Friday, March 18, 2011

Scungie Bananas and Wormy Apples

 Make for awesome cakes and muffins!
I've been a bit of a scupper these past few days. Found a pear tree at the side of the road, the discovered an apple tree near our home so guess what I've picked *grins* Be assured I've checked the laws ~ so long as the tree grows on common land such as a road side, it's legal to pick the fruit. I even collected some of the manky fruit on the ground for the chooks to enjoy. They did! WIth apples in season and supermarkets charging - wait for it - $12pkg at the moment (how much!!?? Ridiculous!!) I think scupper sourcing our fruit is the only way we will afford it - even with a higher income, that is an astronomical price for in-season in-state fruit!

Those chooks truly have 'scored' with a visit to the supermarket - no not to buy up, although there were some lovely meat specials to grab, I stayed strong - just for milk but the fruit and veg lady was doing a clean up along the shelves and tubs so I asked if there was any chance of scraps for the chooks. Well - the box was just full to the brim with lettuce leaves, what looks like cabbage leaves, a few broccoli and possible cauliflower greens and two lovely looking bananas. Sure, one had a wee black line on the skin, and the sugar banana was going dark on the skin but nothing wrong on the inside *whispers* blackened skins on sugar bananas actually means it is ripe for eating, they just don't look pretty when ripe ~ now that was a score!!

I already have one scungie banana with plans to make a cake or banana bread with, only really I needed more than one so time was needed to defrost a few others. Now I've got two lovely fresh ones to eat as is! Although I had hoped to get that made today, yesterday even, it will wait until tomorrow and be used for lunches and the like over the weekend and next week. SmallBoy has a mate over tomorrow night so we will have an apple and pear crumble for dessert and I've no idea what for dinner - home made pizza if there is ham in the freezer - home made KFC and chips if I have energy.

Oh ~ I spent some money ~ I bought white oil! The little lemon tree and lime tree are being attacked by a bug, and getting a little yellow leaf so its a necessary purchase if we want to get fruit.  Used a $10 Bunnings voucher so only spent $1.95! *grins* "Worked" yesterday at the school canteen - came home with scraps for the chooks, four blueberry & poppy seed muffins, a giant sausage roll and some chicken nuggets ~ had a blast. Ache like the be-jebbus when we got home so it was snags & chips for dinner, nothing too energetic and almost what was planned according to the menu planner at the start of the week - just without the veg *laughs*.

SmallBoy helped cook. He's going to be living away from home in about eight years, might as well get some practice in early *chuckles* Most a supervisory role ensuring the deep fryer stayed safe while I dragged myself to the stove to cook the sausages. Actually you could say we had veg using a tomato salsa and sour cream on the chippies - mmmm. Sure it changed today's menu because I chose the quick and easy pasta boglonese using one of the packets from the freezer, saving a little for a Breville sandwich for lunch tomorrow. I can barely move still after yesterdays school fun - yes - ultimately it was worth it, just for the getting away from the same old.

A little ingenuity...

Goes a long long way. And I am terribly pleased with myself on many levels. One lovely reader suggested I contact school about selling eggs to the teachers. Unfortunately, the teachers already do that themselves and the office advised me there were often discrepancies with moneys and this would not help get SmallBoy's camp fees paid - that was how I was trying to 'sell' the concept. So I put a message up on the Trade Centre 'Buy, Swap, Sell' board to exchange eggs for home grown produce and have had wonderful success!

Tomorrow I will pick up zucchini, squash, pumpkin and silverbeet from one chap, other home grown fruit and veg from his neighbour for a dozen eggs each ~ plus another couple has lots of different produce to offer for collection over the weekend. I am so happy to know I can divert funds onto the debt and not toward groceries for the next few weeks - with 6 or so dozen eggs more than we can possibly use or give to friends, this is a life and variety saver. Plus the environmental savings were not lost on SmallBoy. I can't wait!  I'm wondering if there is any corn or beans available - fingers crossed *cheers*

The past few days have seen me absent due to the next, and hopefully final, stage of withdrawal from the opiate/narcotic pain medications I've been prescribed for the past few years. It's not been fun ~ barely functioning to be honest. I truly hate this whole experience at the moment ~ it's so not an enjoyable one. As I said to a friend in England via internet once the headaches, nausea and screaming pain reduces I'll open my eyes and hopefully see the light at the end of that proverbial tunnel. Until then, keep me in the dark and feed me chocolate. Sadly, we have no chocolate...

Getting there - it will be worth it ~ just a right poop and pain at the moment. Soon Husband will be able to work and I will be managing the house but until I am safe and guaranteed to be able to drive and function each day, we must just be patient and wait . . .

Until tomorrow xx

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  1. That is a great idea Mandy about swapping your eggs for produce. We often have plenty of eggs here that we give away left, right and centre. I will have to put the feelers out for some good ole bartering.

    Wishing you well,