Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011 ~ our first post, first competition, first change

The 'Ball' about to drop for New Year's revelry 

Slowly we have welcomed in the New Year's day...

Enjoyed cheering in the new year with a glass of bubbles, sparklers and glowsticks. We even had our own 'dropping' of the GlowBall, using glowsticks found in the cupboard during the de-clutter.  I danced for the first time in 4 years (well, it was sort of dancing); laughed and talked with friends until the sun was hinting it was coming up; ate until I thought I'd pop ~ took a salad using only items we already had and every bit was eaten if not at dinner then with all the dips ~ and drifted to sleep with a smile on my face.

Sure, bit achy, stiff and rather tired, but there is so much to look forward to in 2011. We are making no resolutions ~ just a commitment to continue to declutter, de-stress and be positive. Aiming for simple, sensible and slow... Life is fast enough as it is!! The demons of regret from 2010 have been released into the wilds and so many new people are helping us make positive change. Sometimes the best comes from poor actions, no matter how much regret. I forgive myself for errors, mistakes and wrong-doings ~ it's definitely the way to start a new year!!

How has everyone else pulled up?  Did you celebrate or commiserate ~ or were you simply glad to say farewell to 2010??

Happy New Year ~ Want something Fresh and Free??

Here's is our first ever competition ~ gee I hope it works. There are three simple requirements ~ first you must press 'like' on this post, or on the FaceBook page with this post.  Second you need to share it with a friend and encourage them to follow the blog or 'like' the Mands On A Mission facebook page. Third, and lastly, please make a contribution to Mands Treasure Chest or the Spare Change Jar on our Home page to help us cover the postage.  We are trying to avoid additional debt, most of you know that, and we would hope all entering can contribute even the smallest amount into the Treasure Chest or pop some coins into our Spare Change Jar ~ the last thing we want is more debt and if everyone can help a little bit, it will allow us to do more of these types of give-aways with more valuable and beneficial prizes!

And the main prize is three bottles of the new AirWick aqua essences 'Aqua Mist' air-freshener  ~ consisting of one 300ml bottle each of Rain Forest and Jungle Splash, Fresh Waters and Wild Lavender and Mountain Breeze - my favourite of the three! A real plus for this new range is the bottles are recyclable, it can be used on fabrics and it has a trigger spray so there is no aerosols or propellent! This is a great start for big business thinking about the environment ~ might not be perfect, but definitely a move in the right direction!

These retail for around $5.50 each in the supermarkets ~ no artificial gases, just wonderfully refreshing fragrances that will keep your home smelling naturally fresh. As an added bonus, three other likers / followers will receive one of the three - and we will tell you how these three will be won later in the week. We will be drawing our winner on 28 January 2011 and hope you will come on board to help get Mands On A Mission support and follow our year to becoming debt free!

Day 1 ~ no/low spending 2011

Speaking about becoming debt free ~ There's a group of members on Simple Savings doing a No Spend / Low Spend Challenge ~ I mentioned it last week on the blog.

Today we spent ~ only $20 on petrol tho'. Considering it was a necessity, this is a great first day with spending only going on that which is NEEDED.  As we all wanted a thickshake and it is so terribly tempting to pop down the highway to McDonalds ~ instead we came home and made choc banana smoothies has been a great, no cost alternative. We have the bananas in the freezer, the Milo in the tin, add powdered milk and iced water ~ winner!  Better than the chemical mix from take away places as well. Mmmmmm

I am off to have a well-deserved and much need soak in a hot bath. You don't need expensive salts or oils ~ actually the best bath soak I have is a box of generic epsom salts (I use about half a cup to a full, hot bath) and a few drops of essential oil if I want it 'smellie' and nice. The bath is run, the salts dissolved and the gentle fragrance of clove & ylang ylang is drifting up the hall.

However you started this new year ~ may it only get better as the days go forward.

Love to you all xx

Mands and Husband
MudGuts and SmallBoy

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..... ll . .`•.¸¸ HƛPPƔ ƝƐW YƐƛƦ
..... ll.☆¸¸
...._ll_♥ .¸¸★2011


  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you Mandy and your family.

    Wishing you all the best for 2011.


  2. You too Tania ~ feeling like it is going to be a rippa!