $45. Husband and I enjoyed a wee beverage at the end of our walk and the boys had an icy-pole each!!

While we are not in Queensland, our little patch of Australia is also getting a deluge bringing water to the door and making a muddy mess inside and out. Still, nothing like our Queensland friends.  And I am so glad to know one young special person is safe and well ~ cut off from one parent but secure with his dad. Probably a great thing for him. Here's hoping everyone I know and love stays just as safe.

We've been really clever on the spending front - well I think we have.  With a need to shop for basic items, yesterday I did two supermarket mystery shops for $15 each and spent about $30 at each, saving $40 from our usual shopping budget and will be reimbursed $30 in a few days! The reimbursement amount goes straight to the LOC and the savings will be put against the outstanding bills debt.

As our SmallBoy has a friend visiting for a sleep over, I decided it was time to make scones. Rather than using up eggs, milk, butter and more - I gave the old 'lemonade scones' a try. Bit hesitant as you'd think this could end up in disaster ~ but no ~ and 28 scones were made. The recipe is up on the FaceBook page!

Left over scones ~ in the freezer for 'ron...
Delicious - and now I'm keen to try this with ginger beer as I've heard it is delicious. If you've got a can of beer in the fridge you get to have a wee drink as well!! Lemon soft drink gives a tang for a dessert scone ~ even Passiona works (I've added a heap of alternative on FaceBook!!)

The pantry has been de-cluttered with all foods past expiry by over 12months or past best before by 2 years in the compost or the bin. The chickens have enjoyed every bit - and we also discovered they love (and I mean adore) old cat food. With the humidity, the cats have not been eating as much and flies are getting in to their bowls during the day. Well ~ the chookens cannot get enough of the stinky, smelly, maggoty mess. Turns my tummy but makes everyone happy as cleaning up is not such a disgusting chore!!

More clothes packed away ~ more items to get up onto eBay ~ so much activity going on...
I decided it was time to do a three card draw on the Intuit Soul Cards - very much about truth, natural elements and personal choices or destiny -  and I asked for confirmation of my direction or assistance to find the better route or option. Now, some people might think 'mumbo jumbo' and that is perfectly fine by me ~ this was more for a personal affirmation through truth as I can interpret it to be.

I asked aloud: I am seeking insight and guidance ~ self affirmation I'm on the right path where less is best, de-clutter make space; demote those providing no respect, support or love; ease my heart and soul by forgiving to rid the pained memories. The outcome was:

The Situation

You are surrounded with the loving support of the angelic realm.  You play an important role on Earth in uplifting the consciousness of the planet.  The angels are here with you to help in every way they can.  Remember, you have not been abandoned here.  You are not alone on this journey. Your gifts are very special and very needed.  These Divine Beings are here with you to aid you in becoming fully who you are truly meant to be.  Now you will see your path opening more than ever before.

Actions to Take

This card works to create a positive out come in all situations.  Chenrizi works to free you from your problems, burdens and suffering by showing you all the many wonderful blessings in life.  This card is the ultimate manifestation.  On every level and every way, it is the complete form of fulfilment. This is the turning point in life.  Free flowing manifestation of all the good this world has to offer is coming to you.  Stay focused on the blessings and you will see them multiply.

Final Outcome

There are new beginnings ahead.  The veil is being lifted to reveal something new that was previously not available to you.  In one way this can relate to a new environment, such as moving to a new location or changing jobs. However, it can also denote the revealing a new perspective.  That what you previously held as truth was only a portion of the whole.  All is being revealed to you now.  From here you can operate with a new view, seeing things as they really are.

Add this to my week's horoscope : During January 12-16 you'll feel that luck is bound to visit you, in one form or another. Love brings contentment and personal endeavour success. A little extra money may also come your way : And things are getting stronger and better with all this positive affirmation we are applying to ourselves. *cheers*

Here's to receiving a few more coins into Our Mission's Spare Change Jar or via the Treasure Chest. 
I know once the weather clears our Lawn Sale is going to be very successful - just waiting for that break in the weather!

More on saving, low cost cooking and debt repayments tomorrow ~ so much to catch up on, the actions have been taking precedence over the words this past fortnight! Can't wait to share...

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