Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This week I will . . .

Experience a miracle to do with money...
And with that in mind, let the miracle begin. While I believe in the law of attraction, I think this will have a lot to do with the de-cluttering from the house of all superfluous items of clothing, shoes and other such wear-ables. Seriously, does any woman really NEED 14 different winter coats?

Well, I've selected the three I like the most and the rest are up for grabs (and $5) at the lawn sale we are having this weekend. I've selected five work type blazers and the rest are going, that's another 18 items for sale. I'm keeping four pairs of trousers (which either partner the blazers or can be worn with them) and have too many to count in the box.

As for skirts and dresses ~ we'll say there are 50 to choose from and I'm keeping about a dozen. In my defence, I did work for Country Road and I have been employed in the corporate side of business and administration for over 25 years, however I don't really need to retain those suits, shirts and outfits I've had since joining the work force. *blushes* But I am keeping the first suit I ever bought when I started in advertising because it is a classic and it still fits.

There are items of the male variety ~ even being ruthless the mens, boys and baby stuff is barely half as much as what I've collected. I've now the dilemma of sorting into sizes and types.  It's a dilemma because my hoardings range in size from US4 to AU28. Nuts really ~ I've never been bigger than a 14 even when pregnant. I don't even think there are maternity items in the mix, although some of the bigger clothes would have be used then and while I was trying to disguise the skinny bony me.

Waxing the Lyrical
If you didn't know, I like to write. I also like to create prose and poems, songs and lyrics. With Our Mission, my old Meanderings have fallen a little by the by ~ so please indulge me every so often when I feel the need to include something that has popped into my head and must be written and shared. Such as now:

~ Calling On Old Friends ~

Oh my
I see you falling, from way up high
If only you had heard my cry
This day was coming but you made your choice
You chose to listen and not use your voice
Now the lies are being pinned on you
What can this old friend do

Oh I
Know the reasons you took this path
It was love that you thought could last
We tried to tell you there was half a truth
And you know because you hid the proof
Now the blame is falling back on you
What can a good friend do

Listen as you work it out
Hold your hand as you shout
Sometimes sisters arent a friend
Even when
You to mend
The broken heart of love

In time
You will work out who to forgive
Remembering its your life you need to live
Only you can let her take control
Tell you how she in her world revolves
I have been in your shoes too
You always knew
What to do
Didn't you

I have heard you work it out
Held you hand when there was doubt
Sometimes family's not a friend
You can't depend
The twisted end
She breaks your heart again

Hear me calling
In your mind
How to fix things
You might find
Living lonely
Left behind
She never wanted
Us to bind
My sister
Resist her
The Twister
Is gone

Sometimes when I've written pieces in the past, family or friends (and the odd bod from 'out there') has thought the story is theirs. If a piece of writing can be taken to heart and claimed as ones own, I think it means there is something special in the words. Those who have read my pieces before know the inspiration comes from the back realms of my brain and, once started, flow out quickly, simply and in its entirety. 

Truly, I rarely write about people or instances directly ~ the odd one or two for sure ~ but I once said to my sister it's a bit like the Cheap Trick song where the lyrics imply his parents were taking drugs and having sex on the couch and he walked in a caught them. Somehow I doubt this actually happened and I guess I am saying this to ensure this is not something about my family, any friends or any acquaintance who might feel this is about them. These are simply words that, if I could write the melody, would be a song an artist might record. Let me hum you a few bars and you'll see how it should go . . . *grins*

Well, I've got to get back to sorting those boxes into type, gender sets and sizes. It's going to be a big few days getting that done ~ if it all goes and sells the way I hope ~ there will be several hundred dollars to remove from the debt tally, an empty room in our house and the ability to put the spare bed and sewing machine, hiding somewhere in the garage, up and to good use. Somewhere to put visitors that's a bit more civilised than a mattress on the floor. It's getting exciting.

As always ~ hoping you will help us beat the debt and add a single dollar into the Treasure Chest up there on the left hand side of the blog page. If you don't have PayPal, there is a bank account listed on the Q+A page for bank transfers ~ always happy to receive any financial support and know it goes only on the debt. No doubt there will be more for eBay after this round of clutter removal ~ and I've got one piece left to send from the last listings!! Cleaning the mess from the recent rains has interfered with that.

Have a wonderful Australia Day everyone ~ somehow I think there might be a few fireworks going off around Lake Wendouree tomorrow night. Catching up with really good friends and seeing people we know up on the stage later in the day! It's going to be a fun day and night!! May yours be just as enjoyable :D


  1. hey there, can't you do ebay so we can all enjoy your lawn sale and country road stuf??!!
    Good on you, and good luck.
    btw i really like mands on a mission, because it kind of a has a theme (compared to mands meanderings...) just 2c worth.

  2. Oh I so easily influenced :D
    I'm going to put a few of the really good CR items on eBay, plus the best of the kids clothes and several CK and other good labels.

    Thanks for the positive feedback ~ it's really appreciated. And that 2c can be popped in the spare change jar any time *cheeky*