Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekly Finance Review

Earth Hour ~ lights out, candles on, board games played.

Friday - was pay day. OK this is poor week so the 'pay' is $309 for the family payments and carer supplement. The mortgage was paid ($596) and next fortnight's payment is sitting waiting ~ add to that repayments on the line of credit - down by $1200. Plus the NIVA has no debt, is fully paid and does not have any stress attached to it. *cheers*

The water bill is paid, the insurances are paid - there's even an extra $200 which has been paid onto the VISA credit card. $150 is the budget for groceries, which we didn't spend thanks to bartering and using only the stuff we have in the house already - $50 is because one of my therapy sessions was cancelled due to the therapist being ill, so I figured that's where the payment was going to make the greatest difference. I would have had to pay it on therapy fees, so I decided it was going to do better on the VISA than in my wallet waiting for the next appointment and running the risk being spent first. 

Finally we have hit the next $1000 drop on the credit card ~ so its back under $5k and should be down to $4000 before mid year.  The gas account is paid up and $50 ahead, the electricity is even with $100 on it so the account never gets out of hand again. Ideally we could put a little more on the personal loan, however as the interest is fixed it makes sense to get the VISA and other interest accruing debts dealt with first of all. 

Being 'poor week', this week's food budget is $50 and we need to get juice because SmallBoy is pining for juice and we don't have a juicer for anything other than oranges, by hand. As there are only a few oranges, its not going to result in much juice. But we are pushing out for one more week of no spending and going to make do with what we have. Its going to be porridge for breakfast and, in a moment of inspiration, Husband decided to make chocolate fudge brownies with walnuts using ingredients in the pantry. Totally delicious!

However, three dozen eggs has got us some more silver beet, pears, apples, zucchini plus we also received two punnet of pea seedlings, mint and sage, button squash, tomatoes, broccoli, two limes, cucumber, spring onions, eggplant and a big bag of popcorn for the chooks to enjoy. The manufacturer of popcorn for cinemas send the small scraps out to stock yards. SmallBoy was a bit excited to see what 40kg of popcorn looks like! He had a few handfuls declaring it delicious but nicer when hot!

It's been a tough few months but we are finally seeing the results ~ it's not massive, but having credit on the Line Of Credit is a big plus - not to use of course although it does ensure the mortgage is paid. We've received notification we have been pre-approved for an increase on our VISA card - do you not find that ridiculous. No wonder debt is so easy to obtain! The bank has said we can have $11500 by simply clicking on a button. That's scary - do banks no longer check to confirm a persons financial situation? How would we be expected to repay another $5000 or more credit card debt??

I've got a bit of a day of cooking set for tomorrow - there are organic tomatoes to make into sauce, pears to stew, a heap of veggies to get into the freezer and I'll need to cook up the eggplant.

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