Monday, December 27, 2010

Chrimmis ~ over for another year

I am not a Scrooge or a grinch... 

But boy I am glad the 'silly season' is over. Heads up ~ this is not the usual savings, mission, de-cluttering post our Mission features. Not that we went overboard ~ just sticking to the budget, not getting caught up in the sales, not buying into the hype and planning what we needed, wanted and could afford, sourcing the best available within a budget and all that! It just seems that such an uplifting and exciting day ends up in tears and stress for way too many people!!

I enjoy Christmas ~ seriously I do. I love the opportunity to have family together ~ watching little eyes light up with excitement over small, simple items; sharing time and meals; reflecting on the year gone by; seeing those we catch up with spasmodically, sometimes begrudgingly, but catching up all the same with the intention of pleasantries, kindness and merriment. 

I do not like the 'bigger, better, faster' nature of a single day of elaborate presents, over-the-top entertaining, the 'obligation' of being in X place at Y time for the benefit of A, B & C if it means stress, tears and anxiety. For me ~ that is not what Christmas is about, but what it ends up being. There is nothing to celebrate about this type of Christmas. 

This year, Husband received a whizz-bang SLR, digital, modern camera. Before passing judgement, know this gift has been two years in the saving, is not the top-of-the-line model and is the only 'good' camera we have. Until Christmas Day, we have used a little digital 'snap n shoot' bought 6 years ago and the mobile-phone camera programme with the iPhone ~ purchased as a work tool when first released however many years ago that was. 

And it was not given by 'Santa' ~ no way was a fictitious being going to get the credit for providing a gift of such expense. Almost $1000 of camera, $10 a week put away for two years on 'the sly' and ultimately for use by the whole family to record special events, nature's beauty and allow the sharing of images with family and friends ~ no, Santa was not going to be the star on this occasion. *grins* 

Why should he?  After all, Christmas is not about Santa is it? The Summer/Winter Holiday, end of the year, Holiday Season ~ that's the commercial side of it all, the part which seems to have the spot light.  
Of course we know that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus, the celebration of his coming into the world and the start of His story. All I am seeing is how 'unfair' it is the shops are closed, that the present wasn't the one that was asked for, that getting together with family is terrible, stressful and full of angst or argument. Then why do it?? 

Now ~ I am not 'religious'. I believe in God, the almighty, maker of heaven & earth. As to who God is ~ I'm sure we all find out in the end.  No offence intended in any way through my word choices however the modern day Christmas is not the celebration of life, love and spirit as much as it is a reason to holiday, party and spend. Personally I think we all can be a little of the God (or Godess) we admire, love and/or follow. After all, you really do need to be able to love yourself ~ don't you. 

I might not be in joyous rapture to receive a clove encrusted orange to place in my 'smalls' drawer as a 'for the sake of it' present ~ I would happy, impressed and grateful to receive one if it has been made with the intention to please and not to antagonise. Regardless of gifts, celebrations and festivities over the Christmas 'season', I still think my Birthday is MY special day - the day my life is celebrated.  No one else gets a gift because it is my birthday... 
Might be something in that. 

Didn't mean for such a 'deep' kind of post ~ I do not understand why Christmas needs to be so stressful when it should be a time to celebrate. If not a religious event, at least celebrate the togetherness of family, friends and/or loved ones. Honestly, who are we trying to impress anyway? Ask MudGuts about the Christmas he received all his high school stuff as his 'big' present ~ it was needed, it was the real deal ~ well worthwhile. Or the one when he received a laptop ~ again, a needed item for school not just because. And ask SmallBoy why he did not get a mobile phone (aside from being 11, not in need of one and not being able to pay for credit at his age) or a 'screen' of some sort.  But he did get a big Lego set along with his socks, jocks and t-shirts!

Might leave it there ~ the last thing I want is a debate or argument about the merits of gifts, celebrations, religions and any other topic that can spring to mind. Oh for a life where less is best, simple is the goal and moderation is the key

Putting a really yummy salad recipe on the FaceBook page (in the notes) ~ it's one of the salads we took down to the family luncheon, with enough leftover for dinner. Vegetarian too ~ so it suits most tables! It will be up on the blog here a little later...

Our Mission is moving along well ~ we've not incurred any additional expenses and been able to add an extra $500 to the credit card while we have some breathing space on the mortgage. All the current bills are up to date, we've almost got the rates total together ready for February's payment date AND we are actually going to have a garage sale in the next few weeks.  It might even need to be two because there is just so much stuff that can go ~ you'll be able to buy 'that' for a dollar is going to be the motto ~ but if we can get a week of good weather, we'll accept walk ins on any day!!

Not a lot of noise around here unless you count coughing, sneezing and nose blowing. We are all being very quiet, as this ensures less ouch on the ol' throats. See ~ it doesn't cost much to give something to everyone you love ~ gave everyone a little dose of my lurgie.  Oddly enough, very few have accepted my offering with joy and glee *chuckles* At least it has allowed everyone to take it slow, rest and enjoy time with each other...

Time to go ~ what a collection of words and waffle.
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Really hope we can hear from you soon.

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  1. I agree with you about Santa - no way is the man in red getting all the credit, when we've worked so hard to provide for our children.

    I once knew a family who at Xmas time, never gave a present from Mum and Dad. All the gifts were from Santa - something I totally disagreed with. We as the parents need to receive thanks. Sorry, off my soap box now.