Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Journey to financial freedom...

I do so despise crushed muesli and cereal dregs...
And weet-bix. Seeing as these were the only initial options for breakfast, I almost decided to skip it ~ but having had enough problems trying to gain weight over the past decade, this really is not a good habit for me to get back into. While SmallBoy happily hoed into weet-bix and milk, I made myself a breakfast shake. Bit 'made up' but damn fine and filling.

1 egg
1 heaped tsp milk powder
1 heaped tsp Sustegen HS dutch chocolate
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
2 frozen bananas
4 small strawberries
250-300ml iced water

SmallBoy decided he'd like to take strawberries for his fruit snack at school today so we went out in the morning drizzle and picked about a dozen red berries. A few were a little bruised or 'bugged' - perfect for whizzing up in the shake. If you've ever picked strawberries or tomatoes off the vine, you'll know the smell the ripe fruit leaves on your hands ~ well SmallBoy used that sweet smell as a reason for going to school with dirty hands, bringing his palms up to his nose gave him the greatest pleasure and no-way was he getting rid of the smell.

"A bank is a place which gives you money if you can prove you don't need it"
Thank goodness the RBA decided no rate rises were to happen ~ I know it will be amazing if the same happens in April, but we could not manage even a weeny increase on the mortgage at the moment. Not unless CPI increases came along and matched on a similar amount. Who would have thought those sort of things would sit on my mind all the time. Still - all up we are coping better today than we did six months ago!

But how about those who 'scored free money' from the CBA teller machines last night! As much as I wish I could be 'so lucky', I really do think customer records need to be reviewed and all persons withdrawing from effected machines be ordered to return the excess dollars received in error or risk being questioned about obtaining funds that are not their own. How would customers be treating the issue if, when trying to withdraw $500 the receipt said those funds were issued but you only received $50 from the slot? There would be means to verify if this occurred, so the same can/should happen for the overpayments. It's almost the same as finding a wallet with $500 and keeping the cash when the honest thing to do is hand it into police or authorities so it can be returned to its rightful owner or given to you once ownership cannot be determined or however that works with the police.

Tonight SmallBoy and I enjoyed a delicious dinner which cost .25c a plate. We got some fresh corn on the cob for free because it had manky ends and I got a packet of kangaroo sausages for $1. We had two each, leaving four snags for another time, and I used the last of the zucchini given to us. Seriously yummy and how low cost was that!?! I am more than set food wise for the week and with several mystery shops at the supermarkets for next week, there is going to be almost $30 available for groceries.

Oh ~ here's a tip ~ I've noticed the supermarkets are marking down meat in the afternoon on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I am not sure if it just here in regional Victoria, but it has been great to see a semi regular day to allow for some bargain hunting without needing to walk into shops day after day. This also means double the bargains when mystery shopping as a minimum buy is usually requested or quantity of items required to be purchased. I know I can get 5-6 items for $10 and that's dairy, bakery, meat and veg in most cases. I am almost excited about shopping... 

Having some major computer problems ~ it has been a wonderful laptop for the past five-six years, but it really does seem to be getting confused with itself (if that makes sense when referring to a machine). Currently it can't seem to work out which screen is the one being typed in and subsequently I can't get eBay items loaded and could not even type a post last night. For some reason the cursor works in Twitter but now we are here and able to update *grins*

Not the most interesting post - I know - but please please PLEASE enter the Coles "We Love Pets" pack offer here as the more entries, the more chance further competitions and offers can be made available. I've received no payment for promoting these products and the reported review are my own opinions based on how my animals have reacted - and that truly is with gusto - but receiving items like food, toiletries and such help us redirect cash into our debt.

Remember - we really appreciate any assistance readers can offer. If you want to donate to our Treasure Chest via PayPal, the link is there at the top right or left of the blog page. There are items appearing on eBay ~ although while the laptop is playing up, this is a bit hard. On the Q+A page are other ways you can contribute and if sending supermarket vouchers is a preferred method, please leave a comment and I can contact you directly and won't publish your personal details for all and sundry. *smiles*

Thanks again ~ loving the feedback, the comments and support from everyone. Got my first 'rude spam' but the filter kept it away from the screen (thank goodness) so please keep it nice. We're not here to scam anyone, we've reduced the debt as much as we can without help but any assistance goes toward the debt and any vouchers provided means the same amount in cash goes onto the debt and not a splurge. Oh for chocolate, oh for biscuits, oh for a bottle of wine ~ but its not happening until the debt comes down!

Chat again soon *waves*


  1. Sounds sooo yummy!
    Gread blog Mands, thanks for sharing :) Can't wait to read more ^_^


  2. Thanks Scather
    There's more coming - starting to make up a few dinners based solely on what is in the fridge/freezer and pantry ~ choziro, eggs, spinach, zucchini pastries is one for next week!!