Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Green Giveaway

While parked across the road, I made it look like a toy!
I promised a giveaway - and here it is. The added bonus it is a product I love to use and believe in encouraging others to use themselves. It should be in every Australian home cleaning kit.

I've been using eucalyptus oil as part of our cleaning kit for years now ~ even sharing my recipe with readers back last year in the post, Mystical Vinegar Fairies...  Eucalyptus oil is brilliant added to a carrier oil, even baby oil and rubbed on the body for muscle aches and pain relief, and added to the bath for a good old relieving soak.

Another product I like is the Bosistos eucalyptus spray ~ especially when winters' colds have taken hold. Spraying the bedroom not only helps clear the blocked nose, it also disinfects and freshens up the sickies room without disturbing sleep. It's easy to spray on the pillow, doona and mattress plus I recently found it kills off bed mites. That might explain why I've never seen any in our homes over the years.

It was a bit of a buzz to discover Bosistos has a laundry powder range ~ EucoFresh ~ using 100% pure eucalyptus oil. Knowing the blue mallee trees used in Bosisto's oil are grown in Victoria and harvested sustainably to allow the root to regenerate after each harvest with no pestisides, weed killers, manufactured fertilisers or irrigation, to discover there was a laundry powder formulated to provide a fresh, clean and green wash.

EucoFresh is a brilliant cleaner, environmentally friendly plus it cleans soils from clothes without being harsh on the materials. It leaves a clean, fresh fragrance of gum trees on towels and sheets ~ and definitely removes the odour of smelly pre-teen boys from school uniforms. If you've nodding, because you know 'that' smell - its well worth using. And you don't get that white powder residue on black uniforms.

Even though the drought is 'officially' over, we've set ourselves up to be water wise and have a grey water system running from the washing machine. The detergents we use need to be low in fillers (that white film or powder sometimes left on the wash), be fine for a septic system and ideally with no bleach or SLS.  Bosisto’s EucoFresh Laundry Powder is grey water friendly, containing no fillers, fertiliser grade phosphate and low sodium levels to ensure it is kind to plants and soil. It is suitable for the septic, so big tick there - and it lets us redirect the water used in the washing machine to the garden to help keep it green and healthy all year round while keeping the water bill down.

The best bit is when you've got tough stains, with a squirt of the eucalyptus spray on the mark, using the EucoFresh powder means you don't end up with a clash of fragrances. The eucalyptus is just so much nicer through the wash over some of those full on fragrant perfumed jobbies. I used one laundry powder that had such a perfume it lasted three washes with un-perfumed soap nuts. Pee-eww!

It's like I've got all I want in the Bosisto's range ~ and it comes from an Australian company, using an indigenous plant to produce, its  grown sustainably and its a natural cleaner, germ killer and antiseptic. SmallBoy is going to do the ‘Beaker Test' over the weekend by putting a teaspoon of our current laundry powder in a glass of water and a teaspoon of EucoFresh in another glass. We've been told EucoFresh should dissolve completely in 5 minutes while the other will still contain insoluble particles.  Can't wait to get the pictures up.

The Giveaway

FGB Natural Products ~ the manufacturer of Bosisto's eucalyptus oil and eucalyptus oil based products ~ has been so very very generous and is offering not one but THREE packs to give away to Mands on a Mission readers. Each pack has a retail value of $25 and contains 3 products of my favourite products - Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil 200mL, Bosisto's Eucalyptus Spray 200g and Bosisto's Laundry powder 1.5kg, plus a handy hints brochure.

To enter to win one of three Bosisto's Eucalyptus packs:
1. Make sure you are following Mands on a Mission - either the blog or facebook
2. Leave your environmentally friendly cleaning or outdoor tip or hint in a comment on this post
3. For an extra entry - twitter the following message : I entered to win a Bosisto's Pack from @MandsMission ~ follow the blog - - post your hint and you can too

I'll be updating this post to list all entrants daily - so if you don't see your name in the list, please let me know. Make sure you tell friends and family about Mands On A Mission ~ the more we share the more we can learn!!

For the next few weeks I want to hear how you use any of the three products to clean and freshen your place. Naturally, I'll be writing about some of my favourite uses of Bosisto's eucalyptus throughout the week. 

Entries close on Friday 15 April and the winners will be listed on Sunday 17 April.

