Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cross off the shop...

We'll waste and want not...
I have decided I need to follow a strict regime of 'Waste Not, Want Not' and push it to the point of ridiculous. This is one way to not just save money and lower costs for a period of time, its a way to prove  to myself, my family we have some silly frivolities taking up funds when we don't need them to be and show our ability to utilise the resources we have, be it the stock on hand and financially. 

Under no circumstance whatsoever will we be going into a supermarket for the remainder of March. Nil, nada, zip. Regardless of can or can't afford to, of which it is the latter for the most part, there has to be a way to make the most of everything, reducing waste and increasing our financial achievements. Oh what a venting post does for the soul ~ yesterdays misery guts moan allowed me to download, get a few things out of my head and on to paper - and over with. Many thanks to those who commented - it helps to get the blah out of the system sometimes. Picking up myself and moving onward and upward.

Today for example - instead of adding milk to my smoothie, I added a heaped teaspoon of powdered milk and icy cold water with the frozne banana, egg, vanilla, choc sustegan and wheat-germ. With no sustegan left, tomorrow I will have coffee, or nothing. SmallBoy has milk on his cereal and everyone is happy. We had toasted sandwiches with cheese and salami which has been in the freezer forever. All sealed up, no moisture or freezer burn and delicious! A huge pot of Spag Bog has been made up (and I mean 1.3kg of mince from March 10, 2L of tinned tomatoes, an old bottle of tomato sauce, bay leaves, stock and herbs) so that's for dinner tonight and at least 7-8 further meals - more if I add veggies or beans or whatever later down the track to add variety to the basic bog mix! 

So, this week's menu plan is going to include baking requirements and all three meals. Breakfasts will be reasonably the same daily ~ SmallBoy is a weetbix kid (even if it is the no-name variety). Husband is too, if he decides to have breakfast. I usually have muesli, porridge or a choc-banana egg flip smoothie *grins* As I plan to use up those gnawed apples, half chewed pears or whatever fruits and make muffins or biscuits, I might have these for breakfast as an alternative. Lunch will vary, as will dinner. But every skerrick will be used, utilised and eaten.

Monday ~ spag bog (funny that)
Tuesday ~ Omelettes
Wednesday ~ Sausages and veg
Thursday ~ Zucchini, rice and chizoro parcels (been busting to make this, got everything)
Friday ~ Tuna mornay
Saturday ~ Chilli con carne - bog with beans
Sunday ~ Lamb Shanks (roasted with potatoes and carrots)

By rights ~ nothing extra is needed to make each of these dinners come to life. I will also make some savoury scones - using the last of those salami slices, herbs and cheese and these can go to school or be for our lunch at home when the loaf of bread runs out. I've made up some 'freezer cookie' dough and will bake some tomorrow for afternoon tea and lunchbox snacks. Can't wait to show pics - all sorts will emerge over time! Lunch tomorrow will be scrambled eggs on a grainy bread roll ~ just need to find those in the freezer. I know they are in there - somewhere...

Just as the sun is setting in this picture, so is it now time for bed. I'd hope to beat pumpkin o'clock - only late by a few minutes so I shall say good night - sleep tight - hope to god I wake up bright!!

Cheers xx


  1. you are amazing with what you can without having to step foot inside a supermarket!!!!


  2. Sounds like you've got it all sorted Mandy.

    Being organised and having a plan is definitely the key to saving money...

    Great post,