Monday, January 3, 2011

So far so good ~ the wallet is shut...

Christmas Dragonflies ~ the one's that come with love 

Wonderful lunch with Dad today ~ 
We hadn't yet had the chance to catch up with the old man and his lovely lady ~ as happens with separated families, extended families, in-laws and out-laws, everybody catches up - eventually. Dad's a good sort - he is happy to make the trek up to us, especially while I've been recovering and now while we are rather 'poor' or lacking in the funds to bring us to Melbourne frequently. So he brought a roast chook, rolls, salad bits and enough left over for a chicken pasta sauce ~ so that's dinner sorted! 

Bit of onion, garlic, flour, sour cream, the last of the mustard (swished up with water) and voila ~ a brilliant sauce to cover the .65c packet of pasta spirals.  All full and happy!!  Plus there is still a thigh, a drumstick and a wing ~ more than enough to make a pie later in the week!  Brilliant - and oh so low cost (no cost actually!)

No spending at all today ~ and there should be no spending tomorrow either. Today was spent tidying and going through the 'No Screens for January' rules ~ we felt SmallBoy should be able to earn screen time to be used during the heat of the day when staying out of the sun. He earned 2hours screen time today and was a brilliant help. Very pleased to have a spotless bathroom again for the first time in a long time! Wrecked me tho' ~ I must remember small steps... 

So what do the horrorscopes say tomorrow will bring : 

SCORPIO (03 January NZ/Australia) 
As much as you may be looking ahead to your new professional year, you can not only afford to step back and take some time out, but you probably need to. There is no doubt that things are going to become busier on the work front, but not for another few weeks, with Venus’ final days in your sign and Jupiter and Uranus’ alignment in your romantic and creative sector urging you to embrace the spirit of romance and to follow your heart.

Sounds good to me! That romantic and creative sector could do with some attention. *grins* I am pretty sure I do need to take it easy and slowly get back into working - even if it is only around the house. Seriously, loving the way the house is coming together and I need to remember to take before shots as well as the after shots for the compare.  

I've been doing some 'volunteer' work ~ well, it is community service in lieu of a few traffic infringements incurred many years ago, quite possibly as Husband was using the car and Mr LeadFoot has finally worked out what a speedometer is so I expect no more. It's only a few hours a week as I still can't sit at a desk for any great period of time ~ and I am lovin' it.

I really hope it can continue ~ maybe into a paid position, but the refreshing of my skills and the experience is so rewarding. It hardly seems like a 'punishment' and in February I hope to be able to increase the time over two days. As beneficial for the children's respite centre as for me I think.

The Dinner Menu for the Week

Sunday:  Pasta with creamy chicken sauce
Monday: Sausages and Waldorf salad
Tuesday: Lamb Shanks in red wine casserole
Wednesday: Beef stir fry
Thursday: BBQ with friends
Friday: Hamburgers (home made of course)
Saturday: Chicken and vegetable Pie
Sunday: Gado Gado or a cous cous salad (weather dependent) 

Hope everyone will enter the competition ~ you can comment here or on FaceBook and contributions of 10c into Mands Treasure Chest (on the right) or the Spare Change Jar (on the left) are perfectly acceptable to help toward the postage. If this goes well, we have some other items to give away valued at over $100 ~ if it doesn't, then we will sell them on eBay on MandsMission.

Speaking of eBay ~ new items are up tomorrow. Yes, more Tupperware and some kids clothing 'lots' ~ this is probably easier than having clothes up one at a time.  I will probably do the same with some of my good clothes. That, or the Ballarat Buy Swap Sell or Frugal Friends on Yahoo. We really need to get cash on to those debts ~ on with Our Mission.

Until tomorrow, I'd like to share a piece I wrote for friends to get ready for 2011...

Getting Ready for 2011 ~ by Mands

As another year moves on to its end
The time has come for reflection again
For all the changes reaching your shores
In the end, truth & true love always endures

Through the toughest of seasons
The harrows of worry & pain
Know in this new year
Life will not be the same

The chilled snow's always melting
The warm sun rises each day
And the good friends around you
Will push dark clouds away

Making wishes, giving kisses, 
Happiness in the air
True friends need no sure reason
To tell you they care

As the year comes to closing
We wait for the new one to start
I must say that through this year
You've been so close to my heart

Thus I thank you with smiles
From a heart so sincere
May these last days be full of
Friends, fun, laughter and cheer

So we bid now farewell
It's been a long year for some
When we look back there no doubt
We have had heaps of fun

❀Bყ ~ℳ∢η₫☡ ❀ 
Dec 2010
✿ ℒΦϑє, ℐﻪ℧ჭɦʈeʁ & ʆίφђϮ ✿

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