Monday, March 28, 2011

This Week Marks Changes

SmallBoy in the newly discovered creek - pic by Husband
I think life is settling into a semblance of order.

There is a flow I've not experienced before ~ and I think I am liking it a lot. When MudGuts was little and it was just me and him, three weekends of the month were spent cooking and playing board games as I worked while I was a single mum. MudGuts only had home made meals - as far as he knew McDonalds only served chips on special occasions and you had to be invited. Worked for years. SmallBoy thought the only drinks offered were fizzy so McDonalds held no interest - until he discovered you could get juice and thick shakes.

This weekend clothes were washed, dried and put away. A big hunt for eggs was conducted, no - not early easter eggs! Chook eggs - and I found a dozen in the blackberries - however these were very VERY old eggs and all ended up in the bin or over the fence. Somewhere on this property are another dozen recently laid. The lounge room got a tidy up and SmallBoy cleaned his room (as much as any 10year old can) so when his friend invited himself over there was no issue. Pie was made, lights went out for Earth Hour and on Sunday we explored nearby and found the creek pictured above. It looks beautiful and ideal for summer splashing or picnics.

We've got enough MrCentrelink income to pay the mortgage, bills and diddly squat for food. As you probably know by now, I put an ad up to trade eggs for fruit & veg. Brilliant idea really - been getting some great home grown goodies - stewed up apples, pears and about to do more. Plus with a huge bag of tomatoes picked up this weekend, I need to make up some chunky tomato salsa for nachos or pasta or something :D

What to do with an eggplant? I'm going to do an Simple Savings recipe search and let you know what I find. Remember if you join Simple Savings - mention I referred you so I get $10 through the affiliate link. I put it on the LOC.  And I've just got a heap of mint - some with roots to put in the ground so I plan to be making the zucchini & mint soup during the week. Must note that having so much more veggies in the diet has made us the greatest stinky bums *pee-eew* - Husband blames the spinach and pumpkin... and beans and spicy marked down sausages! I can't say its not me ~ because those have made me choke! Oh the joy of farts!!  SmallBoy blames the cats but I don't know how that will fly at school *laughs* 

The last shop was 2 March - there are few things we will need but I just got called to do a mystery shop so picked up some fish, flour, juice, yoghurt, sour cream and - oh too excitement - two blocks of Cadbury chocolate (on special for $5). That was a total splurge, but it was a bonus urgent shop with $20 to spend and we are due for a reward. There is no better reward than chocolate!!

I reckon I will get by with a month of $21 shops for the bare basics of milk and water. Yes - we must buy water. You try drinking the tap water here *blergh* and the council has shut off the spring tap due to e-coli or something. Its probably a bit of cow poop has run into the waters with recent rain - its happened before so I hope it gets reopened soon. Otherwise I need to find a new water supply.

Actually, that no spend is a bit of a furphy - I did get a great deal from an online butcher on chicken breasts fillets ($5.99pk - 4kg) and mince beef ($5.99pk - 2kg) and some chicken keiv (2 for $8) and spending over $50 meant free delivery. As breast fillets have been over $12pk here the past few months we've only been getting thigh fillets when marked down by 33% or more. Even drumsticks have been on the pricey side lately and I just cant do wings unless really cheap. As it gets colder, marylands and pieces are great in the casserole - got some already in the freezer.

Yes, it was a little 'frivolous' when there are other meats in the freezer at the moment. Still I believe this a really good deal which will last for a few months. One breast fillet will feed us all when made into a stir fry or other such meal as I am one for putting in double the vegetables and using rice or a noodle to keep the meal filling. Honestly, changing the balance of meat to vegetable is not only better for the purse, I think its better for our health. I'm pleased SmallBoy is beginning to try different veggies and enjoy them.
SCORPIO (28 March NZ/Australia) ~ Move into your day aware that there is pressure and of the need to respect and work with it. Where it’s likely to be affecting you is where there is a conflict between a need to be busy and get things done and your body or circumstances disagreeing with you. Jupiter and Saturn are now in opposition, with one wanting you to speed up and play the super hero while the other wants you to slow down, pace yourself and take time to hear yourself think.

Now to strive for simplicity. I must get rid of the 'stuff' we have accumulated. There is just SO much and I've been struggling to get things gone. It's hard for a hoarder to just stop and get rid of years of 'things'. Might deal with that - tomorrow or Wednesday depending on how I go. And deal with procrastination at the same time :D

Last night's pork pie :D
This Week's Menu

I found some pepper pate in the freezer, so I thought Beef Wellington would be a nice change. I've got three lovely pieces of steak that were under $1 each, spread on some pate, fill with silver beet and wrap in pastry. How swish does it sound - and for once there is a nice selection of meat and vegetables we can use.
Monday - Fish, cous cous and salad
Tuesday - Pasta carbonara
Wednesday - Chicken kebabs and salad
Thursday - Beef Wellington
Friday - Home made pizza
Saturday - not sure yet
Sunday - Chicken Keiv, chips and salad

I'm off to Melbourne tomorrow ~ physio, scans in the morning, catching up with other bloggers and staying with my dear Mother in Law in the evening - which will mean I can collect the meat too. I  hope to catch up with a girlfriend on Wednesday for a $10 counter lunch before heading back home. Because the main appointment is medical - the train ticket is provided although I could have taken the NEPT ambulance or got a driver through medical services. I just feel there are others who could better use the services and I can sit on the train, enjoy the sights, arrive without having had to be up by 630 when the pick-ups occur and sit in a waiting room for hours.

Don't forget to have a look at the Mands on a Mission Bosisto's give away ~ the give away page is here and we've had some great tips in the blog comments and on FaceBook. I am truly impressed with all of your ideas!


  1. Your menu plan looks delish for this week!
    Enjoy your lunch and time in Melbourne. A little time out often does wonders for the soul.



  2. My hubby makes a killer eggplant parmi... and lasagne...mmmmmmm

    There's an award for you over on my blog xoxo