Entry is open to Australian residents who follow Mands on a Mission ~ and I am so not getting paid to write about the Bosisto's product. I really do find it an awesome product and hope to get others using a natural product from an Australian Company. Find Bosisto's products at Coles, Woolworths, BigW, Priceline, independent supermarkets and chemist across the country.

Current Entrants:
Kim Halpin
Kym - Mumma's Mini Me
Trish - two entries for a hint and a tweet
DanniiBeauty - two entries for a hint and a tweet
Kimmie - two entries for a hint and a tweet
Dannie (a dose of) - a retweet entry
Carina Rimon
Kath Rogers
Me and the Monkeys
Michelle Payne
Scather - two entries for a hint and a tweet


  1. oooh my eco tip hmmm
    *How to keep your shower clean with just a squeegee and a microfibre cloth*

    buy a squeegee for your shower (and use it after your shower), it takes less than a minute to use it to squeegee off the bulk of the water from the glass and tiles, I also use it to chase the water down the drain to dry the floor.

    Once a week take your microfibre cloth and rub over the whole shower after you have squeegeed (wring out the excess water you collect down the drain), should take less than 5 mins to do a thorough job.

    Leave your shower door open after every shower and the air flow will further help to stop any mould growth.

    I have used this routine to keep my shower clean for 6 mths now, and have only scrubbed it once in this time with a shower brush and a little bicarb and eucalyptus oil. It just never gets the chance to build up too much grime.

    You need to start with a scrubbed out shower, but if you keep the habit, you'll reap the rewards!! Kim Halpin

  2. I am a follower :) You bet!
    and my tip is vinegar works a treat on the bathroom floors :)

  3. Alas, not an Australian resident. Yet. One day soon...!

  4. That is a brilliant hint KimH ~ especially if the bathroom is one known to get a little dank it would make such a huge difference! You've made the list! Well done!!

  5. Vinegar is one of my favourite cleaners too Kym ~ I hope you clicked on the 'Vinegar Fairies' link to see if the cleaning recipe we use is like yours. Vinegar is a winner and with Bosisto's Eucalyptus in the mix it smells so fresh. You're on the list!!

  6. Where do live Wanderlust? I hope you let all your Aussie mates know they could win if they enter. Fingers crossed you get here soon :D

  7. I use a capful of Bosisto's eucalytus oil in a small bucket of water already :) to wipe down kitchen benches,table, bathroom & sinks my outdoor table too.
    It kills germs and gives a fresh smell.
    I used to have a spray bottle with it in but it has gone astray.

  8. I love using Baking Soda! I sprinkle some in the kitchen sinks - let it settle for 5 mins and then give it a scrub and rinse. leaves the sinks looking great!

    Following you and will tweet the giveaway!

  9. That's a great way to make the bench, bathroom and tables fresh and clean Trish ~ you'll have to get a new spray bottle or, as I do, use an old trigger bottle - wash it out and use for home made cleaners. Thanks for the tweet - two entries for you :D

  10. Thanks for that Dannii ~ its so good to hear more people use things like baking soda over some of the harsher cleaners. Bet your sink is shiny and sparkles after a clean. Thanks for the tweet - two entries for you too :D

  11. Use vinegar as rinse aid in the dishwasher.I also love bicarb and vinegar down the sink drains to keep things clear and smell free

  12. I am so showing Husband that one ~ I've been saying for ages to use vinegar when he runs the washer. I am so glad you've added this hint nellbe! I've not tried bi-carb down the drains - might help the traps too. I've popped you name in the list

  13. I use Bosisto's eucalytus oil and bi-carb soda to make carpet dust. I simply fill an old takeaway container with carb soda shake in a few drops of oil then close lid and shake it all up to mix it.
    Then I leave for a few hours and before using it. The smell is fresh, clean and much cheaper than the shop bought ones.

    I am a long time follower of this blog to Mands :)

  14. Hi Jan ~ I would never have thought of that. I've used fragrant oils before, but using the Bosisto's eucalyptus would probably discourage bugs. Great tip! I've put your name on the list Jan - thanks for following :D

  15. Count me in lovey as I love, love, love all of the the Bosisto's range MOST especially their Lavender Spray that has so many uses...sleep and insomnia, anxiety and nervous tension, cleans and freshens, antiseptic, insect bites, room freshener...the list goes on!

    I put their euc oil on some cotton wool balls inside my vac cleaner - kills dust mites and also makes each room smell so fresh as you vac!

