Saturday, March 19, 2011

Food Glorious Food

I am feeling very pleased and proud of myself!

Yesterday I was up nice and early - a great change from most of this week - able to get lunch made while eating breakfast, feed the chooks, take MudGuts to appointments and bake banana bread. Bit of a big day on the activity front, especially considering Wednesday's canteen fun had me wrecked! But it didn't stop with that!

Had a call from school to say he is fine, however SmallBoy has had an accident on the playground. After the heart settled, I was told he was sitting on a stair railing and fell backwards. Once I picked my stomach up from the floor, I learned he had missed the bitumen, missed the tree stakes and landed on the tan bark - on his head! He's grazed his arm, his back and his leg - and while everyone's concern was for his head, his main issue is the guaze bandage stuck to his underpants. Boys!! Still he is hurting but with a mate over for a sleep over and the school fete on, he's been a trooper.

The school fete was a blast ~ caught up with so many mums I've not seen for the past 2-3 years. Well, I might have on the odd occasion, however I've not got a huge recollection of specifics from the past few years and actually found it hard to remember names to faces to children. A few helped me along ~ some were great in noticing that I stand upright now!

Friday's Bartered Delights
Bartering eggs for fruit and vegetables has not only supplied us with some beautiful cherry tomatoes, celery, silverbeet, zucchini, squash, oranges, walnuts, rhubarb, parsley, cabbage, potatoes, onions - it's also allowed me to meet a very like-minded couple who mourn the loss of neighbourhood friendships and interaction. SmallBoy and I explored their delightful garden - meeting the rabbits and guinea pigs (who provide manure), the cats and dogs (who catch rodents), the worm farm's occupants, a cockatoo - and the amount of variety of vegetables they have and the abundance is truly magnificent!

F+G also share with their neighbours - exchanging between each other there is seasonal fruits and the box of goodies we received was mind-blowing. I said as much and almost felt two dozen eggs was not enough ~ especially knowing apples are up at the $12pkg mark, cabbage almost as ridiculous in price. I've only been looking at marked down produce when I do shop and have been truly stunned by the dramatic increase. It's ludicrous ~ and only reinforces my desire to have our garden producing and able to contribute to the local 'co-op'. I'd so love to share garden on our block - strangely others seem to feel they would be ripped off putting in effort with someone else.

We reminisced about the times when people kept an eye out for each other and the kids, knew each others' names and which child belonged to whom. Where the rule was be home by the time the street lights come on. Gone are the days a kid could walk out his drive with a cricket bat in hand, meet another kid with a tennis ball and find another group of smiley faces to pool together a haphazard cricket match in the side street or down someone's driveway. With a bin at one end for stumps and a garage door to aim at - who needed a wicket keeper!  Remember 'over the fence, you're out'? And then the batter had to get the ball if it did go over the fence.

Bigger, Better, Faster seems to be the desire of so many ~ all I desire is Appropriate, Operational and Cruise-y. *sighs* While standing in their wild, meandering vegetable backyard ~ we all reminisced and felt decidedly old...

Free Stuff 

Free YATES Vegetables
YATES is having a great competition and challenging everyone to plant some veggies, report how they grow and receive votes to win a share of $2000!  Sign up, register to enter the challenge and pick a packet of free seeds to get going. There's heaps to choose from - carrots, peas, cauliflower,

SmallBoy is mad keen on the idea and has selected Brussels sprouts and cauliflower to grow - this IS the child who requested lambs fry for his 'special' birthday dinner so this is as I expected. He did justify his choice with "well you've got carrot and pea seeds, you've got beetroot growing, I don't like beans and we haven't had Brussels sprouts for AGES!" Whatever floats his boat!!

Free NESTLE Baby Food
Infant Cereals are the ideal foundation of a weaning diet. Each serving provides important nutrients needed to support baby's growth and development. Awesome to try - if you've got a baby. Or maybe even for the animals...

40% off at Spotlight
Spend $100 or more storewide and get 40% off ~ for all those Spotlight addicts (and I know there are heaps out there), this should get your haberdashery juices flowing!! It's even including items already on sale! Got to the link and print out the voucher ~ this one ends on Tuesday 22nd March 2011

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  1. Bartering makes so much sense and look at the lovely people you meet along the way!