    You can also make a dust mite spray using - 1 cup vodka and 30 drops of eucalyptus essential oil. Spray your pillows and bedding (mattresses) a couple times per week. Use the spray on upholstery and carpets as well (on delicates test first)

    Hugs n luv


  16. PS - I am following your blogs, added a hint and also tweeted!

  17. All purpose cleaner.

    Empty spray bottle,
    One tablespoon of eucalyptus oil
    and One tablespoon of sugar soap.
    Fill up with water

    I am pleased with how it cleans and it smells lovely.

    Picked up this recipe somewhere Mandy, I use it all the time now.

    Some good ideas here...


  18. Kimmie - you've always got some great hints! I remember putting cotton balls into the vac- must do that again. Funny how we forget...

    Nice to see you being a twit :D

  19. I love it Trish - sugar soap is a rippa and to add eucalyptus oil is just perfect.

    There are some great ideas being contributed - truly impressed :D

  20. I am a foster carer for 'Friends of Felines'. There are many cleaning jobs involved with this. I clean out my kitty litters trays while the washing machine is going. Once the dirty litter is emptied into a bag, i rinse the trays out with the grey water from the washing machine and spray them with diluted eucalypus oil in a spray bottle before allowing to dry and refilling.

  21. I have a spray bottle of vinegar in the shower for my husbands "stinky pits" it stops the smell. Then I also spray around the toilet bowl to rid those nasty smells as I have three males in the house who have misses! I also put ecualiptus oil & tea tree oil in a spray bottle with water for a natural air freshner. Great for bedding. No nasty fake perfume smells. Also freshens up home when full of sickies.

  22. I'm following your blog and twitter. i also 'liked' you on facebook.

    mix eucalypus oil and water in a spray bottle, spray on hair to keep headlice away!
    *works well*
    My kids have not bought home any bugs since we have been doing this.. :)

  23. Hi, just became a follower though I have been a reader for a while now.

    A few things I do though I bet we all do the same sorts of stuff...

    I add EO to a spray bottle of vinegar and spray *everything* Furniture, benches, myself...I like the smell.

    I spray the pillows and bedroom if we ever get a cold.

    I no longer use shampoo or conditioner, just water, but sometimes spray my head with vinegar if it feels a bit itchy.

    I use vinegar as a deoderant. And in Hubby's smelly boots.

    I have added a spray bottle to my van as showers may not be available. *A wash and a spray will save the day*

    If we get colds we put a few drops of EO on a hanky to sniff. I put it on the top of my sheets before I go to bed.

    This is a becoming a no chemical house. I like reading how others are doing it too.


  24. Barb ~ those are some brilliant hints! It is great to see so many looking at alternatives to commercial cleaners and the nasties they contain. You're in the draw for the Bosisto's Eucalyptus Pack!

  25. Washing powder for sensitive skin

    50 ml of Bi-Carb soda
    50ml of Bosisto's Eucalyptus oil
    30ml of cleaning grade Lavender oil
    enough water to make the mixture into a paste.
    Use 1tbsp for each load of washing.

  26. I'm not sure if this has been mentioned already - I couldn't find it - but I have always used Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil to remove permanent texta from plastic surfaces, the covers of books etc. This works wonders when you have bought things at a second hand shop or garage sale and permanent marker was used to write the price on. Just dip a cotton bud in the oil and rub gently.

  27. To clean burnt on food (or in my case, milk...oops!) in the bottom of saucepans I sprinkle a couple of tablespoons of bicarb over the burned areas, add half a cup full of full strength vinegar and leave overnight. The next day most of it simply lifts off and only requires a light scrub.

  28. Hi i use bicarb and white vinegar to wash our clothes in the machine. For my hubbys greasy work clothes i add a can of coke it works a treat.

  29. Scather ~ that's a great tip! I've had to share that one on FaceBook!

    zkjmum ~ oh no, not burnt milk! I know people who throw out the pan and buy a new one - how wasteful is that!! I might be passing this hint to a few people...

    rkagermann ~ lovely to get a new tip! We don't often get coke but I know plenty who could make use of this idea!

  30. Thanks Mands! Just tweeted about this post:

    "Great comp @MandsMission & Don't forget Scathing Weekly's eBook Giveaway!!"!/ScathingWeekly

  31. Thanks so much Scather ~

    Head over to Scather's blog - and check out her eBook giveaway :D

  32. Winners are grinners ~ and the winners have been drawn, contacted and should be receiving their Bosisto's Eucalyptus Prize Packs really soon.

    Details here: